Monday, 30 May 2016

My Eldest is Having An Operation Tomorrow

Tomorrow is fast approaching. And, I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. I mean, please don't get me wrong the operation my Mini-Moose is undergoing is very small and very short and I know that lots and lots of Children have the absolute misfortune of having to undergo far worse surgery for longer period of time, which I think is awful. But, I can't help but feel really bloomin' awful about it. The urge to call the Hospital and cancel the whole damn thing is really very strong. Of course I would rather he didn't go in, have stitches or be made to feel really groggy. But, I know that needs must and it's really important that we get this sorted while we can.
I guess, the plus sides to this operation are that his umbilical muscle will be sorted, no more risk to his stomach or health where a hernia is concerned, he misses no School for his op as he doesn't attend one yet and he will be all round healthier because of it. I just have to keep reminding myself of these point in order to make tomorrow feel a little more manageable. Don't get me wrong, on the outside I shall cope for him. But, on the inside I'll be crying like a little baby
we are off out shortly to go and choose him a wicked packed lunch to take in with him to gobble after his operation if he feels up to it. I'm guessing if he chooses it all himself, he is more likely to eat it resulting in a better chance of coming home on the same day. Which would be great. Nothing like your own home and bed when you're not feeling great.

There isn't really any point to this post. But, I just had to document this somewhere and I'm thinking it would be great to hear from you about your experiences with littlies and operations or Hospital visits. After all, the online community can be a great one! :-)

Here's to our super strong Children and the Parents that have to be strong for them!

Friday, 27 May 2016

My 23 Week Pregnancy Update

It's flying by. This pregnancy is quite literally flying by. I'm sort of willing it to slow down a little as I feel like I'm missing it. I blink and a whole week has passed. Which means we are a whole week nearer to meeting our bundle. It's crazy. This is crazy talk. We only found out that we were pregnant last week didn't we?

Size of our Miniest-Mini-Moose: A lovely little mango. Not a diddy banana anymore. A lovely, juicy mango.

Gender: Still no clue and I'm afraid we won't know until the baby is born. That's not changing I'm afraid folks.

Movements: Honestly, the movements this time round. This little bumpling literally does not stop tapping it's toesees. The movement I am feeling at the minute is very low down mind. Lower than I remember it ever being with my other 2. But, then I guess every child and every pregnancy is different. I think low movement is a position thing.

Me: I'm still feeling quite fine thanks guys. A little tired every now and then. But, I do have 2 littlies that occasionally wake during the night. So, that could explain the tiredness eh? And, why? Why whenever I get pregnant do I sleep on my back? I never normally sleep on my back. Like never. I don't think I have ever been one to kip on my back. But, pop a baby in my belly and BOOM I'm sleeping in a way I completely shouldn't be. Every one knows that a pregnant lady should not sleep on their back. But, I just can't help it. It just happens. I fall asleep and then I turn. Hopefully, I can get out of this habit quite quickly.

Craving: Always fizzy, sour laces and always ice lollies. Always!

Baby Items Brought: Nada! I know, I know. I feel like a bad parent. But, come on we've got ages yet Haven't we? .....

Baby Names: I'm not saying ... Nosey!

What the Midwife has said: She said, you appear to have a lovely UTI. Great! I guess that would explain the horrible niggles I've been feeling in my belly and back. Think I'm slightly prone to them as I had them a lot throughout the other 2 pregnancies. So, got to keep an eye on it and await results. But, apart from that I heard a lovely, healthy heart beat and had a good blood pressure reading. Happy days!

My next 'Pregnancy update' may include some lovely bump pics. I mean, every one loves a bump photo don't they? It does things to you. It sends you into a broody loopy mess. So, with that in mind I think I will be sharing some with you. :-)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Momma Moose Goes Krazy Kat

Tuesday, for us was a very good day. My Mom treated the littlies to a couple of Theatre tickets to see 'Krazy Kat Theatre' and their production of 'The Magic Flute'. Now, I was very grateful for the tickets as I love the Theatre. Always have done and always will. Plus, it appears that both my minis also have hearts for live performance. So, I always jump at the chance of taking them along to experience something new and exciting. Which may I add, this show gave in abundance.

