Thursday, 30 June 2016

How To Cope With A Whining, Moaning Child

Okay. So, you don't. You won't and you can't.... Well, I don't, I won't and I can't. It's just something that I seriously cannot deal with. Have a tantrum, have a scream, have a good, proper cry if you need to. But, don't come to me whining and moaning with that awful fake cry that just sounds like a lawnmower that's on it's last legs. I can't cope. I will be honest. It does me in. It's too much. I think it's the noise mainly plus the ridiculousness of it. So, you're LEGO has come apart and your pissed about it, that's cool. Come and tell me and we will sort it. Don't throw your toys out of the pram and sit there 'pretending' to cry with an awful whine to your tone. So, the dog has sat on your play mat again and yet again you're pissed about it. Mate, that's fine. Come and tell me and we will sort it. I'll move the dog alone. But, don't throw your arm in the air, drop to floor and give me the lawnmower sound whilst moaning my name in the loudest droan you possibly can. So, you're Sister pinched a raisin out of your raisin tub and once again your feeling pretty annoyed about the whole situation. Come and tell me and I'll get in under control and explain to her that what she did was wrong whilst grabbing you another raisin. DON'T push your food away and whine at the top of your voice in a bid to win my attention. Seriously, it does not work and it will never work. I am immune to helping a moaning or a whining child. I just can't do it.
now, I know many of you will be reading this and will pass judgement very quickly. How can she be so cruel? He obviously needs her blah blah blah. And, I totally get that. Of course he does. But, there is a way to speak to me and to deal with a situation. Come on, in my eyes it's just a little prep for the real world is it not? I know that sounds harshe. But, you don't get what you want or need just because your whining about it. You have to take control of a situation and find a resolution. Nothing gets resolved if you just sit there moaning. But, actually doing nothing. Surely, that isn't the wrong thing to be teaching my Children? Is it? Well, if it is, I disagree. Happily disagree.
My Son is quite the moaner and he really hates when things don't necessarily go to plan. And, that's totally cool. It's a good thing to be a bit of a perfectionist and strive for the best. But, if things don't go you're way then deal with it buster. Don't sit there whining about it and hoping that it will just change because you're having a good moan. It won't. Do something. Tell someone. Sort it or get it sorted.
Slowly, he is getting used to this concept and I am really glad. I've taken to ignoring him when he moans, whines or gets angry unnecessarily only responding once he has calmed down took control of his behaviour and emotions and addressed both me and the situation effectively. Moaning is not effective. Whining is not effective. Not with me anyway. You'll achieve nothing whining and moaning at me and as horrible as it sounds the sooner my littlies understand that, the sooner LEGO, DUPLO, train track, bath time, story time, crafts and art situation will be resolved quicker.

I'm sort of just waiting for the barrage of negative comments regarding this post. And, I do sort of welcome them because it is always grand to see the 2 sides to the coin. But, you must understand that I am not doing this to be a 'bitch' parent. I'm ignoring the whining and moaning because actually I'd be the 'bitch' parent if I didn't You see, if I listened and I let it affect me then I could blow, I would blow. But, I don't because I use my initiative and take myself away from a situation I don't like. I don't like the moaning and the whining because it is not needed and rather than shout about it and lose control, I ignore it and slowly it resolves it's self because slowly they realise how to get my attention. And, thankfully that is without moaning and whining.

So, how do you cope with a whining, moaning child? ... Well, in the best way you can!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Note For My Now 1 Year Old Daughter

And, there you have it. In the blink of an eye my Darling you have turned 1. How on earth has that happened? Where has the time in your 1st year of life gone? It sounds cliché. But, seriously was it not yesterday that I was rushing round NEXT in a hope to get something that actually fitted your teeny tiny, 2 week early frame? How has it happened? How have you gone from 0-1 in the longest time possible yet in no time at all. It feels as though you have always been here. I don't remember what living was like before you to be fair. It's a strange thought, a World before you and your Brother. It obviously did happen. But, it's like it didn't at the same time. Does that make sense? Probably not. I know what I mean. And, one day you will do too.
You have made life that little bit better my sweetheart. You have helped our Family grow into the unit that it now is and ha provided us with a year of smiles. Mind you, your Hospital stays haven't been without their worry. But, we forgive. We forgave your Brother too ;-)
There is nothing I love watching more than watching you and your Brother hanging out and just generally enjoying each other. For all your car stealing, lego eating and building block pinching it is very plain to see just how much that little kid loves you. He adores you. And, on the rare occasion that we have been without you, he talks about you, a lot. You have made his World all the more fuller and I know that as you grow and develop into the lovely little girl that you are becoming, you will continue to fill his World with a Friendship that will be ultra special. Together yourself and your Brother are a very special pair. Never forget that. Look after each other and care for one another always. Siblings are Friendships to be cherished. Cherish the Friendship that you and your Brother will have forever little Lady and you'll never be alone.

Thank you for making the last year the year it has been. It has been full of fun and laughter thanks to you being in it. It has been a year that has gone by too quickly yet every second with you and our Family has been enjoyed immensely. You're a sweet, little soul with eyes that people admire all the time. I'm proud of the girl you are becoming and couldn't wish for a lovelier Daughter. You make me smile every single day.You have a personality that makes me chuckle. Your laid back ways are a breath of fresh air in a World that's too tense.

