Monday, 21 August 2017

The Boy Got His Hair Cut

LONG HAIR DON'T CARE has always bee a bit of mantra here is our house. You see, Mini-Moose has sported the surfer kind of look since he was born really. He has always had long hair and has always wanted long hair. So, we have just said 'Yeah cool! We will totally follow your lead on this pal.' and rolled with it. We have took the criticism and the whole "But, he is a boy!" thing and totally went with it whilst popping a prompt two fingers high in the air to anyone that has judged. Let's be honest what is there to even judge? He is a kid, a boy with long hair. That's the end of it. I shall say no more because like I said - That is the end of it.
He was always been proud of his own hair too and it never bothered him when others would ask whether he was a boy or a girl? or ask why he chose to have long hair or have fired any other question re hair his way. I liked that. I liked how sure he was of himself. My favourite response to these remarks from him was -
"Well, my Mommy has short hair and she isn't a boy!" BOOM!!! Take that!!!

A few weeks back our little man asked us if he could have his hair all cut off. At first, we were a bit taken a back. He was so fierce about his long hair so we asked him to take a few more days to make his mind up. It would appear his mind was pretty much already made and nothing on this subject was going to change.
He had gone through 3 back to back ear infections and a horrible bout of tonsillitis lasting 4 weeks and resulting in some serious hot sweats. I think he had just had enough of his hair and it had irritated him none stop through out his poorliness.
His mind was made and his hair was going. We were fine with this. A little sad but fine. At the end of the day it is his hair and we could sort of see why it was so annoying to him. After a little chat over breakfast he decided on a style and his mind was made. There are certain things that we most certainly would intervene with and rightly or wrong we would totally have our say about and even stop the kids doing based on our own opinion but with something like Mini-Moose's hair we totally respect his decision and support him with it. Just like we respected his right to have it long, we respect his right to have it short.
I know it is only hair but from having long hair and handling negative comments Mini-Moose knows not to judge another on a choice they have made with the way they look resulting in him not judging those on how they look whether it's their choice or not actually. He is very accepting of other people and sees imperfections and perfections. I think that's a really lovely way of thinking and growing up with that way of seeing others is not a bad thing at all. We are very proud of him and we love his new cut.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

All 3 Got Christened

We believe. We very much believe and I am far from ashamed to admit it. I am a Christian as is my Husband. We attend Church when naps or trips to India don't get in the way plus who doesn't love a Sunday morning lie in? Oh hold on. What's one of those? ... It's important for us to be open with the Children about our Faith and for them to have a sense of Faith also. By christening our kids we are not and have not pushed our beliefs on to them in any way. We have just shared our beliefs with them and made it aware to them they are growing up with the love of God around them and that will always be there for as long as they live. If, when they get older they choose to take a different path with their beliefs then that is totally okay. Of course it is. Our Children will not be confirmed unless it is their wish to do so. And, if it is their wish not to then so be it. We will respect them in their choices 100%. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with the Baptism of your littlies and I think I'd have a good argument about it.
So, with this in mind we have always wanted to get the kids Christened but we just never seemed to get round to it. We just kept making babies and other things took over somewhat you know like the ridiculous birthday parties you throw for 1 year olds now, baby showers (we had so many), swimming lessons, daily 'poo'namis and pretty much everything else that comes with having 3 under 5 year olds. But, after our third little one we felt the time had come. Plus, if we christened them all in one go we could get everything done with one bash. 1 ceremony, 1 party, 1 cake, 1 buffet, 1 room hire fee, 1 day - VOILA!
It was a really lovely day shared with really lovely people. It was a special day and I'm pretty sure we will remember it forever. Mainly due to the fact that the vicar virtually christened my left breast instead of my Son's forehead due to the fact that is was out for most of the service feeding the hungry baby. Blimey, did the congregation get an eye full? Did they indeed! It's nice to feel so accepted at church - Boob an all? ;-)
Yep, my boob remained out for pretty much the rest of the day and we had a poorley girly upon our hands. She decided the morning of her Christening was totally the morning to burn up. Of course she did but we invited Madame Carpool so it was cool.
All in all a lovely day was had with some super special memories made.
(These are not all of the photographs. I can only get hold of these at the minute.)

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Boy's Got A Way With A Camera

He has reached the age, my boy where he is no longer happy to be in front of the camera. Nope. He has to be behind it too. Snapping away like paparazzi. And, I don't want to inflate his head but he seems pretty good at it. He is a little quick off the mark which can cause the odd blur but he seems to have his own way with it. It's a way I like and I love the fact that he now has like his own little gallery. It's sweet and in a way very aspirational.
I mustn't go on about it too much mind. This could be the cause of a very expensive Christmas present could it not?
Still it's quite lovely that he has a flare for it and enjoys snapping a way his Brother and Sister. Plus, it means that I actually get to be in photos now. Yes, with only 2 of them but still. Well, I say with 2 of them. He often doesn't let them in the shot and says he just wants to take photos of Mommy. That's cool but boy needs to work on his angles if I'm to be his model. For real!

I look like an extra from like the 'Goonies' in these shots. You know, the whole 12 year old, 70's/80's vibe kind of outfit. Still ....

Montgomery Veltman. Aged 4 years.