'Krazy Kat Theatre' are an incredibly visual Theatre Company creating pieces of Theatre to delight Children. But, please adults also. Their visual take on performance is a real asset making them highly accessible to those that perhaps don't speak English as their fist language. Sign language is used through out their pieces adding to how inclusive they really are. Honestly, I think they are wonderful. They can literally be enjoyed by anyone. Anyone at all. That is a sign of a really good Theatre Company in my eyes. I applaud 'Krazy Kat Theatre' greatly for their productions throughout the years. And, I have seen a fair few of them. They never cease to amaze me. So, goodness knows how magical their productions must appear to a child. And, how wonderful that EVERY child can be included in the experience no matter what they can or cannot hear.

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to see their production of 'The Magic Flute' and it was just that - Magic. The Mini-Mooses loved it. And, baring in mind that one of them is 11 months old and the other 3 years old I believe that to be an utter success. They loved every second of it. And, rightly so. I think there would have been something wrong if they hadn't. The show was so pleasing on the eye and senses it was lovely. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more visual for the kiddies it totally did exciting them that little bit more.
As performers the whole cast engaged with the audience in a way that was captivating, entertaining yet very inviting. It was a fabulous production enjoyed by every single child and adult in the audience. We cannot wait to see them again.

Here are the 2 Mooses clutching their tickets, waiting for me to pack the car before we drive on up to the Theatre.

She didn't really know what was going on. But, he big Brother kept explaining to her that we were going to watch a show. He thought his Daddy was going to be in the show. He wasn't. But, it was funny to hear the Mini-Moose talk like he was.

After the show we hung out for a quick bottle and picnic in the sunshine which just topped a lovely afternoon off (even if I did get an incredibly wet bum from the damp grass).

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Making Your Own City and Activity Mat

You know what it's like. We are as parents to littlies, are constantly on the look out for cheap, simple yet mind building activities for our little people to be getting up to aren't we? And, this activity is really great for building that mind of theirs. They are in total control with this craft, making it really engaging and very rewarding for our Children. Plus, every time you do it, it will be different.
Now, if you're home is anything like ours then there will always be something lying around that you don't need. But, is great for crafting with.
So, with that in mind go and find yourself some old wall paper that you no longer need or source a roll of paper somehow. Oh man this activity is so simple it hurts. Okay, okay roll it out and secure it down the best you can. We used bongo drums. But, you can use normal things like say ... sticky tape. Now, grab some crayons and I would advise crayons as felt tip pen on your floor will never make you happy and I won't be held responsible ;-). And, when you and your littlie are ready, get designing.
My Mini-Moose always opts for his own version of a 'car mat' simply because he is car mad. So, we draw roads for his toy cars to travel down, Islands for them to spin round, parking spaces for them to hang out and houses for them to relax in. You can even include colour coded parking spaces to help your Child learn their colours or numbers perhaps. Can't beat number recognition at any age. So, if you can include it in every day play you can't go wrong can you?
Mini-Moose really loves this craft as it is something that he can do completely solo if he so wishes or with others no problem. You can literally let their mind take them wherever they want. Their City can have a harbour, an airport etc. It's totally up to them and you can if you want, sit back and watch their little minds create and their small hands play. They can play with this for a matter of minutes or hours. There is no limit to it as you can just keep going and going, designing and designing.
My son is always very proud of himself once he's finished playing with his own City. He fees very accomplished. I mean lets face it, he just BUILT A CITY! He totally should be proud of himself.

If you decide to give this craft a go, let me know. I'd love to hear how you got on and how your City's developed and grew. Why not share a photo with me?

Monday, 23 May 2016

My 11 Month Old attends Only 1 Group A Week. Am I Letting Her Down?

