Friday, 29 April 2016

5 Ways This Momma Keeps Her Head

Well, we've got to keep sane some way haven't we? .... Surely, it's more than okay to do the following in a bid to 'keep our head' isn't it?
Well, I so say it is. I say keep doing what you're doing in a bid to remain 'normal' or as 'normal' as perhaps you would like to be.
Allow me to share with you lovely, sleep deprived bunch my '5 Way This Momma Keeps Her Head.'

  1. Hide chocolate and sweet treats in places that you need to go to often and regularly yet NOWHERE where the kids need to visit. For example: The laundry, your wardrobe etc. Trust me, this will save you in moments of real need. Sometimes nothing can sort you out like a sugar rush can. (Don't tell your littlies that)
  2. Just tell yourself that it's going to be okay and by some wonderful miracle, in it's own way it will be. Things will be okay. Bad days will soon be over and good days will show their faces. Just keep telling yourself that.
  3. Pretend to pick up LOADS of dog pop out the garden. This way, your kids don't want to help because it's yucky. That way, you can be out in the fresh air ALONE for a few minutes with no real reason. But, loving it. Get your head together, enjoy the air and quiet, pick up no dog loo and then head back in with a new outlook.
  4. Make that PPI phone call last that bit longer by telling them exactly how you are feeling. Vent to them, go on. Come on, they call all the time. Why not make use of that phone call? Take advantage of it. Tell them how you're feeling. They might not call again. But, that's a bonus isn't it? 😏
  5. Put gin in a mug. Simples.
Remember that it is okay to sometimes lose your head and find yourself a bit of a mess in need of wine and cake. Hey, you're a parent, its hard. Really hard! No one gave you a manual and no one expects you to be an award winning Momma 24/7. Stop beating yourself up all the time and take s fee moments to get your head back in the game. You're important too. You mustn't forget that!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Momma's Style

Now, please forgive me as I sit here writing about style slumped in leggings and A blue hoodie like a sloth. But, as much as I love clothes and fashion I do maternity very VERY badly. I really do. I have very little time for it. I like to invest my moneys in clothing items that are lasting, not just for a short period of time.
Mind you, perhaps if I had invested in some proper garments 2 pregnancies ago I wouldn't look like such a maternity failure this time round. Oohps.
So, there we go, we have established that during pregnancy I look utterly washed and dragged up. But, hey ho I am prepared to over look that fact. I'll just focus on the person I am after ;-).

My clothes and the way I look is very important to me. Now, by saying that I don't mean I spend hours checking out my reflection or large amounts of dollar on garments that I wear once. No. I simply mean that I enjoy the whole process of 'getting ready' and 'my style'.
Now, I am fully aware (fully aware) that my sense of style is not that of many other females out there. I guess, I dress a little masculine compared to others. But, believe it or not it is something that I take pride in. I enjoy choosing my clothes and stepping out the box a little with my style and a lot of feminine thought goes into it. Like, 'How can I make this Grandad shirt work on a woman?' ...

I can't really tell you what my 'style' is (as some of you have been asking) I just know that it is perhaps a little backwards. It's not on trend now completely. But, I do like to mix new trends up with the old. In my old romantic mind, I like to think of my self as a bit of a modern 'mod' girl. I know, I know, how embarrassing that I actually said that out loud. But, I do. I enjoy that time, the music, the vibe and I feel good when dressed in a similar manner paired up with modern goodies. Or as good as I can feel anyway. So, yeh I am a bit of a loser who wears old clothes that she often finds in the charity shop. But, that's totally alright right? Isn't that what style is all about? Finding new things, delving a little deeper into the style that makes you happy?

Honestly, I do find dressing and clothes difficult when pregnant and breastfeeding. So, my 'style' if you like is toned down somewhat when either of those things are occurring. I can't help it. When I'm pregnant I can't squeeze my self in to my 'Fred Perry' and when I'm beast feeding my boobs don't fit in a turtle neck. Tough times. But, I love my Bambinos and would have it no other way.
Someone recently asked me if my style had changed at all due to becoming a Mother. And, my answer is no. I don't think so anyway. Apart from obviously during pregnancy and breastfeeding. My style is never a huge amount of effort anyway. So, it's not like it takes me a million more minutes in a morning on top of dirty nappies and runny noses to get ready anyway. So, no my style has stayed with me throughout Motherhood. And, I guess in someway grew and developed in a different way.