Never change oh little one. Never change. Continue being you and know that I will always love you.

Monday, 27 June 2016

My Baby Girl Has Finally POOED!

Ew Gross! Did I really have to title my post as that? Did I really have to mention the 'P' word? ... Yes! Yes, I did! Do you know how happy I am about the fact that my little girl is able to do the 'P' word? I'm so happy for her it is untrue. Never thought I'd be so happy about poo to be honest. Feels a bit weird vocalising it. Haha.
For anyone whose littlie suffers or has suffered with constipation please share with me that lovely feeling of knowing their nappy is full.  There is noting worse than a constipated baby. Purely because there is absolutely nothing that you as a parent can do. You just sort of have to sit there and give them some moral support as they look like their world is falling apart with every strain they make. It's awful. So awful.
I had never and have never experienced constipation with my Son. So, I didn't really know what was going on when my Daughter started suffering.  I just thought it was a bit of a phase and would pass pretty quickly. How wrong I was.
Turns out, it has all been down to the amount of cows milk she has been drinking. You see, she went from breast to formula quite quickly due to a breast strike at the age of 8 months and honestly Formula never really suited her. She was always explosive and super messy. But, we never really thought a great deal of it. But, when I mentioned this at her 9 - 12 month check I was told to pop her on cows milk as she was 11 months and it really wouldn't hurt. And, you know what she was like a different baby. She began making noise, playing, being aware etc etc: So, it was proving to be a really good change for her. Only thing was she became ridiculously constipated. Catch 22!
We have had to cut her milk right now. She now only has a bottle in the morning and a night. That's it. Whether she likes it or not that is the amount of milk she is having full stop and the rest is water . We have been doing this for 4 days now and the difference is wonderful. She is doing really well and with every fuller nappy comes a smile. She is so much more comfortable and far less irritable. I don't have to sit and watch her squirm in pain or offer help by pushing her legs in the air like a lady in labour. For us, water
 has been key to helping with her constipation. But, I am aware that you can develop it for all different reasons. It's such an awful thing and fun for no one. No one at all. It isn't nice to feel and it is not nice to see
So, are there many Mommas and Pappas out there with littlies that are suffering? If so, please share any advice you have on the matter. I'd love to hear it.

Friday, 24 June 2016

My Children's Sleep Routines Are Totally Respected.

In both mine and my Families eyes sleep is possibly the most important part of our Children's day, nap included. Now, note I'm not telling you that your child has to nap at a certain time or even has to nap at all. But, you're hear to read the experiences that I have to share. So, I'll share them with you.
So, sleep. I find it so important. I have done with both of my Children and I know that I will do with number 3 too. You see, I have always found that a rested Child is a happier Child. With both of my kiddlets I have established a napping routine into our day from day 1. Now, I know that it can be a real tie to your day being SO routined with their daytime sleeping. But, for me that as an excuse just hasn't been good enough. So, if it is my babies nap time then it is my babies nap time and that generally will take priority. Not because I'm being an arse. But, because I know that this sleeping routine is so 'in' place that if I go messing around with it I'll end up with a grouchy kiddlet. Not good!

My Miniest very rarely attends any morning group at the minute and this is simply down to the fact that she naps in the morning. She always naturally has done. So, will continue to do so until she is ready to alter her times. She has always had this routine from the day she was born. I know that, she knows that and her Brother knows that. And, yes we work our day around her sleep. I owe it to her. I did it for her Brother. So, I will do it for her. They both have a really good understanding of just how important sleep is for them. They are aware that during sleep their body rests and their brain has time to calm and unwind. Whilst sleeping they mend and their body grows.
Some may say that by not making nap times and bed times flexible I have made some sort of rod for my own back. But, I don't see how. Surely it isn't that bad of a thing that I have a sleeping routine in place? Why should I need it to be flexible? Isn't ensuring your Children sleep well just as important as ensuring that they thrive during awake time? Sleep is not to be under estimated. Well, in my eyes it is not anyway. I'm quite happy to go without a glass of wine or  night at the Cinema if it means that my lovely littlies can sleep properly and at  appropriate time. I'm not suggesting that flexible sleeping times are wrong. But, they sure wouldn't work for us. Of course, it would be lovely if I could vary her nap every now and then to be able to be out a bit more or put them to bed a little later so that I can hang out with my buddies at the pub. But, I don't see how my Children would benefit. Honestly, if my littlies are without the sleep they need and are used to, you can totally tell. Trust me. They are like 2 different kids if they don't have their sleep.
Sleep is important to me as an adult. And, I know exactly how it feels if it has been limited the night before. So, I wish it not on my Children.
For as long as my little ones need to nap, they will nap even if it means I miss that lovely picnic at the park or morning at Playschool. I know what will benefit my littlies most. I'm proud of the routine that we have created and I love the fact that sleep in our house for the Children is essential and respected.

Here's to all the nappers out there and to those that need their sleep!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Oh. So, You're Just A Mom Then?

(pre-warning. My Spellcheck has given up. And, my spelling is awful. But, I'm squeezing this post in nap time. So, I'm afraid the spelling mishaps are just something that we are going to have to deal with today!)