I am going to answer my own question here right away. As I have thought about this a lot, believe me. And, am confident in myself with my response. But, that does not mean that I am right or that I am not wanting to gather your responses to this. I do. I wouldn't have wrote this post if I thought myself right and unwilling to listen to other points of view.
So, my answer is 'no'. No, I don't think I am letting her down. But, it is very easy to think it is it not? Now, there are many factors as to why she only attends 1 class/playgroup a week. The main being that she has her big nap of the day in the morning. She wakes from her nights slumber at roughly 6am and is back down napping from about 9am - 10am and has pretty much been that way since birth. It's a routine that we have created and stand by and I am more than dubious about altering it. It works, why change it? On the rare occasion that we have attended a morning group, I feel like a worse parent than I do letting her miss it. She's grouchy, she's rubbing her eyes, she's otherwise engaged with thoughts of sleep than actually enjoying what we are doing. And, then she falls asleep in the car resulting in her waking as I get her out equalling worlds shortest nap finalising in a very grumpy little baby that wishes you'd just let her sleep. Ultimately, morning groups are currently a no no. And, I see myself letting her down more by not letting her nap than I do attending a morning group. The whole sleep routine is and has always been even with my son a really important thing for me as a parent. It just seems to have been a key part of our Children's development and I have always encouraged it. It just works for us.

When my Son was little, I attended a class or group every single day. It was a great way of my meeting new Mommies and Daddies and I guess a lovely way for my Son to meet other Children as there was no other at home. But, a lot slipped because of it. My washing pile was higher than the sky, my lawn taller than elephants eye and the house a little grubbier than I would like. You see, I didn't drive and a whole morning or afternoon was lost to the group. Which at the time was fine. But, looking back I wouldn't want to be in that position again. Not at the moment anyway. I have 2 children now. So, double the washing, more the importance of the lawn and double the home grub. Whether it's a good thing or not, our home and the state of it really means a lot to me. I spend so much time there, I like it clean and tidy and sometimes yes, it does take priority. Not often. But, sometimes it does. I can't help it and don't really intend in changing that. I don't think it's a bad thing to teach my Children that the cleanliness of their home is important. Please don't think I am judging anyone here. I am not. You're home is you're home and you treat it however you wish. No one has the right to judge you on it. But, for me and my lifestyle I like mine just so. And, when I was attending groups left, right and centre my home suffered meaning my relationship with my Husband suffered as our home was no longer a place to relax. It just became a mess. Which is fine for the kids. But, not for us as adults. My Husband works such long hours, we see very little of each other int the week. So, when we do the last thing we wish to be doing is cleaning up ALL of that days mess.

I used to find myself putting a lot of pressure on me too when we were grouping every day. If I was tired I'd force myself to baby yoga for 9am or if I felt a little under the weather and in need of a rest I'd still traipse the journey to baby massage not really giving myself or my well being a second thought. This sounds fine. But, sometimes I really suffered for it. I became run down or just really behind and honestly, I think I let my baby down more by feeling like this than going to the class. Now, more than ever I see the importance in looking after myself too. Not for selfish reasons, quite the opposite actually. I cannot be the best parent if I don't look after myself. I know that now. So, I do take things a lot easier this child round.

My Daughter has my Son. My Son had no other Child at home and I did feel a little guilty. The groups and classes were a chance for him to socialise, to learn from other Children whereas my Daughter gains an awful lot from the time she spends with her Brother. He is her bestest friend. They play together, share together, squabble together, talk together, concentrate together, eat together, communicate together etc etc. Everything my son missed out on at home my Daughter has. And, that takes a lot of pressure off us. I don't feel guilty for not taking her. I don't. I did. But, after much thought I don't anymore. I know that she is happy with her 1 playgroup a week. I mean, don't get me wrong I'm sure she'd love to go to more  But, I know that currently she isn't missing out on too much and I'm not going to overly beat myself up about it. I'm not letting her down. I'm not. We do what works for us as a family and that is just the way it is. As she develops and changes so will her routines and then perhaps we can look at adding more classes to her week. But, currently she is a happy little Moose, as am I, her Brother and Father.

Talk to me. Am I letting her down? Just because I say no does not mean I'm right. What's your thoughts?