I'm proud of the way I dress and I totally accept that it isn't to everyone's taste. But, I'm not entirely sure that I care really. And, I don't mean that in a rude way. Just, I'm now happy in my skin, I have a loving husband whom I adore, great friends, family and children. So, very little affects me outside of that really. Other peoples opinions used to really bowl me over. But, they don't seem to anymore. I'm happy with who I am and what is around me. Ultimately, that's the best thing about 'my style' I think. The 'think what you want to think about me' kind of side to it!

A huge fist pump to all Mommas and Poppas rocking a style the love!

I tell a lie. The only thing that has changed since becoming a Mother where my 'style' is concerned is my waist line. Damn it.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Little Girls Don't Wear Denim Jackets.

I know, I know. I'm guessing you are looking at the title of this post and thinking to yourself 'What the fish?!?' ... Seriously, I'm with you. I hear you. I know. I know, that little girls totally rock denim jackets just like little lads do.
But, not according to a fellow shopper that happened to stop me in the Supermarket the other day. Oh no. According to him, and these are totally his words "Little lads wear denim jackets not baby girls'. Well, I've got a little something to say to you Mr 'I'll say what I want without really thinking about it' - You are wrong totally wrong. For 1, at the particular point you said that you were looking at my daughter whom infact is female and was and does wear a denim jacket (most days). So, that's your theory blown out the water. Oh and wait, what's that? Your wife, the lady standing next you agreeing with you was also wearing a denim jacket? Is she not female? How could she? How could she possibly wear such a manly piece of clothing? After all, she is female is she not? So, yet again your theory has been blown out of the water. Oh and guess what? My Sister bought a little GIRL a denim jacket as A birthday present the other week. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?
You know, I dread to think what that guy would have thought if he had seen my son whom often parades round in a pair of leggings. Could you imagine? Oh dear. Oh dear.

Please don't get me wrong. I often mistake baby girls for baby boys and baby boys for baby girls. But, purely based on the fact that they are babies and their clothes don't have to define them. Sometimes it is just hard to tell and that is okay. I have no problem with that. My little girl has not a hair on her head. So, I know it can be difficult to work out whether she is 'he' or 'she', I totally get that. Guessing a babies gender is tough. Bu, you don't have to be rude and say down right stupid things. I just don't get the whole 'gender stereotyping' thing that happens so much. My daughter is not her clothes, she isn't the colour she is wearing. Those things don't define her or make her the gender that she is.
I am female, a woman, I have a vagina. But, I don't have to wear pink every second of the day to prove it. Infact, I very rarely wear the colour pink. But, that does not make me any less of a 'female'. Why are people so obsessed with this notion? If you choose to pop your baby girl in pink every day then go you! You are doing exactly what you want to do and I'm pretty sure you're doing it because you like the way she looks not to make sure that every person who stops you in the shops can be sure your baby girl is infact a 'girl'. Dress your babies however you like. Dress your baby boys in purple, blue, orange, leggings, jeans etc: Dress your baby girls in pink, red, dungarees etc because you want to. Not to prove a point about their gender. You don't have to.

In this day and age has this not got to stop? Surely, a child is just that a child and in a world that is more public than ever should we not be raising kids that are proud of who they are no matter what gender they are? They don't need people questioning their gender or sexuality at the age of 10 months old. Live and let live. Let our babies grow up to feel confident in their own skin. Don't be the reason a child feels insecure. There's more pressure on kids and appearance than ever now. Let's ease that pressure and allow them to just grow, play and experience. Stop judging.