Oh goodness. Now, there is a question. And, A question that totally fills me with all kids of emotions.
As a 'Stay At Home Mom' (I do work on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings teaching Kids Drama. But, most of my time is spent at home) I hear this question an awful lot and I tire of it.

"So, what do you do Jess?"
"I'm a stay at home Mom really to my 2 littlies. And, I have another on the way so ..."
"Oh. So, you're just a Mom now then?"

Erm, I beg you're pardon? I'm JUST A Mom? What on earth does your 'just' mean? ae you insinuating that being a 'Mom' is lesser of A job than if I were a teacher, a shopkeeper, a anything? Can you hear yourself? Do you even know what you are saying or suggesting?
You know, in some way I forgive you. I guess, if you are not a Parent then it would be very easy to assume that 'stay at home parents' do very little. You know, I can sort of get that you may think that we spend our days in pyjamas, watching Jeremy Kyle all day dodging the laundry and eating cake. Oh and of course you think we are out with our friends every day drinking coffee and enjoying leisurely lunches right? Wrong! Well, I can only speak for myself on this subject really. As I guess every 'stay at home parent' is different. And, you know what if you are the 'stay at home parent' that manages the above then good on you! You've got it sussed mate!
But, for me when you say "Oh, So, you're just a Mom then?" you can expect this answer.
No. No I am not JUST A Mom.
I'm a night feeder waking 2-3 times in the night to make sure my littlies are sorted and that my partner can sleep without the sound of their cries. And, you know when you wake throughout the night the World can seem a pretty grim place through tired eyes the following day, I'm a nappy changer. I change a fair few a day and most of them result in a leak or a total wash down for the person exploding that obviously I have to sort, I'm a bottle maker, I'm a comforter, I'm a feeder because you know my boobs have fed my Children and for a long time they weren't my own, I'm a cleaner, A bed maker, A curtain opener, A breakfast cooker and the list goes on and on and on. Being a 'Mom' or 'Dad' isn't a 'just' anything. It's bloody hard work. Honestly, I don't think I fully anticipated just how immense the 'stay at home' job is. And, it is a REAL job. It is my job to make sure my Children are dressed, cleaned, comforted, fed, exercised, sleeping, eating, sharing, playing, learning, informed, cared for, changed, safe every single day. That is my duty. And, it doesn't start at 9 O'clock and end at 5. It's 24-7. It's none stop. I will say it again. There is no 'just' about it.
Some days I wake and I know that before 9 O'clock I have got to get up, get the kids up, change the Miniest as soon she wakes to avoid leaking, sort her a bottle, comfort my Son who normally wakes with tears in his eyes, make all the beds, open all the curtains, get kids dressed and washed, get myself washed and dressed, get downstairs, cook breakfast, eat breakfast, clean up after breakfast which 90% of is probably smeared across the laminate, possibly change their clothes again due to jam stains, calm them down, wash up, feed the dogs, put a wash on, hang washing up, run a tumble dry, put washing away, prepare another bottle, get shoes on, stop dogs crying, stop kids crying, get coats on and then get in the car.

Please stop underestimating those that stay at home to raise their Children. They really aren't that different from those that go to work. It isn't easy and your incredibly misguided if you have been led to believe that it is. It's tough, it's isolating, it's a job racked with guilt, it's the best thing you will ever do yet the loneliest, it's tiring and sometimes it's just too much. And, you know those 'just' comments you make can really bring a person down. I remember when I got asked this question I actually began wondering if I was 'just' a Mother. Should I be doing something else? Is what I do every day not enough? Am I really 'just' a Mom? And, then it dawned on me over time that I'm not. I'm not just a Mom at all. I am so much more than that. My home is my office and my children are my colleagues. I work hard at being a Mom and I do it every day.

So, You're just a Mom then? ... No. No, I'm not. I am SO much more than that! 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

No Mess Painting

I know. I know, it sounds far too good to be true does it not? But, I assure you right here, right now that it is totally true. There is really no mess involved whatsoever! Magic. Plus, it's really simple too. Win win.

Allow me to explain how this beauty of a craft works.

What Do I Need? What Do I Need?
  • As many zip lock bags as you desire. They must be zip lock really. If not, a mess could be made and that would really defeat the object eh? Oh and you can use the same zip lock bag over and over again. It just means that it isn't completely every time you do a new painting. But, that's okay.
  • Paints. Good squeezy paints
  • Paper. Now, it is best to cut it down to size. Size of the zip lock bag that is. You see, you've got to fit the paper in the bag.
  • Little hands. These are essential. :-)
  • My son grabbed himself a handful of cars whilst we were painting and realised he could make some wicked tracks whilst painting like this. So, you may need them.
What Do I Do? What Do I Do?
  • Keep it simple.
  • Pop your paper into your zip lock bag.
  • Squeeze s little or as much paint onto the paper in the bag.
  • Close and seal the bag, letting all air out.
  • Hand to your littlie.
  • Enjoy.

And, as if by magic you have yourself some seriously messy play without any of the messy. Really. We found that this activity was really great for showing how colours changed when mixed together. You can never learn your primary colours too early can you? And, what a great way to do it. It's a fabulous way to experiment with colour. And, I promise I will stop this soon But, NO MESS! Come on? NO MESS!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Mum or Mom?

