Thursday, 21 September 2017

Momma Moose Wears

Some of you may already be aware of this. Some might not. So, for those aware allow me to remind. For those unaware allow me to inform.
It is no secret that a blog reader especially a 'Mommy' blog or 'Family, Lifestyle' blog reader loves a good style and fashion post. Come on, I know you do. There are many a Blogger out there sharing with their readers what they wear on a day to day basis. I love watching those vlogs and reading those blogs. I'm sure there are many that don't but there are also loads of us that do.

I love fashion and enjoy my wardrobe very much. Style is important to me. I know many people see 'Mom style' and 'School run style' as utterly pointless and boring. But, it matters to me. It really does. I enjoy dressing up and I enjoy the clothes that I wear. If I didn't have my style I'd literally have nothing other than Motherhood which in many respects is fine but I'm not willing to give it up. So, before you judge a Mother on her look and fashion sense at the School gates just stop and think. Lt's be honest you can never get it right can you? You create a cool outfit and you're being over the top and indulgent as a Parent. You turn up in joggers and a sweater and you're being lazy and slobbish as a Parents. Honestly, most days the School run is my only chance to chat to other adults and feel a little free. If I didn't make the effort clotheswise for it then I might as well be in pyjamas all day.

Over the last few weeks I have received a lot of emails regarding my style (if you can call it that.) Many people are curious and fascinated by it and others just like to give me a thumb up (or thumbs down) every now and then. I love hearing from you guys and I love adapting what I do to suit my readers. So, with your recent messages in mind I have now started 'MOMMA MOOSE WEARS' over on  my Facebook page. Basically, I share with my followers my outfit everyday. If and where I can I post tags to the shops that items are brought from. It's nothing too serious. It's just a bit of fun. You should check it out if style matters to you.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Moose's Enjoy A Trip To London

 Now, this trip for us as A Family did happen quite a while ago. I know. So, really it probably isn't that great a read for you but I do write this blog for my Children too. I see this blog as a 'Diary' if you like. A log of everything we get up to. That way when my Moose's are older they can look back and check out everything that we got up to. Feel free to click away but it would be nice if you hung around and read on. After all we survived LONDON with a newborn, a 1 year old and a 4 year old!

 This trip was total spontaneity. Total. We had talked about it, we wanted to go desperately but we just hadn't got round to booking it. We contemplated finances, time and commitments for too long. Eventually Pappa-Moose just booked. Seriously, just like that - BOOKED. We have to work a bit like that sometimes. We are both just so indecisive.  Now, this trip was quite a while ago and I can't really remember all of the fine details. We stopped in a budget 'apartment' type hotel and it was quite a distance from the Centre of the City. Oh man, I wish I could remember the name. We had a double bedroom, A small bathroom with shower, A small kitchen, A small living area that doubled up as the second bedroom and a little space to hang coats, pushchair etc. It was small but it totally did the job and we were happy.
Unexpectedly we spent quite a bit of time in the apartment upon our arrival. That wasn't the plan. Not at all. We wanted to get off the train and head straight to the Centre and get busy enjoying ourselves but our little girl had suffered terrible travel sickness on the train and needed a bath, change of clothes and shoes as did we as we were those in the firing line. :-( This travel sickness episode was shocking. Truly. She was so sick EVERYWHERE. People were leaving our carriage and dragging loved ones along with them. It was proper exorcist stuff. Poor baby.
Determined not to let this ruin our 1st day, we headed to the Hotel, got cleaned up, had a snack and hung out in the area we were staying in.

We gave trains and tubes a miss for the rest of the 1st day and just busied ourselves with the Markets at the area we were stopping in. It was actually a really good day. You know, just pottering. The kids were tired. We just took it in our stride and had a lovely day. Of the evening we decided to give popular places a miss for dinner and headed to somewhere a little more unknown. Still very popular but not necessarily well known to tourists. We went to a Tapas restaurant and indulged in a huge Family sized Paella. It was delicious. The kids loved it. It was such a great meal and A really wonderful evening. In fact, looking back now I really loved that evening. There was just us, just our Family enjoying each other, enjoying our food and enjoying exactly that moment. It was great and yummy and great and yummy and great and yummy!

We had a fairly late night. The kids went to bed fine. We had no choice but to join them as we were sharing a room with our youngest and the living area had now become the eldest two's bedroom.
We slept well and had a busy Sunday planned. We were off to see friends in Barnes Village and needed to make the fairly long and tricky trip there. Not only did we have quite journey ahead of us, we had to take all of our stuff too. With all that in mind we knew we had to make the trip fun for all of us. So, we caught the Thames Tripper boat to the train station. We were wary of doing this after the whole travel sickness episode the day prior but we paid a Pharmacy a visit and grabbed her a couple of sickness bands. These are great. We now swear by them. SWEAR by them.
Luckily for us no sick was shed on the boat across the Thames. The kids loved this journey. If you get a chance you should totally give this a go. It is a great way to see London. Really fun.

