Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Breakfast With Santa At Wyevale Garden Centre

Well, it's December and Christmas is officially on its way. Honestly I could not be happier. I love Christmas. For me it is easily the best time of the year. I mean, I loved it when I didn't have Children. But, now I have my 3 littlies I love it even more and I didn't think that was possible. It is. It is totally possible.

As you can imagine, I was over the moon to have been invited along to 'Wyevale Garden Centres Breakfast With Santa at the weekend over in Barnett Hill.
I've known for a while that we were to attend this experience but my Children hadn't and when I told them you should have seen my eldests face. He was super excited and kept saying "I can't believe I am going to have breakfast with Santa!" He genuinely couldn't. It's A great idea really isn't it? Something that we do every day and that can sometimes feel a tad laborious is now jazzed up with the added extra of a super guest making an appearance. Really cool spin on the whole 'Santa' experience if you ask me.
Despite the below video, he was excited honest. Just battling with a cold and an early start.

So, we were booked into meet the big guy at 9.30 and we had quite a journey. We got up super early, got our glad rags on and hit the road. It was so cold that morning actually. It was -3 when we left which just added to the whole Christmas feel.
Now, as the above video shows, my little girl was wearing a lovely outfit for her morning. But, upon arrival to the Garden Centre travel sickness got the better of her and she promptly vomited all over herself, car and car seat - Nice. But, we didn't let that dampen our spirits. We met Daddy and headed on in.
Upon our arrival we were greeted just outside the restaurant by 2 elves who took our hot drinks order and showed us to our table. As we entered the restaurant it struck me just how personal this event was going to be. On our table was a Christmas card to us from all at 'Wyevale Garden Centre' A super nice and kind touch. It also could be taken away as a keep sake which is lovely.

By this point the Children were so excited it was slightly hard to contain them. But, 'Wyevale Garden Centre' had accounted for this and provided all the Children with crackers and Christmas colouring sheets. Fun all round.
So, the kids cracked on with those while the Hubby and I sipped at our tea for 2. Nice. It wasn't long before 2 of Santa's elves appeared and ushered all of the Kids up to join them for a dance or 2. Now, if I were still a kid this would have made my morning. The thought of a good boogie always got me smiling. It got my Son smiling too He loved it. They even did the conga round the whole of the garden centre.I wanted to get up there and dance with our middle one in my arms (She isn't walking yet you see) But, I refrained as no other Parent was busting any moves. Mind you, this didn't stop my Daughter from strutting her stuff whilst high chair bound. It was really lovely actually as the elves and staff came over many a time to her to include her in the full experience. Upon their welcome dance a special someone arrived. He was a big guy, wearing a red suit, black boots, with a white beard, white hair and glasses. I have no idea who he was... Joking ... SANTA - We know him ;-)
It was magical seeing all the kids surprised by is entrance. One little lad even ran up and planted a great big Christmas cuddle right in Santa's arms. Sweet.
He hung around a while, busted some moves and then left to feed the reindeer. Enough magic had been created just in time for breakfast.

Let's talk breakfast. Now, if you ask me a good breakfast was had by all. Prior to our visit we chose what it was we fancied. We opted for full English for all (YEAH BOY!) But, you didn't have to. You could go pastries or baps and a vegetarian option was also available. It seemed everyone had been catered for. On our table we had gingerbread shaped toast, beans, eggs, sausages (one elf even claimed that she was going to steal Daddies sausage. Say no more. Say no more. She promptly went red and vanished to the kitchen) bacon, mushrooms, black pudding and tomatoes. It is safe to say that we were well fed and well happy. During breakfast we were constantly checked to make sure everything was to our liking and asked if we required further drinks which was great as we can sure chuck a few shots of tea back the Husband and I.

After breakfast you would be forgiven for thinking the experience was about to come to an end. We had done a lot whilst there already. We'd met elves, drank tea, had a dance, saw Santa, coloured in, pulled crackers and ate breakfast. That's fairly fun filled is it not? Well, there was still more to come. Once breakfast had been cleaned up and our tables tidy biscuits were brought over. One for each Child along with a piping bag of icing, chocolate drops, marshmallows and sprinkles. This was a really lovely touch. It added to the 'family' fun that could be had. We all got involved decorating these biscuits. It was during biscuit decorating that Santa arrived back from feeding the reindeer. He went around each table spending a fair bit of time with each family engaging with the Children and really giving everyone his time. He came over to us to inspect the kids biscuits and had a chat with them about their Christmas lists. He was happy to be photographed and was a very friendly chap. He really made an effort with the Mooses.

Shortly after biscuit decorating Santa took his seat in his open grotto and one Family at a time we were called upon to have a little personal time with the big guy and for the kids to receive their gifts. We were called up by the elves and were lucky enough to be first. My eldest could not wait to jump up onto the grotto and get chatting to Santa. This Santa was really kind and listened to every word my Son said. He was really patient and certainly created a lot of Christmas spirit for us. He held both of our none-walkers and was happy to pose for a photograph. I am so happy that we have a photograph of the 3 of them with Santa. I would have been gutted were he to have said no to holding our youngest. Each of our Children got a gift. A fire engine for my eldest, a Barbie doll for my little girl and a soft toy for my youngest. These toys were chosen by the Children and nothing was forced upon them. There was a large selection of gifts from imaginative toys, jigsaws to crafts. Santa spent a fair amount of time with each Family in the grotto and everyone seemed happy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank 'Wyevale Garden Centre' Barnett Hill and all it's staff that made this experience as lovely and as magical as it was. We had a super morning as a Family and I am sure that it is an experience my Children will remember for a very long time. You created magic and spirit that kept the kids talking all day. Each of you embraced your roles and allowed all of the Children to whole heartedly believe in you and Father Christmas You were attentive and had time for each Child. Nothing was too much trouble and nothing was a rush. You took time to get to know my Children and you allowed them to talk Christmas to you for as long as they wanted. I can honestly say that this Santa experience exceeded my expectations. It went above and beyond. We would have been happy with a Santa visit and a full English if I am honest. But, you offered so much more than that making your 'Breakfast with Santa' a Christmas experience that I would highly recommend to anyone with Children and great value for money. We had the most enchanting morning and all of the gifts we received were high quality and still going strong. I believe no corners were cut and as a team of staff you should be really proud of yourselves for you are doing a grand job and the 'Veltman Family' went home a very happy bunch. A very happy bunch indeed.