Thursday, 5 November 2015

To The Woman That Trolled Me

I'm just not sure that I care.
These are my beautiful children. Why wouldn't I want to write about them?
P.S Temper temper

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Painting With Dinosaurs (And Sisters)

Clouds are constantly looming outside our windows and rain drops are forever falling. So, I guess gone are the days of rolling down grassy hills, picnics on a field and the sun baking down on our necks. Instead we are faced with days indoors and time spent within 4 walls. Honestly, this doesn't sit too well with me. I'd so rather be outside getting grubby and enjoying all that nature has to offer. But, with 2 littlies (one being unwell) that is not always possible.  So, what is possible? What treasures has the indoors got to offer us?
Now, you know us? We love a good craft and we LOVE getting messy. With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to our latest sensory activity -
Painting With Dinosaurs

What do you need?
  • Imagination. And, loads of it. If you've got that, then I'm pretty sure you have all you need really. (Minus the paint).
  • Paints. As many or as little colours as you desire.
  • Plastic plates to act as paint pots. The flatter and wider the better really as you need a fair bit of space to fit those dinosaur feet in.
  • Paper. We used a roll of wallpaper which works fabulously. 
  • A handful of dinosaurs.
  • Little hands
  • And, in Mini-Mooses case, a little Sister. :-)     

There you have it you lovely lot. Minutes and hours of fun can be had with this activity. Oh and obviously you don't have to just use dinosaurs. Of course not. Go to town and get painting with other goodies that you have living in and among your toy box. However, put the Xbox down. Do not go painting with that. If you do, don't mention me! 
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Super simple, super fun!


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pay Pal Christmas Advert - BAH HUMBUG!

It's not just me is it? Is it? Surely not. I can't be the only one seeing this.
Whether you teach your Children about Santa Clause or not surely you must agree that the new 'Pay Pal' advert has quite literally gone out of it's way to squash any real sense of Christmas for our littlies. I mean, for me personally and for our Family Santa DOES in fact buy the presents for our children at Christmas and if my children were allowed to watch channels aimed at older people I would be mortified at the thought of them seeing this advert. It would appear to me that 'Pay Pal' have not really thought this television advertisment through. They blatantly state, from the voice of a child that the parents buy the Christmas presents. Which, I guess is fine if this is the way you teach your Children about Christmas and their gifts. But, if not and you are a parent that supports the idea of Father Christmas this advert totally ruins that magic. I honestly think it is a very careless advert that hasn't really thought it's audience or viewing times through.
I must say I think it is the most un-seasonal and Bah Humbug  Christmas advert ever to grace our TV screens and that is a big statement. But, I truly mean it. 
In my eyes the magic of Christmas is totally lost in this advert and I hope, really hope that those children that are believers never ever see it. It would be such a shame if thanks to a television advert a child's seasonal imagination and beliefs were destroyed.
Honestly, I feel 'Pay Pal' have a huge apology to make to all those Children believing and to those parents helping to fuel their magical beliefs. Shame on your 'Pay Pal!'

Take a look at the advert for yourself and share your thoughts!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Autumn's The New Autumn

It's here. It's finally here!
Autumn has made it's way into our lives again. And, honestly I'm super happy about it. I mean, come on, let's be honest, our Summer was pretty non existent wasn't it? So, it's time to get over it and enjoy the now. The now being 'Autumn'. Boom!
I don't know about you. But, Autumn to me is by far the greatest of our seasons. I just love it. Saying that, I dislike rain. I dislike rain immensely. So, as long as the rain stays at bay I am more than happy. And, most of Autumn the rain does steer clear doesn't it? Happy days!
A little note to you Autumn:
"Thank you for the sounds of crunchy leaves under my little ones feet as they stomp in their wellies through the Country. The smell of pumpkins, bonfires, earth and the cool air that fills our nostrils on a daily basis putting nostalgic smiles on our chilly faces. The way you make the world seem orange and sepia toned throughout the day and eery as the sun sets is just in someway lovely. I like you a lot Autumn. I like you alot."
 Let me share a little slice of our wonderful Autumn with you.


Friday, 30 October 2015

The Day My Husband Asked Me To Blog Again ...