Now, this is a fairly pointless post in the grand scheme of things I guess. But, it's something that I was thinking about and thought who better to share my thoughts with other than my team Moose? You see, if I can't share them with you then whom can I share them with?
So, pointless post aside because it is and we now know it is. But, let's embrace it. I have a question for you. I know MY answer. But, what be yours? Right, you ready? Okay ...
Are you 'Mum' or 'Mom'?
I know, I know you're mind is totally blown with that hugely scientific question. You don't have to tell me....

Personally, I am A Mom and my Mother has always been a Mom to me. Even when my Primary School used to insist on me using the 'Mum term in all cards and on all drawings. Mate, I knew my routes even back then ant they weren't changing for no teacher, you hear me?
I like the way 'Mom' looks when it's wrote down. I like the way it sounds and I much prefer saying it rather than 'Mum' But, that is just me. What's your thoughts?

After a fair bit of research online. You know, it would seem that I am one of a minority really. Many use the word 'Mum' as apposed to 'Mom'. Apparently, it's a West Midlands thing. Which, I guess would be fairly fitting as I am A West Midlands girl. So, it's a dialect thing. And, it would seem that actually the word 'Mom' really annoys most people. Well, I am sorry. I did not even realise. Oh and big up to the Americans out there as it's a word you guys apparently use. Woop! I totally hear you guys!

So, are you a 'Mum' or a 'Mom'?

Thursday, 16 June 2016

My Children Have Taught Me Patience

I'm writing this post whilst my patience is actually running incredibly thin. Ironic that isn't it? Honestly, I am feeling a little battered round the edges at the minute, I don't normally feel like this. But, every now and then the desire to pack my bags and move to the dessert ON MY OWN is pretty overwhelming. I mean, don't get me wrong, it quickly passes after a couple of hours with friends and cake. But, yeh the desert island seems hugely appealing right now.

Anyway, this patience thing that I am meant to now have more of. But, am currently in need of. Let me talk about it. So, joking aside (I wasn't joking) Joking aside, I have a lot to thank my Children for where Patience is concerned. I have always been a pretty laid back person. But, that doesn't mean that I don't just blow every now and then or that things don't get on top of me or irate me or niggle me or make me mad. I'm not always calm and I am not always collected. I try to be and most of the time I am. But, every now and then things get a little too much and I can't help but express it. But, overall nowadays my patience and tolerance are now greater than ever especially where the kiddlets are concerned and thanks to them.
It's bringing them up and caring for them in a particular way that has taught me the skill of patience with them. I guess in a way their patience with me has taught me how to have patience with them. They are patient when I drive round the roundabout 3 times because I am totally lost, they are patient when when breakfast isn't quite going to plan, they are patient when tea is pizza AGAIN, they are patient when they have to have red top because we are all out of blue and they are patient when Mommy just isn't being that great of a Mommy. Yes, they moan, they groan and they lose it a little. But, in their own way, they are patient. So, it is only fair that I honour their patience back with my own is it not?

Learning and adapting to Parenting is a real life lesson if you ask me. Do I want my Children to be shouty? Do I want them to hit out? Do I want them to scream at each other? Do I want them to enjoy winding others up? Do I want them to have a short fuse? Ultimatley, no. No I don't. And, yes I know that not everything is avoidable. But, surely if I want to achieve the opposite to the above list then I have to be the role model for them? And, what better way to start being that role model than showing patience. Patience is a pretty essential, every day tool that can really help an individual out. It shouldn't be an after-thought, I don't think.
So, your kid threw their cereal from their high chair tray. Let's be patient about this. Yes, it was wrong and it is okay to explain that to them in a manner that they understand. But, must we scream and shout about the spilled milk? Does this not just end in a battle of loud voices with no one listening to anyone? I think so. Well, I know so. Because believe me I've been there. You think I haven't raised my voice at my Children, I have. But, I have also seen no positive outcome. Nothing good has ever come out of a shouting match between me and my littlies. And, it is with this experience that I can honestly say I owe my patience to my kids. They totally taught me it. And, they taught me because I took the time to listen and learn from them. It didn't take me long to realise that a raised voice and word battle sorted nothing with my son. It just made a mountain out of a mole hill and dragged the disagreement on for far longer than necessary. I now know that time away or 'time out' as some call it works best for him. I can do that patiently. I can take him away from the heated situation, pop him in a safe place to calm down and take myself away to breathe. In this time we can both think about what just happened and what has gone wrong with our communication. I guess, importantly in this time we can have a small amount of time apart and reflect patiently. I think it is a real skill to remain calm when parenting. And, this is skill that every day I master a little more. I'm not perfect at it and I am pretty sure that I never will be. But, I can sure try and I will try. And, I know that there are many an argument against time out. But, in order for me and my Children to remain patient with one another this is what we have to do. They aren't ridiculed when they are sat there or labelled naughty or sneered at or alienated. They are there because it works for them. It enables them time to calm. It stops the shouting, it stops the moaning, it stops the heat. It helps. It helps us both be patient. And, I think that there is NOTHING wrong with that. Nothing!