Friday, 20 May 2016

Allow Me To Explain

I hope this explains my absence from the Blog and all things Social Media. Apologies my lovelies. But, I'm currently mending a poorley Mini-Moose.
Poor little thing is suffering quite nastily with an ear, chest and urine infection. Here's to antibiotics and super strong Children.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

3 Things I Should Tell My Husband More Often

I am more than guilty of it. You know, not telling the one you love the things you ought too as often as you ought too. And, since having Children I guess the time we have for each other has dwindled more than ever. But, my love for my Husband has in no way reduced. If anything, I love him now more than I have ever loved him.
I love him as my Husband, my best friend and as the Father of my Children. Each of those is a very different love. But, when felt together is an amazing kind of love. I know not everyone can agree and I know that there are probably those that read my blog that will never read it again due to this soppy post. But, I mustn't forget that I write this blog for me. For my memories, for my Family. And, you know what? If I want to write about the relationship I have with my Husband then I will.
Please don't get me wrong. We don't live in a Fairy tale. We don't wake up every morning lying in each others arms with our legs neatly entwined, We don't always look at each other like we like each other let alone love each other, we don't always speak to each other in the manner we ought, we don't always want to make the other a cup of tea and we don't always wish to even speak to the other. But, we do more than anything love each other. I think we both know that and that is what makes each day okay.
It is without question that I see my whole world in my Husband and Children. And, my future will be made with him. So, with that in mind I compiled the list below. Because, if I'm honest I don't tell him the following enough.

  1. "I love him" Simples. I say it a lot. But, I guess I don't say it enough and it is the one thing that can really heal a busy mind and heart quickly. It's not hard to say and it can make a huge difference to his day. So, I think I ought to say it more.
  2. I don't tell him enough how attractive he is and pleasing on the eye ;-) And, you know what? That can totally change your day can't it? A simple, kind compliment that someone really means especially the person that you love.
    He is you know, a very attractive being. He has very lovely eyes and a sweet face to match. So, I think I ought to say it more.
  3. "Thank you." Now, don't get me wrong I do thank him an awful lot for the things he does. And, there is no denying the things he does for us as a Family. But, you can always say it more can't you? I mean he is the reason I am able to be at home with the Children. It is due to his hard work and dedication to us as A Family that we live the life we live. I'm pretty sure I can't thank him enough actually. But, I sure can try. So, I think I ought to say it more.

So, the list above is only small and seems very basic I'm sure. But, sometimes it's the simplest of things that have the biggest impact on us. So, yes it is hugely simple to say "I love you" and "Thank you" But, it's those simple words that can really show someone just how much they mean to you. I'm sure there's loads more that I could and should say to my Husband more. But, to me, to use these are the most important. Obvious, I know. But, there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes even the obvious can get forgotten

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Our Day At The zoo

Stop it! Just stop it. The above photograph is just too much. Too much I tell you. There's an orangutan sweetly chilling with it's chin on the sill and the reflection of my 2 Minis whom are utterly in awe it. My son is a real monkey mad kind of boy. He just loves them. Like, everything about them. And, at Twycross zoo a poor Chimpanzee was suffering with alopecia. So, he looked quite a bit different to his squad. But, my little man really took to him and thought he was wonderful. He just wanted to look after him and know that he was okay. He even suggested getting the sweet chimp a hat and scarf to keep him warm.

So, if you haven't guess already we went to Twycross zoo and it was great. We went for my Mommas Birthday and she had a really cracking day. It's a great sized zoo for toddlers as there is so much space for them to toddle and not feel on top of. Yet, it isn't too big that you fear you won't get it all done in a day. There's loads of opportunities to picnic through out the zoo and many a fun park for the kids to have some fun on. It's an all rounder it really is. Oh and did you know that it's a World Primate Centre? This is what really appealed to me as like I said, My son is monkey mad. There's some pretty impressive Monkeys there for sure.

It's really interactive too with loads for littlies to do and see from Lorikeet feeding to Butterfly walking. Oh and they even have a Lemur Forest that you are welcome to wander around on a hunt for the Lemurs. It's so lovely when you finally see a few playing together in the tree tops. A little tip when in the Lemur Woods - Always look up.
We had such a good day at Twycross. It was loads of fun for all of us, adults and children. It was safe, friendly and very informative in a way that my Children loved.
My Son came away with a whole new load of knowledge on the animals that he loves and has now gained a fondness for many new animals. I would totally urge anyone to take a day trip to this zoo. You won't be disappointed. And, at £17.95 an adult and £12.95 a child I'm not sure you can go wrong can you?
Go visit and let me know how you get on.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

