Friday, 26 August 2016

Dads at Baby Showers

"But, I shouldn't really be coming to the Baby Shower you know. Apparently, it's A girl thing."

The above statement is actually the statement made by my Husband the morning of our Baby Shower for Bunpling number 3. Now, is it only me that reads or hears that statement and gets a little angry about it? Why on earth are Baby Showers deemed only a Female thing? And, why should a guy feel guilty about attending? Especially the Father? What is that all about? Who actually made the silly 'Baby Showers are for Mommies' rule anyway and what were they thinking?

My Husband has been at all our Baby Showers. I mean, he did at the end of the day have a faire bit to do with the whole 'baby' thing. You know, the Baby does sort of have something to do with him. Why shouldn't he be allowed to celebrate his kid just like the Mom is? It genuinely baffles me. I wanted him there, I wanted my Son there, I wanted my Brother there and I wanted my Dad there too. They are all part of our Family our life and wilk be tk this new addition also. Why would I feel the need to leave then out of such a wonderful celebration simply because they have a penis? I don't get it. To be honest, I haven't really bothered to research it and educate myself a bit more with the whole reasoning behind it simply because I don't feel there is any reason. It's just out and outright stupid.
So, a man attends a Baby Shower? So what? Get a grip. Who's he hurting? Who's he offending? What is he actually doing wrong? And, in the Fathers case, what on earth is the deal?
A Baby Shower is a celebration. An occasion to to enjoy. It's a time to get together with everyone that will be part of your new Families life. It's a chance to share experiences and discuss stories with one another. It's a moment to show that you care and an occasion to shower a newborn (to be) with gifts and a whole load of love. How does being Male or Female even effect that? My Husband is a man but he can still enjoy. My Husband is a man but he can still get together with everyone that will be part of our new Families life. My Husband is a man but he can still share experiences and discuss stories. My Husband is a man but he can show that he cares. My Husband is a man but he can still shower our newborn (to be) with gifts and love. It really makes no difference whether your Male or Female as to whether you attend a Baby Show or not. And, if you are the Father, why on earth should you not go? Why should you feel silly for being there? You're the Daddy. Go and have as much fun as all the Ladies and the Momma there. You deserve it. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. And, if they do, point them in my Direction.

I'm proud My Husband was there on Saturday loving the day for our unborn that our lovely Friends had organised. I'm proud that he was able to have a little break and enjoy the Company around him. I loved having him there and would have done it no other way. After all, my Husband is a huge part of why I'm having a Baby. We are doing this together. We are becoming Parents together. So, we will try our hardest to enjoy all aspects of it together. Including OUR Baby Shower!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Surprise Baby Shower #3

 There you have it. It happened. The 3rd Momma Moose Baby Shower took place and it was fabulous. Such, such fun. I originally had planned not to have a Baby Shower as white honestly the thought of all the organisation was a thought of loopiness in my eyes. What with the house move etc: So, meh we were totally going to sit this one out and give it a real miss. But, 2 queens that I call my 'girls' thought otherwise and prepared along with my Momma a fabulous Saturday afternoon with the ones I love celebrating the new little bundle that's soon to br in our lives. For this, I cannot thank them enough. As actually as much as we though otherwise, it was exactly what we needed. It was so lovely to see all my buddies and spend time with the family. Like, SO lovely. We ate a lovely spread, drank mocktails, played games and quite frankly just had a grand old time. So, please join me in thanking those friends that make your every days that little better. They are pretty hard to come by I believe. So, when you're lucky enough to find them. Keep them. You'll need them and they will need you. Friends are the Family that we most definitely choose for ourselves. Cheers girls. Lorra lorra love.

It's a little bit crazy to think that we wilk be Parents to 3 Children very soon. Okay, maybe a bit more than just a little. Maybe a lot. It's a lot crazy that we will be Parents to 3 Children very soon. I think the craziness for us is the age gap. There's hardly any between the 3 of them, what with my eldest being 4 in December. But, days like this make us realise just how much this 3rd little Moose is wanted and just how much it is going to be loved. It's so hard to describe the feeling I feel carrying my 3rs baby. But, I know that it is one of excitement and love. I know they will be beautiful and I know they will make our Family that little bit more special. So, I guess not only was the Baby Shower to celebrate them. But, a little time for me to reflect, to stop and actually have a moment just to think about number 3 and how much I already think of them and care for them. It was upon this realisation (because let's face it with a 3 year old and a 1 year old it's hard to stop and reflect on anything when they're around) that my Friend mentioned 'Bump' photographs. Well, I don't have any this time round. Really I don't. Sad, I know. So, she took it upon herself to snap a few of me for me and I'm actually really grateful. Yes, I found it hard tk be serious and yes I wore my sunglasses all day because I think I'm far cooler than I actually am. But, I love these photos. They're nice memory from a lovely day ckebratjng a lovely thing.