... I didn't really know what to say. Sounds silly? It's not meant to. But, I'd sort of given up on this while 'blogging thing'. I'm not sure exactly why. I guess, it's been a mixture of things. Time, commitment, audience, quite a few things really. I wasn't sure how well my blog was now being accepted and whether it was somewhat self indulgent in someway. I guess, I had sort of lost my way with it all really. I didn't really know what it would take to get my fingers typing again...

... But, then my husband said 
"Jessica. Will you start writing your blog again? It's your thing and people enjoy reading it. I enjoy reading it. Please?"
And, I guess that is what it would take! That's all it has taken!

Those few words from my husband have actually made me smile a super big smile. I hope my husband does not take offence to this. But, he hasn't been my biggest sharer where my blog has been concerned. Please note, I say 'Sharer' not 'supporter'. He has always supported me with my blog and been proud. But, he hasn't always been the one sharing it with others. I know that that shouldn't really matter. But, to me it does and it would appear that it was just a case of not stepping on my toes.
Now, I know that my husband is proud of my blog and enjoys the fact that I write it. I can pick myself out of the rut that I had got myself into with it and get creating again. His words have given me the boost that I need. And, I am over the moon to hear him spur me on with it all. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter to me if 10 people read it or if a 1000 do. All I need to know is that the man that makes me a better person loves it! He is my number 1 and best friend so knowing that he enjoys the 1 thing that is my release  and creativity makes me truly believe in myself, my writing and my blog.

So, you have heard me say it before and whether you continue to follow me or not. Please know this, 'Momma Moose Diaries' is very much still live and kicking. It now just has a new lease of life with loads in store for my readers. I hope you all continue to support this blog and read it as and when you wish.

Here's to word of encouragement and here is to my husband!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Painting With Cars

The sun isn't hanging out as often as you'd like anymore, raindrops are beginning to fall, the cold is creeping in and suddenly the outside doesn't seem too appealing. Now, that can result in a couple of days in doors every now and then can't it? And, days indoors can end in boredom. Not always. But, can do.
So, why not give 'Painting With Cars' a try? No reason not too.
This particular activity is really great for your kiddies when learning their colours. I took this opportunity actually to introduce the 'Colour Wheel'. We did the whole mixing colours thing and seeing what colour we ended up with. It's quite a fun way of doing it. It's also a fab sensory activity, with the kiddlets getting really stuck in and messy. Overall, it's just really good fun!

You will need
  •  As many cars as your little one desires. Go for all different shapes and sizes. It's the texture of the tyres that make the picture. So, go wild.
  • As many different paint colours as you want. Best to stick with squeezy paints as it's easier to run your cars through.
  • A wide shallow dish for your paints. The tall pots aren't that great for getting your cars in. And, you do need to give those tyres good coverage. So, allow yourself plenty of space in the pot for rolling your cars. 
  • An apron because let's face it. It is going to get messy.
  • Paper of some description. Any size, any colour. 
  • Finally, a good dose of fun.

What you do 
  • Really? Come on. You cover the car wheels in paint and you go crazy on the paper. Just have fun. create as many or as little pieces of artwork that your littlie facies. Mix the colours up, paint one tyre one colour and the other another. Just have fun and allow your little one to explore.
Super simple. Yet, super super fun! 