My little girl is not her denim jacket. She is a baby. A baby girl and does not have to be defined by a certain colour. Stop criticising others parenting choices because they are different and start supporting. Surely, it makes for a far better happier World, making far happier children. Surely.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Why My 3 Year Old Is Out Of Bed At 3am

All those with 3 year olds or have had 3 year olds at some point have been here. You roll over at 3,4,5 O'clock in the morning and BAM there they are. Look at you square in the eyes, slowly tapping your forehead on a mission to wake you from perfect slumber. At first, you think you're dreaming don't you? This can't be real. I cannot be awake at 3am. Not again! But, of course you're not dreaming, of course this is real. Your child is really stood there, is really awake and no so are you. Really. And, just as you are about to lose your calm, cool collective they come out with THE best ever excuse as to why they aren't sleeping. And, in that moment you can't help but scoop them up, kiss them on the cheek and pop them back to bed. In an instance they are able to change you from the red eyed monster to a big mushy mess aren't they?
So, how do they do it? Allow me to share Mini-Mooses '3am Out Of Bed Excuses' with you. Trust me, they will make your day/night loads better.
  • "Mommy. I did eat my carrots and I can now see in the dark. That's why I can see you now."
  • "Mommy. A man has taken Hugo (his teddy bear) away"
  • "Mommy. I can hear things."
  • "Mommy. I need milk."
  • "Mommy. My ears aren't working."
  • "Mommy. Will you love me when I am an old man?"
  • "Mommy. I don't like your hair like that. Why have you made it stick up?"
  • "Mommy. I heard foxes eating chickens."
  • "Mommy. Is father Christmas coming to my house tonight? (This is on April 2nd)"
And, my all time favourite.
  • "Mommy. I am sure there is a horse in my room!"

Come on. If ever there is a reason to be awoken in the dead of night it is to hear the above right? I mean, it could be so much worse.

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Friday, 22 April 2016

You're The older Sibling Now Son. So, Here's A Note To You.

It's true. Infact, it is truer than true. You my young lovely man, are a big brother. THE big brother. And, it is without any doubt in my mind that your sister loves you very very much. I think you know that too don't you? Already you do.
Now, my boy I know things have changed and your world has altered quite a lot. But, know this. Know that you make me the proudest human being on the planet every single day. Not a moment passes me by when I don't look at you and burst a little with pride. You're the best little boy that any Mother can wish for. And, I do. I wish for you every single day. I could not and do not wish for a better big brother for your sister. I know, that you have got this. You're the man when it comes to being the big bro. I know that.
I only have to look at your little sister to know how well you are doing your job. The way her eyes follow you as you plod around the room, the way her face twists in worry when she hears you cry, the way she beams when you jump into her cot in the morning. You, young man are doing just fine.
And, I know that sometimes I don't always listen or I'm engaged with a dirty nappy when you need me. But, please don't ever think that I don't care. Because, I care. Oh goodness, I care. I care more than ever. I worry when I don't listen, I worry when I'm otherwise engaged. I hate to think that you may feel somewhat left behind. Just understand that Mommy has 2 little folk to look after now and she loves you both very much. You are not forgotten or pushed to the side. I'm just doing my best to fit you both in the best I can.
You know when I sneak into your room at night after your final kiss with Daddy just to give you another? Well, that is because I care. That is because I know how hard it is being the older sibling. I know, I ignored you a little in the day. So, that extra cheeky kiss is just to make it right.
Like you sister, you are special in so many ways. You are made up of lots of little special parts that I love inside and out. Watching you grow up is just lovely. But, watching you be a fabuous big brother to you little sister is even lovlier.
I'm proud of you Mini-Moose. Prouder than ever. And, one day, your sister will tell you exactly the same. Because, every day you keep her safe and loved. She will thank you one day and then you will know it has all been worth while.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Messy Mooses

Nothing in our house beats messy play or being outside. It's true, the littlies love both. Like, LOVE IT!
And, yes some mornings I wake knowing that I promised naked painting to them and I want to hide under the duvet until that memory fades. But, it never does. They never forget the promise of messy play. Never. Mind you, once it's all set up and we are good to go my bad thoughts on messy play very quickly disappear. I see their smiling, messy faces and I melt inside out. They just love it. Nothing beats it does it? I mean, they play so lovely with each other when getting crafty. It really is something special to watch. It's really lovely watching Mini-Moose teaching his Sister the ways of the paint brush. He really lets her get involved and he giggles at her as she just goes paint crazy.
Watching the Miniest-Moose explore colours, messes and textures is really sweet. She is in no way frightened of getting messy. It doesn't bother her at all.
The only problem with messy play in our house is that the bambino loves to eat the stuff. But, that's okay I guess. We just have to watch that we buy the edible stuff.
I guess there isn't a huge amount of point to this blog post, really. I just wanted to big up all things messy, sensory and crafty where littlies are concerned. We love it and if only 1 person reads this post and decides to turn the TV off for a minute or 2 and get messy, then I think my job here is done. Go on do it!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Vlog #1 Meet Momma Moose

Folks. I've done it. I vlogged!