'Slow Down' - I MUST Share With All Parents

I stumbled across THE most beautiful song on Facebook the other day and I just had to share it with you all.
Now, I know I normally share a track with you all on a Saturday with my 'Something For A Saturday' posts. But, this song is just too moving to not write about. Everything about it makes me stop and just listen. Everything within it makes me recollect and remember. It makes me feel things I don't want to feel yet at the same time I long to feel. I don't think I have heard a song with lyrics as powerful as this in a very, very long time. This song just melts me and moves me in way unimaginable.
It's true isn't it? Our babies grow far too quick. You blink and they are like 3 and capable of doing 'everything' on their own. Suddenly, that little dependent soul isn't so dependent anymore and the song is right they try to 'free their fingers from your hand because they can do it on their own' now which is amazing. But, at the same time a little sad.
My babies are growing quicker than I could have ever imagined. And, soon their will be a third added to my tribe and I just know that the speed in which the 3 of them grow and develop will feel quicker than ever. I can't wait. But, at the same time yes, I do want them to slow down. I really do.

I don't want to write anymore on this post regarding this song as I just want to you to enjoy and feel what you feel. I hope this brightens up your day and makes your littlies smiles seem all the more sweeter.


Nichole Nordeman - Slow Down

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Moose Recipe #4 - Slow Cooked Spicy Sausage Casserole

Often, I am asked to write recipe posts. And, I really don't mind doing so as I love cooking for my Family. But, I do worry that my recipes are little 'simple' shall we say. But, then I guess that's sort of what parents with busy families want right? Well, I'll keep telling myself that anyway. That way, you keep getting your recipe posts.

Now, this is a favourite of mine. Like a real favourite. I love good, hearty food that makes me feel all cosy down to my toes. So, I really wanted to share it with you.
Now, remember all my recipes are very loose. There are no exact anythings really, measurements, sizes etc: All my recipes can very easily be adapted to suit you and your Family. So, adapt away. All I ask is that you share your new and improved recipes with me so I can try them :-)

So, what do you need? What do you need?

  • A slow cooker for starters. If you don't own a slow cooker this can be done cooked in the oven slowly at a low temp for about 1 and a half hours.
  • Loads of mushrooms.
  • 1 large onion. Red or white it hardly matters.
  • 4 garlic cloves cut finely.
  • 1 large pepper.
  • 1 tin of baked beans.
  • 1 pack of your chosen sausage.
  • 1 beef stock cube.
  • A really good few glugs of passata.
  • A good squeeze of tomato puree.
  • A jug of boiling water. Just so all the ingredients are covered.
  • A good sprinkle of hot paprika.
  • A good sprinkle of mixed herbs.
  • A good twist of black pepper.
  • A small amount of dried chilli flakes.

What do you do? What do you do?
  • So, get everything chopped fairly small. But, not chef teeny. Just rustic.
  • Chuck it all in the slow cooker once chopped along with beans, passata, stock cube, puree, spices, herbs and anything else listed above.
  • Give it a nice stir.
  • Pop your slow cooker on low for roughly 4 hours. Can stay on longer, no problem.
  • Before serving, I tend to transfer into another dish on top of the hob and allow to simmer. This way it thickens a little. But, don't feel you have to. It's just s tasty straight from the slow cooker.
  • Serve with a nice door stop of bread and enjoy enjoy enjoy!

All the family will love this recipe I'm sure. And, it's great for babies on their 'Baby Led Weaning' journey as everything is so soft due to slow cooking.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Easy Peasy Bird Feeders

We all love a craft or two don't we? And, we love it that bit more when it's simple and messy free eh?
Which is why the next craft that I am going to share with you ticks all the boxes. Not only is it simple and mess free as stated. But, the birds get fed too. Winner! Oh, and in our case, the dogs also get treated. On that note, make sure you hang your feeders high if you have scroungey pooches that just can't help themselves.