Monday, 14 September 2015

11 Weeks Old, 11 Things I Now Know About You, My Daughter

  1. I love you just as much as I love my little boy. Your Girliness does not and will not ever change that. You two are my babies and always will be. You will always be loved equally no matter what your gender.
  2. Changing your nappy is a whole different ball game to your brothers (no pun intended). I use up so many wipes making sure I've covered all ground. Your chunky leg rolls don't help.
  3. Unless you're wearing pink, you are presumed to be a boy. Sorry sweet. But, it's true and yes a little sad. But, whenever you are in your blues, you're thought of as a little boy.
    When we registered you the lady said 'Oh. I'm sorry. I thought because she was in blue she was a boy!' I felt like saying "You're in grey love. What does that make you?"
  4. I can't wait for you to have little pig tails. Now, I know this sounds utterly silly. But, it is true. I love them. I love seeing little girls with them. They are cute, they are sweet, they are yummy. I knew with your brother, that I wanted him to have long hair and I know with you I want you to have lovely pig tails.
  5. Shopping for you is so hard. Much harder than shopping for a boy I feel. Everything for little little girls (babies) is pink. Don't get me wrong, I like pink. But, you don't HAVE to be in pink all the time.I like you in blues, in red and in yellows. But, finding baby grows for girls in those colours is hard. So, I must apologise but you spend most of your days in boys baby gros. ;-) But, that's okay!
  6. Sometimes your cuteness distracts me for large amounts of the day. Often, I find myself just gazing at you and then before I know it 45 minutes have passed and I have done nothing. Nothing but look at your cute little mush and LOVE IT! Mind you, I used to do this with your brother too. So, it's not just a girl thing!
  7. You most definitely have blue eyes. They aren't changing. The lovely puddles are here for good. You have your Daddies eyes and they are beautiful!
  8. No one makes you happier than your big brother. You can be crying a million tears, see your big brother and all is put right. You look at him like he is your hero and that makes my heart melt. He loves you very very much and it would appear you love him just as much.
    It's so exciting watching you two grow up together. I hope that the bond you have now remains as strong through out your lifetime.
  9. I don't think this has anything to do with being a girl. But, you young lady do not bend. You are always arched and it makes feeding you, cuddling you, holding you etc: a little tricky. I think it is because you are always on the look out. You are always on the hunt for new things to see and you can't do that when you are buried in and amongst my arms can you?
  10. There is something about your night time cuddles that makes me ever so happy. I know your waking me from a lovely slumber. But, your snuggle and your cuddle make that alrite. It is the only time that you are happy to be snuggly in my arms. It's lovely. Yes, I'm tired and yes keeping my eyes open is hard. But, your lovely huggles make it all worth while. I could snuggle you all night (I don't. But, I could).
  11. You are the most adorable little bumpkin ever! :-)

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

An Adult Said What?

Just for a second imagine this, the things that come out of your toddler and child's mouth coming out of an adults. Oh boy! What an absolute ruckus that would cause. Just imagine it.

To help you imagine. Allow me to share with you a few gems that my son has recently come out with. Now remember, you need to close your eyes (after reading obviously) and see these snippets coming out of an adults mouth rather than a littlies.
Ready? Ready!
  • "I'm just of to the Jungle."
  •  (Pointing at his Sister) "Apparently, that's my baby!"
  • (Whilst looking at a beige unswept floor) "It's just beautiful."
  • "Mommy, she slapped me really hard!" (His Sister is 9 weeks old)
  • "Can you put my pants on quickly please before the birds eat my winky and a horse eats my bum bum!"
  • "I can't help. I don't have boobies!"
  • (Whilst throwing the worst tantrum after I removed a bogey from his nose) "Put the bogey back! It's my bogey!"
  • "I am a proper lady!"
  • "Actually no. This is not a trolley. It's a space rocket!"
  • (In the showers at the local swimming pool) "Why does that lady have no clothes on"
  • (Also in the showers at the local swimming pool) "She doesn't have a winky. Where's it gone?"
  • "I not have friends. I have dogs."

The list is endless. How do they get away with such things? Their innocence is priceless and amazing. Isn't it wonderful how their tiny minds work? Processing things by questioning others. It's so lovely to answer them watching their minds tick as you fill their small heads with knowledge that you don't even know you are providing them with. They are little sponges slowly growing into themselves.
So, although coming out of an adult the above seems so wrong. Coming out a littlie they seem so right!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

5 Ways To Relieve Your Baby Of A Blocked Nose

My littlest Moose was born 10 weeks ago and unfortunately for the majority of her tiny life so far, she has been cursed with a very blocked nose of a night. Or, the 'snuffles' as the Health Visitor calls it. Which quite frankly does not do this dreaded blockage justice. The 'Snuffles' sounds somewhat cute and fluffy. But, my daughters blocked nose really is anything but. Of an evening it sounds like we are sharing our room with a pug. It's a real effort for her to breathe through her nose. So much so, it sounds utterly painful. Poor thing. It is also really scary.

