Thursday, 30 April 2015

Kindness From Friends

Having children at times can be a little lonely, I guess. Perhaps you don't see your pals as often as you used to. Or maybe, it's just a case of they don't invite you to their little soirees anymore. Suddenly, your life isn't just about you and the pizza you're going to be ordering tonight. You have something else to consume yourself with. Your baby. Suddenly, to those of your friends that just 'don't get it' you have changed, become distant and "You never come out anymore." But, things for you have changed haven't they? Life no longer revolves around a pair of heels and a pack of blister plasters. But, don't worry because closing door open new ones. And, when becoming a parent or a Mommy you slowly realise that new friends with like-wise minds are gained and in someways they can be the most special of friends. They get you. They understand that time is impossible to keep and littlies are a priority. Friends you make when you're a parent are friends that can really help you and be there for you when you need someone. I'm not saying that the friends you had before become useless, of course they don't. I mean, those that stick around and are there for you and your bambinos are precious. That's what defines a friend. That is what being a friend is all about. Those of you with old friends that have stood by you and remained by your side even when you have sick down your shoulder are extremely lucky. I for one value each and every one of my friends old and new that have always been there for my family. They are priceless and special and very much needed.

The other day my son recieved a box of wonderfulness from a friend of mine and he could not have been happier. She could not have been kinder. Her little act of kindness toward Moose makes me realise that it does not matter how many friends you can count. But, that the ones you hold closest are the most treasured. She did not have to give my son her Children's loved train set. She could have sold it. But, she didn't, she thought about us, about me and about Moose. I am very grateful. Friends and other parents can be so kind.

So, don't despair or worry when you are feeling a little lost in a sea of nappies. Someone somewhere else is too. And, sooner or later you will find each other and swap toys between children. :-)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

3rd Trimester 2nd Time Round

It happened. It's here. How on earth did that happen? What is it doing here? Am I the only one utterly shocked by it's appearance. It has totally creeped up on me and given me a little shake. I mean, this time last baby we were sorted. As in, SORTED! Bedroom - Check, Cot - Check, Pushchair - Check, Cute outfits - Check, Cotton Wool - Check and everything else a small infant could possibly need - CHECK! But, right now, this time round - UNCHECK! We are not ready.
Well, we are not ready in the sense that we are little behind in room restoration and we are yet to sort the box of baby clothes that are hidden amongst the delights of the loft. But, we are more than ready in the sense that our love is ready and here for the taking. If our baby were to be born tomorrow. Would it really matter that we'd be sorting their settles whilst bringing them up? No, it really really wouldn't as what we have to offer them from the heart means so much more. This baby is wanted. So so wanted and whether or not our home is ready for them, our heart, mind and souls are waiting their arrival with anticipation. This baby is and will be loved inside and out and we owe alot to them. So, we are a bit slow on the preparation. But, we are not slow on the love grow and gain daily for them.

Third Trimester you snook up on us and took us by surprise. But, you know what? In our own way, Yes. Yes, we are ready for you.