Friday, 17 October 2014

I Do These Now I Have A Child.

So, my last post was all about the things that every now and then I feel I miss out on now having a child.
I generally feel like this for a matter of minute, seconds evening and then it very quickly passes. It passes because I always remind myself of the following things that I do now I have a child. Things, I would never have done minus him.
  • I get snuggles in the morning EVERY morning.
  • I get kisses all the time.
  • I watch a child grow into a beautiful young man.
  • I love every day.
  • I watch little legs jump in muddy puddles.
  • I watch little cheeks tan in the sun.
  • I watch little curls blow in the wind.
  • I watch feet splish and splash in the rain.
  • I hold a tiny hand and show it the way.
  • I teach and I learn.
  • I hold a little persons heart in my hands and will do forever.
  • I get to be the most important person in the world - Mommy.
  • I know that I will be that forever. 
There's more. Gosh, there's so much more.
The things I do now I have a child far far outweighs the things I no longer do. Trust me. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I Did These When I Didn't Have A Child

I don't hugely miss these things listed below. But, i do often think of them as fond memories and wonder
whether and when I will do these things again. However, if because of a growing family, I never did them again. I really wouldn't mind. I'd do anything for my boy, family and their future.
  • Paint my nails and the varnish last more than a day.
  • Not have to bath with a rubber ducky.
  • Eat chocolate brazenly and not hidden from small hands and tiny eyes.
  • Window shop.
  • Be able to walk the dogs without stepping foot on the grass or in a puddle.
  • Affording things.
  • Enjoy log fires at home without the worry of burnt fingers.
  • Drink alcohol in the daytime. 
  • Play guitar on an afternoon off.
There's more. But, not many more. However, see my next post for my spin on these things.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

International Baby Wearing Week 2014

Yes folks. Yes! To all the Mammas, Pappas, Grandmas, Grandad, Friends and Carers that carry their littlies 'Happy International Babywearing Week To You!' And, you know what? Go celebrate! You totally deserve it. The whole carrying the baby thing can be a little stressful every now and then eh? I mean, not only are you carrying a fair weight about on your back/front. But, mainly you have to suffer a little bit of a negative vibe when out in public don't you? Or do you? ...
Be gone with the these negative vibes haters and let us babywearing lovlies be. So, we don't want to push a pram around a supermarket, that does not make us bad parents. So, we want out babies close to our chests, that does not mean that we are suffocating them within our breasts. So, we want our hands free to do other things, that does not mean that we are being lazy. We don't judge you when we see you out with a pushchair do we? We don't come up to you and point out the cruelness in your wheel pushing. We don't because there is nothing cruel about it. Nor is there with babywearing. If you don't like it or don't feel that it is for you, then fair enough. That's more than fine as you are entitled to your own opinion. But, you must also respect others and come to the understanding that it is okay to wear your baby. There is nothing wrong nor nasty about it. It is just something that some parents do for many a reason, practicality, bond etc: No one is getting hurt during the practise only loved.
Now, for those of us that do wear our kiddlets - 'BIG UP!' Enjoy this week and embrace it. I am! every opportunity I am given to wear my Moose, I am doing so. Babywearing means so much to me and has done since the day I discovered my first wrap. It's just something that my son and I do now. we don't even think about it. We just go with the baby wearing flow and we love it. I love him being so close, I love the freedom, I love the warmth we both get from each other on a Winters day. I just love it. It is, to me, just something really special. It's a moment that I can hold my child real close for a prolonged period of time and think about how lucky I am to have him in my life. Plus, it makes walking 2 big dogs a lot easier.

So, I say it again 'Happy International Baby Wearing Week' Baby wearers. This week, I am spending a bit of time thinking about you and sending out lovely hugs to you all.

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Loving Lidl

Now, I do totally get that this is a very personal choice post. But, hey this is my blog. And, this is my personal choice. So, yeah I am talking all things LIDL and my absolute love for it.
We don't have an array of Children at our feet and dozens of mouths to feed granted. But, we do however know how it feels to make huge cuts in your finances due to being Mommies, Daddies, Carers or Grandparents etc: So, in every way we can we do try and bring our costs down as a family in order to make our monies last. And, the greatest and most efficient way of us doing that is by shopping at LIDL. For real, that shop is a life saver. We owe alot to it.
I know folk often think that because LIDL is such good value there has to be some sort of catch. But, there isn't. Not really. All the food is wonderful. The fruit and veg is so fresh, their cleaning products are mega effective and their meat is just succulent. Seriously, we have big love for this shop.
Every week we rock up to our local LIDL store and stock our cupboards to the brim with the essentials and bring home a fair few treats for us all. With our weekly shop I dread to think how much we would spend if we shopped somewhere hugely mainstream, Sainsbury's, Tesco etc:  It really is not worth thinking about. 

Our personal LIDL's own favourites are:
  • Porridge Oats
  • Bran Flakes
  • Bakery goods
  • Beetroot
  • Coffee pods
  • Frozen salmon fillets
  • Asian oils
  • Eggs
  • Kids fromage frais
And, to be honest our list goes on and on and on. It's just, in our eyes a top notch shop that saves us a lot of money and hassle. And, for this we are very grateful. This store allows us to eat well, for less and have money on the side for a day out. Seriously, value for money comes in abundance at this supermarket.
Never been to LIDL before? Give it a go. You never know, you might like it.


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Totally Conkers!

Is it just me? Tell me it isn't just me ... But, when I was a kid if you didn't get to the conker tree at the park in time that was it. Too late. And, all conkers had gone. You couldn't mess around. You had to beg your parents to take you and fill your buckets to the brim, else you just missed out. It was a really big deal getting as many conkers as you could ready for your battles. But, now, now conkers are everywhere and no child is picking them up. What is that about? Is it because conkers are banned from Schools and no one plays it any more? This to me is sad. Very very sad. So sad infact that I am making a huge effort to keep the conkers tradition alive and kicking for my littlies. So, we have been collecting for days now and have a bit of a conker garland factory on our hands. My boy loves them and I very much love them too. Plus, the actual hunt for conkers is a fun one isn't it? Getting down with nature and helping your littlie focus on a task. 
I would love to think that I could start a campaign to 'BRING CONKERS BACK!' But, I'm pretty sure that I alone wouldn't make much of a difference. So, I'm just going to boast my love for the little brown things in a hope to make them feel less unwanted. All those for conkers say 'AYE!'