If it weren't for my kids, I think I would have blown my top along time ago They make me the patient parent that I want to be ... Sometimes ;-) 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Momma Moose Goes Hartbeeps

Yesterday, I was very lucky to be invited along with the Minis to our local Hartbeeps group for babies. I was very excited not only for my littlies. But, for myself too. Only, I've seen a fair few other Parents sharing their photographs online and it would appear that sometimes we as the Mommies and Daddies have to don crazy costumes too. Winner! :-)
So, costumes aside allow me to tell you a little more where Hartbeeps is concerned.

We snuck this photograph in just as the class started.

Hartbeeps aims to send your little ones on a seriously magical journey through music and production. They offer original and super fun classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers with a remixed lullaby soundtrack making the class extremely engaging for all ages.

I couldn't agree more with the above paragraph. My children were definitely sent on a magical journey. I mean come on, at the end of the session we totally went to the moon. I'm not sure it gets any more magical than that? So, yeh the moon was pretty special and magical. But, so were the ladybugs, the butterflies, the wiggly worms and bubble fun. It all felt a little out of this World. Which believe me is a totally good thing when magic is pretty hard to find nowadays. Not only did the moon get a visit from us so did 'BABY-BIZA!' Oh yes, you heard me correctly. I said 'BABY-BIZA' and I mean 'BABY-BIZA' and we will totally be going back there. This place was a place of dreams. Both the kids got a flower garland to wear, star glasses, head boppers and a light up maraca to shake. Wow! You can imagine it can't you? As an adult I was in a world of fun at the baby rave. So, it really was no surprise to see little faces light up as music played and lights flashed in front of there amazed eyes. It was very lovely to see them all bopping away perfecting their rave moves.
I loved just how engaging this group was. Not a moment passed where my daughter lost focus. She was totally in the 'Hartbeeps' zone. There is nothing worse than going along to a baby group and feeling a little lost there. You know, the 'everyone looks like they're having fun. But, I'm not situation. I didn't feel that at all at this group. From start to finish there was a plan and never a dull moment.

If you are currently on the hunt for something a tad different and confidence building for your littlie then Hartbeeps is most definitely the group for you. Honestly, I'm really impressed with this group and what it has to offer Children. I can so see how a Child would progress weekly at this group. My Daughter is a shy little thing that is very wary of others and adults. I totally think a few weeks attending this group would really help her out with this issue. It would probably push her to socialise a little more and trust a tad more too. It's lovely because as a Parent you have to totally engage with your little one and go on the magical journey with them. So, not only is it a class for them. It's sort of a class for you to enjoy too.

I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Carly who ran the class I attended as she allowed me to bring my 3 year old along to join in. And, join in he did. He loved it. He loved watching his Sister explore new things and was a great help in our journey. It was so lovely to be able to take him along with us. It's nice to be able to write about this group knowing that my Son was a part of it too. He was allowed to explore too and wasn't stopped doing his thing. Which was a great help for me with 2. Thanks Carly!

Fancy knowing more about Hartbeeps? Why not check out their:

Facebook -
Twitter - @hartbeeps

Perhaps you and your littlie are already Hartbeepers. If so, why not share your experience with us. We'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Girl Behind The Momma Moose

So, behind every blogger lies a person, it's true. But, more importantly behind every Mother lies a person too. Now, it my be hard to believe that said Mother can be anything but the nose cleaning, bum wiping, mouth feeding, knee rubbing, paint scrubbing, meal cooking, nappy changing, medicine giving, cuddle sharing, baby pushing, husband loving, clothes dressing human being that she is alwys seen as. And, sometimes for that Mother herself it can actually be hard to believe that anything but the prior is actually possible. But, it is. It has to be. You can't just be Mommy. You've got to be you every now and then. Infact, you've got to be you always. Because, no matter how 'Mommy' you are there is always a you behind it. So, with this in mind I thought I'd break the ice and get this first date moving quickly. You see, a fellow Mommy Blogger asked me to share a blog post with her. The only catch being that it couldn't be about parenting as such. It had to be about a hobby or about yourself. So, I was all like "Yeah sure. Totally up for that." Only to realise that I can't actually provide her with that post as I don't have a none 'child' related post. Now, however I do. And, here it is.

Right, there I am. Above and to the right at Capital FM's Fusion Festival a couple of years back in-between babies pretending I have a clue who the Elyar Fox dude is and ultimately trying to look cool. I don't look cool. I look like a teenage boy who's found his confidence and is now 'out there' enough to wear sunglasses as part of his outfit. But, you know I do try. What I wear and my wardrobe means a fair bit to me. Now, please don't take that as a sign that I am a very vein individual. I'm not. But, I do care. I enjoy creating outfits and putting clothes together to make a 'look'. Half the time I look like I have fallen over in a Charity shop and tried to just work the outcome. But, hey I hear that's on trend nowadays. ;-)
I was actually attending this Festival to support a best friend I have. This was sort of the making of her 'radio' career as she had a spot of presenting to do here and now she is regularly presenting shows over on Capital FM. PROUD!
I'm all for my friends and would be nothing without them. As the years have gone and the babies have been and grown it has become very apparent as to whom my 'real' friends are and I actually really love that. It's been very heart warming to see my friends become such huge parts of my Children's lives. There is nothing better than being able to see someone you love spending time with and knowing your littlies feel the same. Oh bloomin' heck I'm talking babies again. Sorry.
Family to me are the coolest of cool too. And, I have a fairly extended one to say the least. And, every single one of those extensions mean something very special to me. I am very lucky to have the Family that I have. I know that and I thank my lucky stars daily for them. My Brother is a dude and my sister is a right lass. So, winner winner chicken dinner!

