Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Head's Under Water. But, I'm Breathing Fine.


We all have them don't we? Those weeks? Those bloomin' weeks. We all have them. And, I think we have just had one. Bluh. But, not to worry we are now coming out the other end. Whoop!
Firstly, may I just say that I totally take the heating for granted. A fair few days with a broken boiler has ended up in a fair few days of cold cold bones. So, there you have it. The start and the ongoing pain. It just has not been very nice being as cold as a lizard and for some reason it has taken it's toll. The things that have happened in and around the time of sheer coldness probably have not been that bad actually. But, the mood that had been brought on by the dreaded boiler has made everything seem 10X worse. 

  • The dryer door hinge is broke
  • I broke my Casio watch
  • I've got spotty
  • My son hit another kid
  • I have a mountain of washing to do that hadn't been done due to cold radiators
  • Amongst everything else 
All those suffering with 'One of those weeks' raise your hand and shout "AYE!"  Perhaps, tomorrow it may seem a little better. Infact, I'm pretty sure it will do. We all have things that make us happy. Sometimes, I guess we just need to remember them don't we? So, I'm off to jig my mind a little and get myself back into my happy place. Join me!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Moose Recipe #1: Narna Juice

As promised my lovlies. The good old fashioned Banana Smoothie Recipe also know in our house as 'Narna Juice'. Which to be honest, sounds sort of gross. But, trust me it's lush qualities are all worth it. :-) 

What Do I Need? What Do I Need?
(Those of you that know this blog and know my previous recipes will know that they are very un-precise. I don't go over board with measurements and I allow loads of room to change, add and take out many a thing. So, to be honest you can adapt this recipe as much as your taste buds desire. All I ask, is if you really change it and it turns into a winner. Let me know and  I'll get sharing.)
  • 2 bananas 
  • Good sprinkling of oats
  • Good dollop of yogurt 
  • Cup of milk 
  • Really good squirt of honey
What Do I Do? What Do I Do?
  • Simples. Bung it in the blender and blend. Yummmm
So, there you have it. Nice and easy. Nice and tasty. Please bare in mind that this usually does me and my mini moose in 1 pint glass and a small beaker like in the photograph above.
'Narna Juice' is sure to set you up for the rest of the day. Well, at least until lunch ;-) I always offer my Moose a little something else with his. Be it a crumpet, cereal or porridge. But, 'Narna Juice' on it's own is enough breakfast-wise for an adult I feel.