Thursday, 14 July 2016

House Pack Up Continues 3.

Honestly, we sacked off the packing most of today. It was driving us crazy. So, we headed to the new house and had Fish and Chips by the riverside in Iron Bridge. It was lovely. And, got us super excited about the move. Can't believe we are this close to this lovely place. We love Iron Bridge and all it had to offer.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

House Pack Up Begins

I apologise now. Well in advance. My online presence will be very low over the next week, possibly fortnight. We are moving house which is great. But, need to pack up our current house which is not so great.
Please bare with me as that had to be my priority over the next coming weeks.
I will be posting as regularly as I can. I hope I don't lose too many of you along the way.

Here's to moving house! ✌

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Baby Girl Doesn't Always Sleep Through... I'm Just Not That Bothered.

Honestly, I feel okay.
Now, I know that this probably isn't what the majority of you want to hear. You want to hear me crying and telling you how I can't cope and that it is driving me to absolute distraction. Well, it's not I'm afraid. Had you asked me the same question when I had my 1st, I would have totally answered like a snivelling wreck. Sleep deprivation is hard. It sucks. It really is no fun. But, for some reason 2nd time round, it just doesn't seem too bad. It's almost like my mind is telling me there is bigger fish to fry. I don't know. I just don't feel half as hett up this time round as far as sleep is concerned as I did 1st time round. She wakes, I wake, we sort it and we go back to sleep. Yes, the next day can be a little tricky when running on a broken night's sleep. But, somehow we do it don't we? We have to. Somehow we have to sort what exactly needs sorting, fast and get ourselves back into the land of nod as quickly as we can so that we don't miss too much sleep. Right? I just seem to know this time round just how important my sleep actually is. So, I don't mess around. I get the job done and get back to shut eye.

I guess, I'm lying a little bit when I say 'She doesn't sleep through' as I am making out that she is an swful sleeper that wakes ALL the time. She doesn't. 70% of the time she sleeps through. Which is wonderful. I'm not complaining. And, if she does wake it is usually for the littlest bit of water of comfort and then she is soothed back to sleep pretty quickly. But, more recently she has been waking more frequently. I'm unsure as to why. Could be a regression, could be something else. My guess is teeth. I don't think they are overly hurting her as such. But, I do think they are niggling her and getting to her a bit. You see, she is 12 months old now and only has 2 teeth. So, she is cutting a fair few new ones at the same time. It must be uncomfortable and it's just unfortunate as she does like her sleep. Eeek imagine cutting all those teeth at the same time. Yowch!
I'm not sure you really need to know the above. And, I am sorry that I can't offer a huge amount of help or advice where your sleep deprivation is concerned. I know, it's awful and it can make the World seem pretty clouded can't it? But, I go with the motto that if you run at it with a positive outlook it will make it all the more easier. So, she woke last night? You sorted it. You did your job and somehow you got her back off to sleep happily. You feel rotten this morning. But, it won't be forever and just remember you managed to sneak an extra cuddle yesterday. :-) Try not to beat yourself up too much about it. Relax the following day and take things in your stride. When your sleep deprived, stop pressuring yourself. Don't underestimate it. It's awful. Sleep deprivation can make you feel like you're not human. We all know that. Cut yourself some slack.

I don't feel half on edge with night time sleeping as I did with my Son. I think it's probably because actually I can see how much more desperate I am for sleep this time round compared to what I was with him. If I had a rough night with him when he was little, I could sleep with him the next day and catch up a little. That is not possible this baby round. I have 2 running around and 1 doesn't even nap anymore. So, I see just how precious sleep really is now. So, I don't take it for granted. And, as I said earlier - It is not forever. One day they will love their bed that much you'll have to be 'that' Parent that yanks the quilt clean off them in a bid to wake them from silent slumber. And, I suppose when you really look at it, that will come around all too quickly.

Somehow, cherish it guys. Stay strong and do what you have to do throughout the night time wakes to keep you and your bambino sane. Drink coffee and paint that smile on my lovelies. We all have your back!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

1st Birthday Family Fun and Doo

1st Birthdays are no doubt, A wonderful thing. It's exciting, it's new and above all it's super cute. I mean, you know deep down that your Miniest won't remember a thing of this part in years to come let alone in days to come. But, you just can't help yourself can you? You have to celebrate. And, with each child comes the 'We are just going to keep it low-key this year. Nothing major" And, then days before you get the guilts and throw a full swing soiree for the little being. That's just the way it goes and it sure was the way it went for us.
You see, we are moving house very, very soon and were sort of expecting to be moving last weekend. The weekend of the party So, we really hadn't planned anything as we didn't actually know where we were going to be. New house? Old house? Turns out, we are still in the old house. But, we are swamped in a mass of cardboard boxes. So, a party house it is not. But, my Momma and Pappa's house is a party pad if ever I have known one. And, luckily they offered to host the bash. We jumped on the chance and got the invites out to Family pronto!