So, to help those in a similar situation, I have compiled a list of ways to help!
  1. Raise the moses basket a little the one end (the end where her head is) And, it does only need to be a little bit. You don't want to make her feel like she is falling down the side of Everest. A telephone book or Harry Potter book should do the trick ;-). (Other wizard stories are available for assistance).
  2. Steam! Steam! Steam! I find this is the most effective when trying to help a littlies blocked nose. I pop my daughter on a play mat on the bathroom floor whilst I'm having a shower allowing her to breathe in all that steam and clear her pipes. Obviously, keep an eye on them and if they are on the move perhaps try offering them steam in a different way.
  3.  Get yours hand on a nasal aspirator. Now, for those of you that don't know what this essential care kit is, all 'Snuffle Babe' to explain:
    'Simply target visible mucus and suck – there is a guaranteed protective filter
    Target visible mucus at baby’s nostril (not inside) with the end of the bulb nozzle and suck through the mouthpiece. The mucus collects hygienically in the sealed chamber
    You have complete control by varying the level of continuous suction and it is not possible to over-suck and do harm
    After each use, simply unscrew the bulb to access the filter. Wash all parts in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Sterilise if using between infants using liquid sterilising solution – the filter will shrink if heated.'
    4.  You have heard of rubbing vapour rub on a child's chest haven't you? But, have you ever heard of rubbing it on the soles of their feet? No? Well, please give it a go. The idea is it gets to where it needs to get to far quicker than if rubbed on the chest. It does work. I swear by it.
    I believe an experiment was conducted with garlic. They rubbed a clove on a child's foot and very quickly it could be smelt on its breath. Amazing!

    5. Of course, for all of us the best remedy for anything is a lovely cuddle. So, go on give that poorly snuffly bambino of yours a whole lot of loving and cuddling.

    To all those with snuffly littlies, I hope these pointers offer a little help and I hope your little one is on the mend very soon!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Morning At Northycote Farm

The Mooses and I are constantly on the hunt for new things to do, places to visit and days out that can be enjoyed by us all and not break the bank. So, as you can imagine we were more than happy when we visited 'Northycote Farm and Tea Rooms' in Wolverhampton yesterday.
Not only is this small farm free to visit. But, it is surrounded by a beautiful Country Park. So, once finished at the Farm you can go and enjoy this Park and walk for miles.

The Farm is situated in a Farm House grounds, Northycote Farm House. And, although the Farm House is not open every day, I believe it opens for tours regularly.  I have never been on one of these tours. But, I would like to. So, I'm keeping my ears open.
The farm itself boasts a lovely small collection of animals, pigs, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys. More than enough to keep your littlies amused. Their pens are clean and spacious making it a lovely environment for the younger ones of your Motley Crew.
Mini-Moose particularly liked the pig. I don't mean to sound rude, but she is massive. Mind you, I'm not too sure that she would be offended. I don't imagine there is much wrong with being a big pig.
I really like the fact that entrance is free and you can walk around the Farm as many times as you want. We wandered around 3 times, each time spotting something new.

Now, if you are like me and are frugal to the core, then you will be pleased to hear that although there is a fabulous Tea room attached to the Farm picnic benches are provided! ;-) Lovely jubbly! Not only that but, you're surrounded by Country Park. So, grab a blanket and get eating in the wilderness. Yummy. You cannot beat a good picnic.
The Mooses and I love a good walk. We spent a couple of hours before the heavens opened exploring the Country Park grounds around the house and found lots to do. We found streams, bridges, rope swings, adventure equipment and lots more.

We really had a lovely morning and would recommend this Farm to anyone local to Wolverhampton with littlies. There's lots to see and do if you enjoy being outdoors. If you aren't an outdoors kind of family, then granted this probably isn't the place for you. I must say, the rope swing was a hit as far as Mini-Moose was concerned!

Have a super time if you do plan a visit folks. We sure did!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Moose Recipe #2 Wam Bam Blackberry Jam

Alritey, you lovely lot. So, on facebook and Twitter I promised the following Recipe:

Wam Bam Blackberry Jam

Please note, all my recipes are very very simple and extremely versatile. They can be added to, mixed up and jazzed about very easily according to your desire and taste. Which is very much the aim of my recipes. Ooohps, I digress. 

What do I need? What do I need?
  • Blackberries. (However many blackberries you have, you need the exact same amount of sugar. I used 200g of blackberries and this was enough for 1 small jam jar full of jam.)
  • Caster sugar (Like I said, you need the same amount as you have blackberries. So, for me 200g)
  • A knob of butter.(This is to reduce the scum that sits on the surface at the end of cooking) 

What do I do? What do I do? 
  • Pop the blackberries into a saucepan with a little amount of water. I popped 25ml in. Just enough for the blackberries to sit it. Gently cook these for 15 minutes. 
  • Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. 
  • Once dissolved bring to a rapid boil.
  • Once boiled leave to simmer for 12 minutes. 
  • Take off the heat and stir the knob of butter in.
  • Pour the mixture into sterilised jam jars.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Parents Can No Longer Kiss Their Children. Yesterday, I Bathed With Mine

Damn straight. You read the title to this post completely right!