I like to dance all the time and sometimes I even think I can sing. But, that slowly alters in my mind once I stop and actually listen to myself. There was a time when I thought I could possibly play guitar and I practised really hard and got what I thought was 'good' But, it was 'bad' I knew about 6 chords. I was no Hendrix and am still not. But, I do like a strum or 2. I very much enjoy performing and must be honest in saying that I haven't done any in a very long time due to Children. But, I really miss it and will go back into it soon I'm sure and cannot wait. So, yeh when I was a kiddlet I managed to do all this -

I'm super proud of the above actually. Yes, I am a little embrassed by my hair and brumie accent. But, proud none the less.It was a long time ago. But, something to show the Grandchildren I guess and a little insight into something I have a strong passion for.
Oviously, I enjoy writing. Now, I totally forgive you for thinking my writing is shocking. Come on. Give me a break. I write this shizz with a baby attached to my boob whilst changing a dirt nappy one handed. It's not my fault I get my 'their' and 'there's' mixed up. Sometimes, the sudo cream all over my fingers makes this whole 'typing' thing even trickier than it already is. Plus, the lack of lseep I got the night before can seriously dull an imagination and turn you into somewhat of a depressive in a wrting mode. So, yes although sometimes imperfect, I do enjoy writing.

Above is my Husband and my current awful hair. Have no fear I'm chopping the whole lot off, I hates it. Anyway, my Husband, Pappa Moose. I loves him dearly with every piece of me infact. He is my rock and my best friend. He is the reason I long for the weekend and I am grateful for him every single day. No matter what it may throw at us. He is a very cool dude and does a good job of looking grand all the time ;-) He is a super Father to the Mini-Mooses and life keeps getting better with him around.

I'm not sure that this post had much point if I am hugely honest. But, there you go it's done, it's posted and I shared a bit about who I am. By the way, I love all things outdoors, food, cooking, active, music, theatre and edible. Yay!
Accidental Hipster Mum

Monday, 13 June 2016

3rd Time Round and I keep Forgetting I'm Pregnant.

I know what you are thinking - 'You're joking right?' WRONG. I am not joking. Far from it. Actually, what I have titled this post as could not be any truer.
Okay, so you got me a little bit. Perhaps I don't totally forget. As in, I never wake in the morning, look at my stomach and find myself collapsing in shock at the memory of being pregnant. No. But, I do go  whole day without really thinking about my pregnant self at all. I will look back on the day and think 'Oh man I totally lifted lawnmowers, jumped of stages, swung Children playfully above my head and ate a little bit of blue cheese when I totally shouldn't have because I'm pregnant.' Now, I know many will say "Good on you!" and "You're not ill. You're pregnant." But, there really is no denying that it doesn't hurt to be a little bit cautious with a fair few things. But, I just can't help it. Sometimes I've done it before I have even realised I've done it. If that makes sense? So, strimming and mowing the lawn seems easy and fine to start with and I do it. It isn't until after when I am bright red, panting and faint that I stat to realise that perhaps I've done a bit too much.
Pregnancy the 3rd time round is just so different that my other 2. Especially the 1st. Not only do I have my pregnant self to look after and unborn. But, I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and they require a lot of attention. Sometimes, I can go a whole day without even acknowledging my bump. which makes me fee very guilty. With my 1st I couldn't stop admiring my belly, touching it, feeling it. I was so in tune with it, it was lovely. But, I'm a little lost with this bump. You know when people stop you and they say "Gosh. That' come out of nowhere"? Well, I look down and think 'Gosh. You're right. It has!" Almost like I forgot to actually look down in a while or stare in a mirror.
So, no. I don't actually forget totally that I am pregnant. But, I do forget momentarily. And, I think it is easy to do so when there is so much else going around you family, chores, friends, bed times, meals, pets, housework etc: totally distract my mind from it I wish they didn't. But, they do.
Pregnancy 3rd time round is so different. For me anyway. I can't spend the afternoon in the bath watching my tummy bounce with every kick, I can't sit on the sofa with a tub of ice cream n my pyjamas at 2 O'clock in the afternoon, I can't treat myself to the latest bottle of bio oil, I can't spend hours online shopping for the perfect muslin square, I can't research very baby carrier out there and I can't attend pregnancy yoga 3 times a week. Believe me,  I want to. But, I can't. Life just get's in the way a little. and, you know what? Yes, it is a bit different and yes it sounds a little hectic. But, I'm not sure I'd change it for the World. It's fairly exciting being able to share this pregnancy with my 2 littlies. I can always rely on my Son to remind me I'm pregnant -
"Mommy! Why is your belly so big?!?"

