Friday, 30 October 2015

The Day My Husband Asked Me To Blog Again ...

... I didn't really know what to say. Sounds silly? It's not meant to. But, I'd sort of given up on this while 'blogging thing'. I'm not sure exactly why. I guess, it's been a mixture of things. Time, commitment, audience, quite a few things really. I wasn't sure how well my blog was now being accepted and whether it was somewhat self indulgent in someway. I guess, I had sort of lost my way with it all really. I didn't really know what it would take to get my fingers typing again...

... But, then my husband said 
"Jessica. Will you start writing your blog again? It's your thing and people enjoy reading it. I enjoy reading it. Please?"
And, I guess that is what it would take! That's all it has taken!

Those few words from my husband have actually made me smile a super big smile. I hope my husband does not take offence to this. But, he hasn't been my biggest sharer where my blog has been concerned. Please note, I say 'Sharer' not 'supporter'. He has always supported me with my blog and been proud. But, he hasn't always been the one sharing it with others. I know that that shouldn't really matter. But, to me it does and it would appear that it was just a case of not stepping on my toes.
Now, I know that my husband is proud of my blog and enjoys the fact that I write it. I can pick myself out of the rut that I had got myself into with it and get creating again. His words have given me the boost that I need. And, I am over the moon to hear him spur me on with it all. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter to me if 10 people read it or if a 1000 do. All I need to know is that the man that makes me a better person loves it! He is my number 1 and best friend so knowing that he enjoys the 1 thing that is my release  and creativity makes me truly believe in myself, my writing and my blog.

So, you have heard me say it before and whether you continue to follow me or not. Please know this, 'Momma Moose Diaries' is very much still live and kicking. It now just has a new lease of life with loads in store for my readers. I hope you all continue to support this blog and read it as and when you wish.

Here's to word of encouragement and here is to my husband!