Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Our Little Announcement

With a new year comes many a resolution and a hope for a pleasant 365 days to come. Often, with a new year comes happiness and hope.
For us, the new year has most definitely brought us happiness and hope in the shape of a Moose. A brand new, shiny little bundle of lovliness has graced us with it's presence deep within my inside and we could not be happier, thankful or luckier. Please forgive us because currently we are floating on air. The thought that my Mini-Moose will be a big brother is just a thought filled with sheer delight. I know, just know that he is going to step completely up to the mark and be the best he can possibly be. I am thrilled to be giving him a sibling and opening a whole new world of fun for him. Do not fear, I'm not being naive. I am aware of the difficulties to come being Mommy to 2 littlies. But, for now I wish to enjoy the bliss that the thought is giving me.
So, 2015 please welcome our new Bumpling!

Monday, 12 January 2015

'Momma Moose Diaries' Launced

And, there you have it. Just like that 2015 has emerged and sort of slapped us round the face with it's presence, has it not? Well, it has I. It sure has I. I like it though. Although, I dislike the back to work, messy house kind of January feeling the new year brings. But, I'll get over it. At some point. Maybe. Mind you, I have only just removed all the Christmas decorations. Bad Momma, bad luck.

So, you may have noticed there has been a bit of a name and blog change about town. Well, allow me to sort of explain. Basically, due to trolls and a bit of bad luck with others and arranged events etc: I felt it best to do what Ive done and start a bit of a fresh. I hope this does not cause anyone any confusion or inconvenience in anyway. It was unfortunately something that just had to be done.

Please allow me to welcome you all to:

Momma Moose Diaries

It is a pure please to have you all here. Be you new or be you old to the world of me and my Mini-Moose it's wonderful to hang out.
The blog is still under going a little maintenance. So, you may notice the odd small change here and there. But, no more drastic changes (I promise).

Here's to 2015 and my new blog. All resumes as normal from now!