So, what do you need?
  • Pipe cleaners of all different colours and patters. Make sure they aren't to thick though.
  • Cheerios or other hoop designed cereal.
  • Your littlie. It's a little pointless doing this craft without them. :-)
So, what do you do?
  • Simples. You take a pipe cleaner and thread on a cheerio. Don't forget to bend the end of the pipe cleaner over to stop the hoops sliding off the end and disappointing the birds. You can put as few or as many cheerios as you want on each pipe cleaner. That's totally you and your littlies call.
  • Once completed, wrap them around some branches on a tree and watch the birds nibble away.
Come on. How simple is that? And, surprisingly it's really good fun for kids. It helps in more ways than one with many a thing or two. Think of their hand eye coordination and their fine motor skills. Not to mention helping them guide their own focus. It takes a fair bit of concentration for a little one to complete a feeder. For them, it's actually a really tricky task and as parents we should be really proud of them if they even complete one let alone a couple. Sometimes the simple activities can have the biggest effect.
My son has been making these feeders since he was one and a half and it's been quite cool watching his motor skills develop.

Monday, 9 May 2016

To The Kids That Want To Play

Do it. Play, play, play and don't let anyone try and stop you. In a World that's so serious allow yourself you're own time to have fun. Our World makes your grow up far too fast. Before you know it you're being judged on the hair on your legs or by the fluff on your chin. So, enjoy your den building, your worm catching, your puddle splashing, your cardboard box fun, your hill rolls, your bike rides, your imaginary friends, your dirty knees and grubby feet because you deserve too. You're only a child for such a short time. I know it sounds cliche and your probably hear it loads. But, my little one it is so true.
You have you're whole life ahead of you to sit on a chair all day or remain in bed till 3pm. Don't waste the endless days of time on silly things that teach you nothing and actually are no fun at all when you really look at it. Go outside, explore, let your imagination take you to places further than your Xbox could ever take you. And, to the parents of the Children that want to play, let them. Let them get covered in dirt and worry about it later. We all have a hose right?
So, the bees MIGHT sting you, the fly MIGHT be dirty, the tree MIGHT be high and the swing MIGHT be rusty. But, they MIGHT have fun if you let them. How about if that bee doesn't sting them? How about if it just dances around your babies arms, showing them the amazing colours that run along it's body. What if after a few minutes with that bumble bee your Child has learnt a little more about how to care for another creature and to keep calm around something that could potentially (But, probably wont hurt them?)
How about if that fly isn't actually that dirty? How about if it wasn't going to land on your child's organic picnic anyway? It was just making it's way passed harming no one on the way. Imagine the things your child could learn from something as simple as a fly. They have loads of eyes you know ...
How about if the tree s defeated by your littlie? How about if whilst climbing this high tree your child shows real skill and problem solving when making his journey to the top? After all, you're right there, right at the bottom to help if things get tricky. What if a couple of minutes climbing that tree has helped your Child beat a real inner fear that they had and has grown their confidence in ways unimaginable. Come on, the sense of achievement when you scale a tree and make it is immense. Why deny your Children that feeling?
How about if the rust on that swing doesn't actually matter? Who cares? What about if they actually have fun. They might laugh, they might smile and you know what? They will be okay!
Let the Children that have it in them, play. Don't stop them and encourage those that are sensitive to give it a try. Stop stopping them. Make it happen. Make the outdoor the new indoors. You will thank yourself for it in the long run. You will.

I raise my fist in the air, real high to all those littlies that won't ever stop playing. Yeh, the TV is cool. And, there is a lot to be learnt from that too. But, the sun is shining and believe me it doesn't shine forever. So, get out there and play, play, play.
I'm not saying it's easy or that our Children should be forced to do things that they don't want to do. But, it won't hurt us just to encourage them a little bit. This World moves so quickly and before you know it you're an adult with responsibilities and people relying on you. And, suddenly playing and make believe ain't so easy. It won't hurt them to fall and the mud won't hurt them either. We can be sensible. But, we can let them play can't we?
So, my daughter ate dirt today. That does not make me a bad parent. That does not mean that I didn't care when she was playing. I did. I sat there and I watched. I explained to her what dirt is and how it could make her feel. But, I let her make the mistake. Surely, these small things are better taught with experience.

I say let our Children play. Here's to the boy and girls that play!