So, according to a recent study by Dr Charlotte Reznick, we as parents must respect the sexual boundaries of our babies. And, in doing so must not kiss them on the lips as this causes a confusion for them. We can however, plant them a smacker on their cheeks. But, is this good enough?
 "If you start kissing your kids on the lips, when do you stop? It gets very confusing."

I, personally believe not. Neither giving nor receiving a kiss from my little one would be as lovely on the cheek as it is on the lips. Please don't get me wrong, I cherish every single kiss I get off them no matter where it is. But, do I love a good kiss on the lips from them? Yes. Yes I do. I grew up in a home where it was okay to kiss on the lips and somewhat encouraged as an act of love. But, I do know that some weren't and even the thought of it alone is too much for them to handle, even with their own children. And, that's okay. Of course it is. We love and respond to our Children accordingly. I just dislike being told what to do. And, not just being told what to do. But, being made to feel very guilty and wrong for doing so.
Do I believe that I am crossing my Children's sexual boundaries by kissing them on the lips? No, I don't. And, quite frankly it infuriates me that someone is trying to make me believe so. When I kiss my children, I kiss them as their Mother. I kiss them to reassure them, to protect them, to thank them, to wake them, to put them to sleep, to show that I care, to soothe, to help and selfishly sometimes because I just need a kiss. And, I really shouldn't be made to question this. Surely, as the child's parent it is okay to kiss them on the lips. Surely.
Is it really inappropriate? What are your thoughts? I've been browsing the net for quite some time regarding this particular study and can tell you that debate has sure been sparked. Many in an agreeance and many not.Where do you sit? Can you see where the Dr of the study is coming from or is it just a load of rubbish to you?
"As a child gets to 4 or 5 or 6 and their sexual awareness comes about (and some kids have an awareness earlier - as when we notice they start masturbating at 2 or 3 sometimes - they just discover their private parts and it feels good), the kiss on the lips can be stimulating to them."
 So, whether in agreeance or not, I'd love to hear from you and your views will completely be respected.

You know my view. I'm guessing it is quite obvious that for me personally A kiss on my child's lips will continue to happen and will not stop thanks to Reznick and her study. No sexual boundaries are being crossed and nothing is confusing for my Children.
Bloomin' eck. If this is the outcome of kissing your child, get a load of this - Last night I bathed with mine! What now?!?
"It’s important that parents keep and maintain boundaries with their children, certainly, but in terms of expressing affection this feels within the realm of normal."

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Big Up The Breastfeeding Big Uppers!

Please before continuing to read this post know this. I am not knocking any parent and their choice in way of feeding their little one. Whether you bottle feed or breast feed, I totally respect you and your choice. Now, please respect mine with allowing me to write about my breastfeeding experience without assuming that I am knocking anyone and their methods of feeding. You do what suits your child. So, please no high horses.

This post, for me is very very important.
Although, with my first Moose I was fairly happy to breastfeed anywhere and anytime, I still got a belly full of butterflies when I had to do so in certain situations. However, 2nd Moose round I can't say the same applies. Now, please don't get me wrong, I am not one for just 'flopping it out'. Please, I wish I was. But, unfortunately I can't quite allow myself. Self conscious an all! But, my confidence is now far greater. If I have to shop, push a toddler in a trolley and feed, then so be it. I feed my baby where ever and whenever. I am never 'in your face' with my feeding. I either discreetly drape a muslin square over both my breast and baby or I wear 2 tops, allowing me to remain covered as the under top is pulled down. You really can't and don't see anything. But, if you were to scrutinise me as I walked past, then you would be aware that I was feeding. Which bothers me not. However, for the first time last week I felt vulnerable and a target whilst feeding my Minier-Moose. 2 girls spotted me as I wandered through a town Centre feeding using the muslin method and made no attempt at keeping their remarks quiet. They did not like the fact that I was breastfeeding publicly and their words hurt. They singled me out and made fun. I knew what I was doing was right. But, they made me question my choice to feed somewhat. 