All in all a fabulous day was had by everybody especially our little Family. So much fun was had and our spirits are well and truly lifted. Now, we will enjoy the last few weeks as a Family of 4 while number 3 continues cooking.
Here's to Baby Showers everywhere. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Monday, 22 August 2016

How To Move House With Small Children

Don't. Do not. Don't do it. EVER!

But, if like us your own insanity stands in the way and you choose to do so do not come to me for advice. Not any real, rational or informed advice that is. You won't get it. Because although, yes I did it. Honestly, I couldn't tell you how.
There was something lovely at the start in the idea that we were packing up the home that welcomed them to this World together and sorting through memories that were made before and during the Children with the Children. It was nice to see Mini-Moose's face as he flicked through our Wedding album exclaiming that 'It's like Princess and the Frog' God damn, his Dad best be the bloomin' frog and watching your Daughter play with jewellery you'd forgotten you even owned. But, in our case as the days and weeks wore on so did the novelty. It wore. It really wore. Living amongst cardboard boxes for a prolonged amount of time not knowing whether you were actually going to move at the end of all this was about as much fun as ... Well, moving house. I don't know, I think perhaps our timescale threw things for us and dampened the excitement somewhat. I'm sure most find the whole 'moving thing' a great time, fun and enjoyable. But, with 2 under 4's, 2 big dogs and a 30+ week bump I was really done in.

So, my advice to you apart from 'Dont do it' is take it easy. Go in you're own stride and stop to breathe if you have to. A rut is easily formed and it is so easy to fall in it. It's easy to become the stroppy parent you never wanted to be, the shouty one, the ignorant one, the one that doesn't listen, the one that's no fun anymore. Just take it in your stride. And, you know what if you and you're kids are still in your pyjamas at 3 in the afternoon so what? Stop stressing. You haven't got to conform. There's way too much on your plate right now. The last thing you need to worry about right now os someone else's perceptions.
Try and enjoy it. There's some really lovely moments within packing where you can share some really lovely times you had with your kiddlets and talk to them about times you've previously enjoyed. You'll be surprised by how interested they are. It's exciting for them, learning about their Parents and hearing your tales. Plus, sharing happy memories with the ones you love only makes you relive those happy times which can only be a good thing.
Oh and allow the TV screen to be your babysitter a bit more often than normal. Screw it. You've got cut glass to wrap, keys fo find and clothes to fold. You don't need the 'fix my car', 'draw me a dog', 'Get me an apple' nonsense right now. You need to be motivated, driven and cracking on. Allow yourself to do that and press play. It's not forever. It's temporary. It keeps them quiet for a little whole and you know that they are safe when engrossed. Chill out. Who's going to say anything? Who?

If, like us you're doing it on your own with NO removal firm just remember to be organised. Label boxes, wrap carefully, take you're time and expect a little damage and loss along the way.
Now, I know that the title of this post was perhaps a little misleading as I'm guessing you thought id have some REAL advice worth reading right? Well, I am sorry to dissapoint. But, I don't actually know how to advise anyone with a 3 year old, 1 year old, 2 dogs and a house to pack up how to move. I just know that you have to do it. So, it's slightly easier coming to terms with that abd then just going for it full on and taking no prisoners. Pack like a woman gone mad, fold like a lady gone crazy and wrap like a girl off her head. Do it, just go for it, don't hold back and enjoy the home that you finally make with your lovely Family once the move is complete.
You got this!