Friday, 10 June 2016

For Boys That Like To Bake

I am the proud Mother of a 'baker boy'. And, I am super proud. Look at him. He is now turning into a super baker and cook in the kitchen with a real confidence growing where all things food are concerned.
He has always been pretty keen for all things baking from a very young age. The 1st time we baked together I could tell that it was something he was keen on. He managed to keep his focus for quite a large stretch of time, he listened well during cooking, and he was more than willing to join in and be part of a team. Don't get me wrong, in the early days sometimes it would have just been so much easier to have not baked with him. The mess was insane. Stuff would be everywhere, egg would be up the walls, flour on the floors and butter in his hair. It would drive me crazy. But, now I can totally see the benefits of allowing him to explore in the kitchen at a young age. Oh goodness, just thinking about the sheer destruction in the Kitchen that I would allow to happen makes me shudder a little. Haha. And, I have it all to come again as his younger Sister is now showing a keen interest in the Kitchen and all things cooking. Which is fine. Honestly, it's fine .... (mentally preparing myself for the filth.)

This is one of my Son's 1st ever baking experiences.

I really love that my Son loves being in the Kitchen with me and his Dad. In our house the Kitchen is pretty much the hub of our home. Not only do we cook in there. But, we socialise there, we talk there, we enagage there, we share there. It really is the place e enjoy most to be. And, perhaps Mini-Moose has picked up on this which is why his interest to cook and learn has really grown. My Husband uses cooking as a way of de-stressing and I think it is a really nice way to let your hair down. And, how wonderful that whilst relaxing you can be teaching tiny minds such a lot of useful skills.
I really hope that this passion for food and the kitchen runs down through all of our Children and it is something that we can totally do together as a Family. I hope that one day in years to come they feel confident enough to cook for us, their Parents and be proud of what they have achieved.

The kitchen currently is a trendy place to be. It's very fashionable to know a lot about your food and have a big input into the way that is prepared and cooked. I think this is wonderful. This totally helps to lose the 'female' stereotype that cooking holds. Why can't a man or a boy be just as brilliant in the kitchen as a woman or girl? Why shouldn't they be encouraged in the same way as females? Surely, allowing and encouraging our baker boys to explore all thing culinary is only a good thing? I shall teach my littlies that the kitchen is a place for everyone no matter what their gender in the same way that I shall teach them that a garage is welcome to girls too.
I love that my Son loves cooking and I love that his passion is really strong for it. I hope he grows up with a confident mind set and a strong pair of shoulders to brush of those that may snigger at his skills and keep doing what he is doing passionately.
I dedicate this post to all the little 'baker boys' out there providing their families with good, wholesome food and loving doing so.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

To All The Bare Foot Kids

My Children can't be the only kiddlets out there that never ever wear shoes. And, I don't mean just in the house. I mean literally everywhere. Nannies house, Nannies garden, the park, the car, friends houses, the library, the garden etc etc. And, I say kiddlets. But, I guess it's more kiddLET. My littlest doesn't really have a he say in it really does she? But, my Son is mad about his feet being bare. He hates wearing socks. As soon as we walk in through the front door they are thrown across the room in a rebellious act to set his feet free.
I used to freak out a little when I could see him removing his little feet protectors when out in the garden. But, now I sort of embrace it. My Son does. So, I don't see why I shouldn't. I just let him get on with it now. There's obviously a reason that he does it. He tells me that he likes his feet to feel free. I get that. Mind you, that doesn't mean that I would want to be hanging out in the yard with my toes running free But, I'm through with telling him to put his shoes back on. I can actually see the method behind his madness. Socks and shoes are restricting and it's actually quite a nice feeling to feel the earth beneath your feet. Plus, there is nothing worse than having feet that are too hot are there?
I do wonder if it is a phase that he will in time grow out of. But, I honestly think not. It seem a little too intense to be just a 'phase'. His feet are bare literally ALL THE TIME. He is like my very own little stig of the dump. Perhaps his feet will become so accustomed to the great outdoors that they create their own sole and he never has to wear shoes ever again? ... Okay. Okay, perhaps not. But, you know I think he's love that.

With this 'bare foot' addiction of my Sons in mind. Can anyone recommend some pretty wicked shoes that he may feel comfortable in?