But, not for long. Not for long at all! Just as my head dropped, 2 other women walked past, seeing and hearing what had just happened and gave breastfeeding some real 'big upping'. They shouted 'You keep feeding that baby. You're doing a great job. Haters gonna hate. Let them. You're doing great!" They shouted those words so loud, making sure that everyone could hear and there were nods of agreement. People were looking and I felt great. I went from feeling very self aware to not being able to care. Those 2 women gave me back the confidence that I had lost minutes before. And, for that I thank them. Thank you! 
So, I just want to take a second to 'big up' all those that take the time to 'big up' those of us that choose to feed our children from our boob. It is not weird, it is not unnatural, it is not something to be laughed at or sexualised. It is exactly what it says on the tin 'feeding.' This is just the way that I have chosen to feed and keep my baby alive. And, it is people like those 2 ladies that remind us of this. I thank them for making me feel good, making me feel proud and making me feel content in the notion that what I was doing was and is okay. 

Never apologise for the choice you made when feeding your baby. Be it bottle or breast. That's the choice you made and you made it with your babies health at the forefront of your decision. You should be proud of yourself.
Please, join me in 'BIGGING UP' the "Breastfeeding big uppers!' because they make us feel GREAT!!! 

Monday, 17 August 2015

How To Welcome A Newborn Into Your Toddlers World

So, how do you do it? How do you make your toddler understand? How do you help your little, toddling individual be accepting of this new being that's been dumped firmly in the middle of his current world and his everything? Honestly, I don't know the answer. I'm not entirely sure. But, I can offer up my very own tips and tricks.

  1. Talk about your new baby long before it arrives.
    The more you talk about them, the more you familarise your toddler with the idea them. There's no nasty surprises for them when your little bundle arrives. No surprise because you've spoken about this moment for a long time. You have prepared them. You've got them as excited as you. I believe that is the best feeling that you can encourage in your toddler - Excitement. Why shouldn't he be excited at the prospect of a new little brother or sister? Get talking and keep your little one talking too.

  2. Allow them to help you prepare.Give them a paintbrush and allow them to tackle the nursery with you. Let them help you choose the wallpaper or paint colour (If you're like me. Allow them to think they have chosen the wallpaper or paint colour. WINNER) You can let them help you prepare your bump. My little Moose used to help me moisturise his baby sisters bump and it was lovely. It was a really amazing moment that we could all share and when the baby kicked, my toddlers face lit up. Don't leave them out, get them involved the best you can and enjoy the preparation as a family, toddler included.
  3. Introduce them to other babies.
    Now, don't just find a random baby out for a stroll in a pushchair and encourage your toddler to talk to it. That's not cool and could be deemed a little weird. I had a good friend that had a baby a few months before I did. Being with her and her new little one really helped my toddler understand babies. It got him excited. It allowed him to see how a baby works and what it requires. My friend was really lovely and let Moose feed and all sorts. That really helped him feel prepared for his little Sister.
  4. Perhaps a present?Totally up to you. But, we brought a present from the newborn to her big brother and from the big brother to the new born. Only small gifts. Just a little something to show no threat. And, it was lovely. A really lovely moment when they first met. Our toddler could not believe that his new sister had brought him a present and had got it so right. I guess some would beg to differ with this idea. But, we all like a present now and then don't we? ;-)
  5. Let them be your right hand man.
    Mini Moose is always on hand for his sister when I need him. He is more than happy to pass me a nappy, hand me a wipe or sing to his sister. And, I think that is because he has been number 1 helper from the start. I've never stopped him from lending a hand even if it has been a little inconvenient.
  6. Tell them that you love them.
    This, I feel is the most important thing that I could have done and do do to help my toddler accept his new little Sister and welcome her into his world. I tell him, we tell him we love him all the time. And, we tell him because we do. We really do. We love both him and his sister more than they will probably ever know.

    And, there you have it. It may not prove to be the most useful blog post that you have ever read. But, I hope it helps someone somewhere along the line. Our Mini Moose has welcomed his sister like a dream. He has his loving to hard moments where his kisses look painful. But, other than that he has actually really amazed us and proved himself to be a very kind and caring little man. Ultimately, we are extremely proud of him and we just know that he is and always will make a top big brother.