Monday, 6 November 2017

Ironbridge. Blists Hill Victorian Town.

Half term came and went very quickly didn't it? No sooner was it here, it was gone. Just like that. Yes, it went by quickly but it did not go by quietly. No siree. We had a fabulous week. It really was the best fun.
We knew our week together would be precious as Daddy works all the hours normally, often missing the kids for days on end. So, we had planned on filling our days to the brim and just enjoying one another greatly. We achieved this. We totally did.
One of our favourite days being our Sunday spent at 'Blists Hill Victorian Town' in Ironbridge. It truly was a wonderful day. Not only did the kids enjoy themselves but us oldies were more than entertained throughout our stay also.

Upon our arrival the Reception staff were more than accommodating. Not only did they explain in detail what the day had in store for us to us Parents, they also took note of the children and included them in the introduction. We received a map and were directed clearly to the nearest lift as we had the pushchair with our littlest in with us. The happy, polite staff certainly set us up for a lovely day and the staff kindness didn't stop there. Every member of staff we met along the way throughout our day showed the same level of care and attentiveness. In my books that's a real winner where days out are concerned especially when you have the whole Family out with you. It's always good to know that nothing is too much trouble. You can't beat a good team of staff offering great customer care.

I really don't want to give a great deal away to you regarding what you see and experience on the day as it was the element of surprise that I enjoyed the most whilst visiting the museum. I love how you just sort of stumble across wonderful finds whilst you're there. Literally behind every door there is something to see and every corner holds a small story. I liked that I didn't know what was coming next. Obviously, we had the map as reference but what we actually saw once we got to each point was just so story telling and magnificent. It's beautiful. And, yes - We found the sweetshop. Oh and the pub .... Yup, we found that! I feel that this may be the point to tell you to take cash with you. The pub does not accept card. Boo. But, now you know so there's no excuse.

I love that you can literally spend as little or as long there as you like. You could easily kill a whole day at this Museum without even realising. Equally you could stroll around for a couple of hours and have just as much fun. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you totally take this Town in your stride. This is appealing to families with young children. You don't feel rushed or pressured into moving quicker etc. They offer multiple picnic areas throughout the Museum also which is really helpful. You don't have to worry about spending extra money on food or being judged for bringing your own lunch along. Food, in mind - If you can you MUST give the fish and chips at the chip shop a try They are delicious. DELICIOUS I tell you. Who doesn't love a potato deep fried in beef dripping drenched in salt and vinegar? ;-) There are also multiple cafes on site offering both hot and cold food. It's an accommodating place.

One thing I noted about this museum that I knew I had to share with you - The male toilets offer changing facilities for babies within them. Now, this may sound simple to some and very obvious. But, believe me often that is not the case. So many places we visit only offer baby changing within the ladies toilets. It's wrong, I know. Yet it happens. So, I knew this piece of info would be important and appreciated by many of you lot.
Oh if you are planning on visiting whilst sporting the highest of stilettos please don't. Wear comfortable, practical shoes. Sounds highly boring but it's totally true. Whilst at the museum you walk a lot. Be prepared for it. There's no way around it. You have got to walk people!

If you get a chance whilst out and about you should definitely check this museum out. It's living and it really is wonderful. We had the most informative and exciting day out. It's extremely accessible and very interactive. It offers something for all ages really. Okay, so there isn't a soft play to chuck your littlies in (Odd comment I know. You'll be surprised what you see written online) but it isn't necessary. It's a really good fun day out. One of which I am sure you will ALL enjoy.
We are yet to attend but I hear the events they run here are pretty amazing also ie: Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas etc. You should totally check it all out online and pay them a visit. Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes! I totally would. I see no reason what so ever to not go along and have a bucket full of fun. Go enjoy the walk, the smells, the fish and chips, the sweets, the experience, the pint, the pie, the theatre. Just go. You won't regret it.

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