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Our Day Out In Ironbridge

So, with half term came  trip to our new 'local area'. You see, all being well we will be moving house in roughly 5-6 weeks. So, we have our explorer heads currently on and are getting to know what hangs around our new home. And, boy oh boy aren't we lucky to have this beaut of a Town very near by? What a beautiful place. Ironbridge is just lovely and we cannot wait to spend more time there as a Family (of 5) :-).
This place is just so idyllic. I remember coming here for day trips as a kid. But, I don't fully remember it if that makes sense? Like, I know I've been before. But, I don't remember much of it. And, honestly we didn't visit loads of it the other day. I mean, we missed out all the Museums that this great place has to offer. But, that's purely because we were just loving hanging out with all the lovely locals and enjoy the views it has to offer.
We had a stroll along the river which was just stunning and offered loads of lovely spots to dip your toes in and allow your dogs to paddle too. Along the river are picturesque spots that would double up as fantastic picnic areas that you can hide yourself away in. I think next time we visit we will do that actually. Pack a picnic and just chill by the river. On this occasion however we paid the 'White Hart' and 'Number Nine' a visit for lunch and drinks. We sat outside and enjoyed  glorious tapas selection and sandwiches. The food on offer at both these places is absolutely top notch. There was nothing to fault with my Tapas Nothing at all. God, I love Tapas and this Tapas was gguuurrrrdddd!
I opted for Hummous and olives that was served with Pitta bread, Chick pea and sweet potato dahl served with fresh yoghurt and a poppadom and chicken and chorizo sauteed with onion, pepper and tomato served with crusty bread. Seriously, it was as nice if not nicer than it sounds. 'Number Nine' don't do Children's meals as they don't have a Children's menu. But, that did not stop them from providing a lovely adapted sandwich for my Son. They did an adult ham sandwich and were happy to shrink it for a kiddlet. Which makes me so happy. I hate having to pay for an 'adult' meal knowing that my 'child' wont eat it. Alongside our glorious meal the non-pregnant and of age of the bunch indulged in a pint of 'Shropshire Lad'. Yummay! A big fat THUMBS UP for this place from the Mooses. Seriously, heading to Ironbridge? Check out 'The White Hart' and 'Number Nine'.

In a way this isn't the most detailed post that I could and will write on the beautiful Town. But, I wasn't actually anticipating on sharing it all in a post. I didn't think about it at the time as I wasn't really sure whether it was worth it or not. But, I just can't help it. I have to write about it. Even if it is a slight pointless post. I think my followers and likers need to know just how lovely, Family friendly and pretty this town is. The shops are quaint, the people are kind, the food is great, the atmosphere is lovely and it sure has a lot to offer. It's just a really lovely place to hang out. And, the fact that is SO dog friendly is something that being dog owners totally appeals to us. It's really nice knowing that thy can join us on a day out and not be a nuisance because they are more than welcome.
this is not the only post that I will be writing on Irongbidge. Not at all. I am hoping (after seeing and being there) to attend a lot more eateries, events, museums etc: that I can write about in the upcoming Months So, if you are an Irongbridge fan or perhaps just wish to know more, stay tuned.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Oh You're A Parent? Here's Your Fast Track Pass To Guilts-ville

This is my Son handing me my ticket of guilt.

We have all heard it said 1 million times haven't we? The whole 'Parenting doesn't come with a guide book' kind of comment. And, although we all sigh when we hear it, we know it's completely true don't we? There literally is NO manual. Just a whole heap of strange women hidden behind screens in some 'parenting forum' pretending they know best. And, we believe them. Cue 2nd sigh.
With this whole having the prize. But, no instruction pack thing in mind. Nothing quite prepares you for the guilt that becoming a parent makes you feel does it? Or does it? Maybe I am just over sensitive and perhaps a little too hard on myself? I'm not sure. But, I can try to explain.
So, from the second my Mini-Mooses wake my day is filled with guilt. Now, please understand this - I am not complaining. I have sort of become accustomed to the guilt now and yes, I do know that it is a problem I have created. No one else. It is not my Children's fault that I feel it. But, I feel it none the less. And, for you information I do not hate my Kiddlets. Quite the opposite would you believe which is probably why I feel the guilt daily, hourly, minutely that I do feel.
Yes. So, like I said, the day has started and BAM guilt. I can't provide my lovelies with Organic, Gluten Free, homemade, fresh porridge oats. What am I thinking giving them anything less? How could I give them shop brought cereals without the relevant research into what goes into them? I need to be a better parent, spend more money when shopping and read labels more thoroughly. Oh no, my Son's jumper that I have chosen out for him is to 'jumpery' apparently. How could I be so foolish? Of course it is. I should have totally known that upon my choosing. Great. Now because of me my Son Creativity will be squashed and I have destroyed the one chance he had to express himself. I need to be a parent and allow my Son to wear exactly what he wants when exactly when he wants to wear it and not get annoyed when he makes ridiculous statements regarding garments being to garment. I need to be patient. And, to top it off my Daughter seems to have been chesty for the whole of her 11 month life. That surely is my fault. I'm clearly doing something wrong resulting in her ill health. Why am I not living out in the sticks allowing her to breathe air that is fresher than fresh in every day. Perhaps we should move. No wait we need to move! We have to. It's my job, my responsibility. I need to be a better parents and become a trained Doctor. That way I can diagnose instantly whenever my Children get ill. Surely that is best for everyone. I will enrol straight away!

Okay, okay. so, perhaps the above is a little extreme. But, it's only a slight exaggeration of the guilt parenthood brings with it. It's not a huge exaggeration you know. It is by far the hardest thing that I have ever done. And, that isn't because of the 'doing' part. For me 'doing' Parenthood is the fun bit. It's the 'feeling' Parenthood that's thee tricky section. You feel it. But, you've got to calm it reason with it and understand it. I guess, I just need to accept that alongside the best job in the World comes a whole load of guilt. It aint going anywhere and probably gets a whole lot worse. But, I can do it and I can deal with it. Maybe, actually I wouldn't be being the best Parent that I could be were I not to feel the guilt. There. Now, that makes me feel a lot better.

Alongside Parenthood runs guilt. But, better than that runs memories, fun, laughter, joy, happiness, little people and experiences. Here's to those battling the daily 'guilt' grind!