Now, it's not brilliant, the sound is poor and the quality isn't Spielberg. But, none the less, I sure have done it. And, to be fair I'm pretty happy with it. Minus my huge chin spot. Hey ho, I can't help it. I get spotty when I'm pregnant. Just waiting for the 'glowing' stage. :-)

Anyway, blabbing on over. I hope, I really hope you enjoy my 1st ever vlog guys. Now, I am no editing master nor am I a video expert. That really isn't what this vlog is about. This is a chance for you to put a face to the Moose. A chance to meet your writer and an opportunity to get to know me. Who cares about the fancy editing? For now anyway, I don't. That may change as vlogging becomes more frequent. But, for now enjoy what I have.

Vlog #1 Meet Momma Moose
You asked the questions and I answered them as best I could. Feel free to share this video if you think it will benefit a fellow Momma or whomever out there.

Monday, 11 April 2016

My Baby's Got No Teeth!

9 months old. 9 months old this little bambino is and not a tooth does she bare. Not one. Not one teeny tiny little pokey out bit of a tooth. Nada.
It's funny really. She is a real smiler with very little but gums to show for herself. It is cute however. It is something to certainly "awwwwww" over. But, I'm starting to wonder if she will be a gummy bear all her life.
I say that, she has just awoken in what seems like a little pain. Perhaps this could be the start of the big 'tooth bust out'. Who knows?
Any other babies out there late with receiving their precious toothy pegs? Talk to me. Does this mean they are going to sprout out together and cause oodles of pain and discomfort resulting in endless nights of no sleep and days of grump? or are they just taking their time so relax?

Here's to all those lovely babies sporting gummy smiles and working it!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Baby Number 3. It's A Reality!

That's right. The title announcement sure is truer that true folks. Baby number 3 is well and truly cooking nicely and awaiting it's arrival date of the 22nd September 2016. THAT makes me already almost 16 weeks! How!?! How is this even possible? How is it possible for me to have been pregnant for like 8 weeks and not know? Crazy. I was so sure with my other 2 bambinos. I totally knew they were busy brewing deep inside like after 1 week. Perhaps it was just the absolute busyness of home life that made me able to turn a blind eye to all the signs. Weird eh? WEIRD!
Mind you, after a fair few weeks I'd had enough of feeling rotten and pronounced to my husband that I was "off to the Doctors as something was obviously the matter" And, it was at that very point that it struck me. Hang about, the last time I felt this rough with this horrid iron bar taste in my mouth wasn't really that long ago. It was infact with my 2nd pregnancy. NO?!? Could this mean? Does this mean? IT TOTALLY MEANS!
And, there you have it. I ran upstairs, peed on a stick and thought to myself "Wouldn't it be wonderful? Would it? Gosh, I'm so excited. Wait, I'm so nervous ..." and, 2 lines. 2 LINES! I'm going to be a Momma again and Karl a Pappa. This is just ... It's just magnificent.

Now, when we broke the news after our beautiful 12 week scan we received a real mixed bag of responses. A fair few presumed an accident had happened or that perhaps we needed a new TV as obviously ours was broken because clearly had we had one of those my husband and I wouldn't have had sex and therefor would not have conceived our little bundle. Obviously... Wrong! Bumpling number 3 was no 'accident'. They were and are very much wanted. We knew what we were doing and yes, we are nervous and a little worried about the concept of 3 under 4's living and relying amongst us. But, most of all we are excited and elated. Both our wishes and prayers have very much come true with the lovely news of baby number 3. So, please, please stop worrying for us and telling us "Rather you than me" because clearly it's rather us than you. Hence, why it is infact us doing it. Silly saying!