We had a great Sunday and made it to our destination to see friends safely. It was so nice to see our friends and spend a little time with them. We totally filled our face with Sunday dinner and enjoyed a handful of vegan cup cakes. It's always wonderful to catch up with those you don't see very often isn't it? Lunch was lovely and Barnes Village is somewhere really special. I love it there. It's just so beautiful. You don't feel like you are in London at all.
Our little trip to London was a very memorable trip. Looking back at the photographs from the break away has got me feeling all squishy. They may be very poor quality photos but they remind me of just how much fun we had as a Family. We enjoyed being a 5. A good solid 5. We enjoyed spending time with one another and exploring the City as the Moose's. At the time it seems such a small thing and you just do it but looking back and talking about this with the kids, to them it was a really big thing. Something they haven't forgotten. Something they think of fondly and remember in great detail. I am thankful for this trip. I love that we did it and so do our kids.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

When Daddy Is Away

... Mommy drinks a lot of gin .... Joking. (Am I?)

Some of you (especially those of you that follow us on Facebook) will be aware that my Husband has been working abroad a lot lately. Leaving for 7-9 days at a time and a lot of people have sent me questions and concerns regarding my time at home, alone with the kids. I thank you for both your questions and concerns. I thought I'd just write a short post for you and share with you my experiences of  'going it alone.'
We moved away from our home town just over a year ago. At our old place, we lived incredibly close to both friends and Family. We were a 10 minute walk from both sets of Grandparents and super close to most of our friends. It was fun and if my hubby was away it made time alone a little easier as I knew I could just pop down the road for company. But, recently we moved away from that. Granted only about 40 minutes away but still it's far enough away to be far enough away if that makes sense. So, time alone here is a little different. I'm still getting used to my surroundings, finding new adventures, meeting new people and I am yet to get myself a circle of friends here. This is fine. I quite like both mine and my kids company and I know friends will come along as and when so I don't worry too much about that and I don't get hugely lonely in the day. I think with my 3 kiddlets I am just a little too busy to be thinking like that but the evenings can be a little bleak. They are okay but they can become repetitive. You know, once you've done the whole bed time routine thing and they are all down it's sort of like ... Oh.
Now, I know some of you may be thinking 'Go grab yourself a glass of wine and chill out!' believe me, I do. It's just it can lose it's novelty after a couple of nights. Therefor, I normally fill my nights chatting to my girls, blogging, Social Media, cleaning :-(, catching up and inviting people over. That can be a bit difficult though as it's a journey for most and of course work occurs for most the next day too. If I let myself, I could get all mopey about it so I don't let myself. I just crack on. Moping wont help me. I've done it in the past and it just makes the evening alone harder. I have to make the best out of a pretty grey situation don't I? And, it's really not that bad.

As for day times and 'going it alone' with the kids. I know some worry about me and presume it's too much. Well, it's not really because even when my Husband is home the whole 'looking after ALL 3 babies is totally my thing.' You see, he leaves the house before they wake and he returns once they are asleep. as I am writing this I am aware that this week he is yet to see his Daughter. I don't think he has seen her since Sunday. I do all the morning routine, the day time routine and the night time routine. That's just the way it is. That's how we work. If we didn't work like that we wouldn't work. So, from the daytime point of view nothing changes. We carry on as normal and await Daddy's skype calls which the kids love.
Due to the evenings feeling pretty empty I like to keep the days pretty busy without messing up naptimes. So, I am probably a little bit more organised while my Husband is away in that sense. It's just if I have been in the house all day the evenings can be a tad unbearable. I can feel slight cabin fever-esque.
Honestly, not a great deal changes. I just miss him a lot. I see so little of him in the week that when we do see each other we try and make the most of it of the evenings even if it's just a good chat or cooking a nice meal together. I miss that when he isn't here and I don't much enjoy our double bed without him. Easy ;-) Not like that. I just feel very alone and responsible once it's dark, everyone's sleeping and the World goes into night time mode. I just feel a little aware when I am home alone through the night and I don't sleep great. I guess that is to be expected right? I wait for every noise and whack the monitors on full blast just incase. I don't drop off easily. I go to bed late.
The house always feel cleaner when he is away. I think that's because I really busy myself of an evening doing chores and that. Boring, I know. Plus, he isn't here to leave his towel on the floor ;-)

Honestly, you needn't worry about me when Daddy is away. I got this. He wouldn't go if he didn't think I fully supported him and could hold it down at home. I totally can. If you're still a little concerned drop me a message of an evening. That's when I need you. I can respond and have a chat plus it will stop me doing silly things like cleaning skirting boards :-)

We are okay. See -