I got to my Mommas first thing in the morning and continued the party prep that we had started the night before. I took the travel-cot along for the ride and popped Miniest in when it was time for her to nap. She woke just in time for her party. I'm talking like with minutes to spare. The above photo of her strawberry munching is just after she woke. She always wakes from her nap ravenous. So, we had to feed her up before her party guests arrived. We didn't want a melt down within the first few minutes now did we?
So, all fed up, it was time for the party dress. Now, we had sort of gone for a zoo/animal theme for her bash. So, this little John Lewis number was the perfect outfit for the perfect Birthday Girl.

Outfit on she continued to eat and her party got into full swing. It was so lovely to see everyone and it was even lovelier knowing that everyone there was there to celebrate our little baby girl turning 1. It was a great day to be fair. She enjoyed herself, we enjoyed herself and her Big Brother had an absolute ball hanging out with everyone he loves for the whole day. The pair of them had fun fun fun to say the least. And, she was a very lucky girl receiving some very lovely gifts.

Not only was the Birthday Party filled with good folks. But, I think it was filled with good food too. I was dead chuffed with the spread and cakes on offer. Momma and I spent the afternoon the day before baking and we were pretty happy with the results. Well, I didn't see anyone complaining I'll say that much ;-)

Now, is it just me that struggles with the whole 'glowing' thing when pregnant? I'm really not good at looking fabulous through out pregnancy. I really dislike my maternity wardrobe and cannot wait to return to my normal one soon. Sounds, selfish I know. But, I'm really missing it. Anyhoo, I knew there would be cameras, snapchat, Instragram and Facebook on the go at the party. So, I knew I had to make some sort of an effort 'style' wise. So, I tried and honestly I have to give this Zara top/dress the absolute thumbs up. I love it. It's comfortable and it makes me feel like I actually have something about me. There's not a great deal to say on this matter. Other than, for once I actually felt okay in what I was wearing over my bump.

Oh and guess what? I even managed to get a 'mocktail' for the celebrations! :-) Happy days.
Here's to being 1!

Friday, 1 July 2016

Spelling And Grammar Aside .... 'Sigh'

Oh goodness. It totally happened. The spelling and grammar Police have totally stumbled across my blog and have given me a good Social telling.
Now, allow me give you a good Social telling. Am I that bothered? No. Am I going to lose sleep over it? No. Well, I guess I am a little bothered by else I wouldn't be writing a post about it would I. But, I think I am more bothered about the fact that people felt the need to sit there and criticise for no huge reason at all. Too many people hide behind the shadows online just waiting to drop a negative comment down on someone with really unnecessary reasons. Now, don't get me wrong I am more than open to receive criticism. And, in all fairness I do receive it daily. But, I don't mind because it is actually in response to the content of a post I wrote or a photo I posted etc: Not, whether my name has a capital letter at the beginning or not. I mean come on, I open myself up every day for criticism. Especially when writing about Children and parenting. And, I welcome it in that sense. It's great to see debate and be part of a discussion. But, if you're looking for spot on grammar and superb spelling then I am afraid you have come to the wrong place. This blog is very much not the place for you. I have always been very open about it and honest in saying my spelling is shocking and my grammar isn't wonderful on here. I write my blog in and around nap times, bath times, dinner times etc: So, as long as I have got my point across and said what I have needed to say I don't give the re
st of it a thought really. It's fairly difficult writing with 1 hand. You know, whilst breastfeeding or holding a bottle under your chin, or spooning yoghurt into dirty lippies or stiring the spag bol etc:

So, please if you are going to fill my inbox with emails of negativity at least make them something worth sending. I know my spelling is awful and I know my grammar is bad. I don't need 100's of emails of the same 2 people telling me so. I read the 1st one and got the picture. Please, I want to talk about snotty noses, muddy knees, feeding babies, eating strawberries, picking fruit not a lecture from someone with too much time on their hands.

Note: I welcome criticism and I welcome debate. It's a good thing. I don't mind being told that my blog isn't for you. But, trolling I do not welcome.

Thank you.