Oh and incase you hadn't noticed the absolute messed up schedule of my blog along with shocking grammar, awful spellings and formats. We are still without wifi. Great! Man, it ducks and makes blogging pretty much impossible. So, enjoy this shambles of a post and have fun with it's layout lovelies.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Excuse the above photo. But, you see what I've done right? 'swing of things' ... 'SWING of things' ... Oh come on, give me a chance. I'm trying here. Anyway you cant deny the cuteness of the photo. So, why not use it eh? Plus, in my defence I think it's a super play on words. For sure.
Oh bloomin' eck I differ. What am I here for again? Ah yeh, to tell you all that without wifi, no real Internet connection, no tablet, no laptop and just a phone with dodgey data, I am struggling. I really am. Now, it is only temporary, until the 26th of this month hopefully. But, it's a little awkward. I was hoping to be totally back up and running and down with the Twitter kids by now. But, it just isn't happening. I've already eaten up a whole load of data that basically I don't have, given myself repetitive strain trying to type posts on my phone let alone mild blindness from the screen and fallen completely out the loop. I actually feel very out the loop and I hate it. I wanted to so be back in the loop by now. Not sort of just floating hither and thither. Greer. For this folks, I can only apologise. I am trying my best to keep both myself and yourself as updated on Social Medias as I possibly can. But, it is proving slightly difficult. But, bare with me and we will all be happy bunnies in the end.
I think it is just a case of starting off as best I can where I left off. Which I will proceed to do.

Honestly, this post is somewhat pointless I guess. But, I wanted you to know that I hadn't done a runner, abandoned you or got lost up the Alps. I am here. Lurking a little. But, here. I think slowly but surely we will get there.
Roll on the 26th of August. ROLL ON! (I need wifi and I need my tablet.)

Friday, 5 August 2016

Farewell To Our First Together Home

So, as some of you that are up to date may be aware the whole moving house thing has taken us surprisingly longer than most. The whole selling and buying thing didn't mind. No, that was a matter of days really. But, everything else - searches, solicitors, legalities, banks etc has taken us quite a while. Which has been frustrating and a bit of a drag as time went on. But, we are here now. In our new home, settling. Thank goodness. There was a brief moment in time when I thought this ultimately impossible. I am so glad I was proved wrong.

Firstly, allow me to apologise for my utter absence from both the Blogging and the Social Media scene. I am sorry. Internet was disconnected, time was eaten with packing and to be honest I've just been down right shattered. Having 3 year old, a 1 year old a 33 week old bump and a totally empty home barr a couple of spoons for 2 weeks seems to eat up every waking hour. And, if I wasn't awake I was out cold somewhere grabbing 40 winks. So, yes I do apologise. Sorry. I'm back now though. Trying to write and post on my phone which is proving far more difficult than initially thought. Expect spelling and grammar mistakes throughout this post. I have fat thumbs and a dinky screen.
Thanks folks if you're still here reading our musings. I really appreciate the support and patience that you have shown throughout our messy move. It's extremely humbling and lovely. It hasn't been easy and I've hated being out of it. But, you've all been grand. So, thank you for sticking around. Really!

Secondly, due to your lovely lot 'Momma Moose Diaries' is now in the top 1000 Parent blogs over on Tots 100. Now, I know that sounds like a ridiculous number to be celebrating. But, I'm actually really chuffed as there's are 1000's of them out there and my score is climbing monthly. Mind you, it will probably drop again this month as I've been fairly redundant but hey ho. So, thanks folks. That's totally down to your reading, sharing, commenting and general enjoyment of the blog. I'm totally happy bunny. 🐰

Now, I've never wrote a blog post for a house before. But, today I'm going to. We've moved. We finally did kt. After all that talking, that contemplating, that wondering and what if we did it. We upped sticks and made a real go for it. It feels strange. Wonderful. But, totally strange. New house, new area, new start. Amazing.
We closed the door for the last time on our old house 2 days ago. And, nothing has felt weirder. Knowing that's that, no going back, no our bedroom, no bbq in that garden, no fry up cooked in that kitchen and no nights sleep in our room. Strange. I want to thank that house for all it has given us - safety, stability, family, guidance, good times, friendships and memories. It's the 1st home I've ever lived alone in. As in away from Family and Parents. It has taught me slot. Thank you for keeping my husband safe in the years before we met and thank you for welcoming me so sweetly. You've been a dream and a real happy home. You have shown our Children their 1st days and protected them through to now. Cheers buddy. You've been a right good egg and we wish you all the best with your new Family. Treat them as you have us and they will be happier than a happy fish in a big wide ocean.
Much love little house. Moose's xx

Moving house is NO easy thing. I can tell you how not to do it. Not how To do it. And, I intend too over the next couple of posts. So, stay tuned for 'house moving tips' ... Or not as the case may be.