Thursday, 21 September 2017

Momma Moose Wears

Some of you may already be aware of this. Some might not. So, for those aware allow me to remind. For those unaware allow me to inform.
It is no secret that a blog reader especially a 'Mommy' blog or 'Family, Lifestyle' blog reader loves a good style and fashion post. Come on, I know you do. There are many a Blogger out there sharing with their readers what they wear on a day to day basis. I love watching those vlogs and reading those blogs. I'm sure there are many that don't but there are also loads of us that do.

I love fashion and enjoy my wardrobe very much. Style is important to me. I know many people see 'Mom style' and 'School run style' as utterly pointless and boring. But, it matters to me. It really does. I enjoy dressing up and I enjoy the clothes that I wear. If I didn't have my style I'd literally have nothing other than Motherhood which in many respects is fine but I'm not willing to give it up. So, before you judge a Mother on her look and fashion sense at the School gates just stop and think. Lt's be honest you can never get it right can you? You create a cool outfit and you're being over the top and indulgent as a Parent. You turn up in joggers and a sweater and you're being lazy and slobbish as a Parents. Honestly, most days the School run is my only chance to chat to other adults and feel a little free. If I didn't make the effort clotheswise for it then I might as well be in pyjamas all day.

Over the last few weeks I have received a lot of emails regarding my style (if you can call it that.) Many people are curious and fascinated by it and others just like to give me a thumb up (or thumbs down) every now and then. I love hearing from you guys and I love adapting what I do to suit my readers. So, with your recent messages in mind I have now started 'MOMMA MOOSE WEARS' over on  my Facebook page. Basically, I share with my followers my outfit everyday. If and where I can I post tags to the shops that items are brought from. It's nothing too serious. It's just a bit of fun. You should check it out if style matters to you.

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