Tuesday, 30 September 2014

'Yes' means 'No' And 'No' means ... 'No'.

This sentence rings oh so true for us at the minute. I can never take my sons "No's" as gospel because 99.9% of the time they mean "Yes!" And, usually my son looks at me as if he is saying "Like you didn't know that Mom?" Well, sorry Mr Moose. But, your Momma (as much as she tried) isn't always a mind reader. Here let me give you some examples of my sons confusing 'Yes and No' answers. 
  • "Montgomery, would you like an apple?" - "NO!" (Holding out his hand in the hope of getting the apple.)
  • "Montgomery, have you got your shoes on?" - "NO!" (Pointing at his shoes that are upon his feet with a smile on his face.) 
  • "Montgomery, have you got a worm in your pocket?" - "NO!" (Popping his hand  in his pocket to remove the worm that has been kept hostage in there.) 
  • "Montgomery, would you like a biscuit?" - "NO!" (Crying when you put the biscuit tin back because really he does want one.")
 The lost goes on and on and on. I guess, for now Mommy just needs to understand that Yes means no and no means NO!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Forest School:- On A Gruffalo Hunt

  For some time now I have been loving the ideas of 'Forest School' for my littlie. You see, he thrives outside and is most happy with a worm tightly in his grip. I have spent a fair bit of my time researching this type of Schooling and gathering information to go on. I now pretty much have a decent pack to go on and feel confident that I can start weekly/fortnightly Forest School sessions with my little Moose. 

This week was our first session together and honestly, it was pretty loosely planned. But, that was what I wanted. My aim this week was to just establish our area. Nothing too structured. Just time spent enjoying our surrooundings and School (if you like). Although, this was a very loose session it did a have a theme, 'On A Gruffalo Hunt'. So, basically the idea was to find the main man himself, Mr Gruffalo and in doing this we discovered our surroundings and got to know our local nature. 
Did we find the Gruffalo? Nope. Not this week anyway. But, next week we might. You see, next week we are going to be building a den for the Gruffalo to sleep and hang out in. Hopefully, he will like it and perhaps even take up residence. Who knows. My little man would really love to meet him. 

It was very obvious to me that my little boy was gaining an awful lot from our time outdoors at 'Forest School' and that he was more than enjoying himself. But, I want to tell you about how as a Mother I feel about it.
Basically, just the notion of being outside is such a nicer one than being stuck indoors. Personally, any chance I can give my son to be outside I give him. I love seeing him enjoy nature and letting his imagination run free with it. Today at our first 'Forest School' session, I felt ultra proud of him. When obstacles got in our way, he faced them full on. There were moments when what was in front of him scared him. But, after a little coaxing and reassurance he took those fears head on. It was so nice to see him explore his own environment and enjoy the natural beauty of the earth that I enjoy. Mainly, I love the fact that 'Forest School' is based outside and let's them roll with their feelings and curiosities. I cannot wait for next weeks session: 'Forest School Session 2: Building A Gruffalo Den'. And, I know Moose is too.

So, what did we see today?

  • Leaves
  • Trees
  • Flowers
  • Feathers
  • Mud
  • The sky
  • Chickens
  • Dogs
  • Spiders
  • Snails
  • Flies
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Horses
  • Grass
  • Crops
  • Hay bails
  • Clouds
  • Ants

Friday, 26 September 2014

Return Of The Thrifty Picnic

  Yes, that's right. The 'Thrifty Picnic' has returned for us. Those for you that aren't sure on our picnic, take a look at an older post of mine explaining all: - 'Thrifty Picnic'
Back in the day my little man was not a confident walker and would sit pretty still on the bench without much movement. However, nowadays the ability to walk plus the excitement of wheels meant I had a rather enthusiastic little boy on my hands during our last picnic.he is very good near roads, so, I wasn't overly worried. But, I just couldn't keep him still. He loved seeing all of the trucks and waving "Hello!" to the lorries.
All in all a 'Thrifty Picnic' is a great thing to get up to you with your littlie. There really is no added expense to your lunch and a change of scenery is always lovely for both you and your child. Plus, you can take your 'Thrifty Picnic' anywhere. Train station, bus station, canal, fields etc: Why stop at the roadside?

If you are planning on giving the 'Thrifty Picnic' a go, please let us know. I'd love to hear about your adventure. Why not share some lovely photographs of your lunch together in a cool place with us? Have fun!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Mommy Recipe #10 Banana Loaf (Calling All Baker Boys and Baker Girls)

Does anyone else have a mini Paul Hollywood on their hands? I say Paul Hollywood. But, I don't think my little Paul is quite as refined. Moose is more of a chuck it in and throw my hands in it kind of guy. None the less, he is a baker by heart. Clearly. So far, his main speciality and most successful bake has been his mini flat breads. But, this week he chose to up the anti and smack out a Banana Loaf for us.
Now, all thing considering (lack of bicarb and brown sugar) It didn't turn out too bad. I could be lying as I haven't tired any. I know, I know. But, a dieting girl has got to do just that, diet! But, the chef himself seemed to enjoy and his Daddy said it was top notch baking also. However, I fear Mary Berry may disagree. It definitely had a soggy bottom and didn't have the best banana to cake ratio. But, I do reckon we would get points for effort.

What Do You Need? What Do You Need!
Right, now please understand that this is a rough recipe as mine all are. It can be altered dramatically and would probably work best if you did. :-) Feel free to play around with it and let me know how you get on. If you find some great changes to it, fill me in.
  • 2 Cups of ripe bananas 
  • 2 Eggs
  • 100 Grams butter
  • 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar (Now, I did use caster as I ran out of brown. But, I would stick to brown if possible.)
  • 1 3/4 cups of flour (sieved) 
  • OPTIONAL Half a cup of chopped walnuts
What Do You Do? What Do You Do!
  • Pre-heat oven to 180
  • Cream the butter and sugar together. So, basically mix it until it looks creamy. 
  • Add the eggs 1 at a time. Only add the 2nd once the 1st is fully mixed in.
  • Add the bananas and walnuts to the mixture giving a light stir.
  • Sieve the flour into the bowl and use your hands to create a batter like feel. 
  • Line your loaf tin with grease proof paper that has been buttered to prevent burning and over browning.
  • Pour in the mixture, pop in the oven and bake for 70 minutes or until golden brown.
Voila! Best served with coffee ;-)

So, there you have it my lovlies. Your very own banana loaf that is super simple and great fun for littlies.

Now, just before you leave me. I am on a hunt. A recipe hunt. Those of you with wonderful recipes that can be prepared and cooked with kiddlets get in touch. I want to hear from you. I am desperate to get my boy in the kitchen a bit more. So, am on the look out for your recipes. Share and share away folks! 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

You've Got A Friend In Me Son

Now, I have thought about this since the day I gave birth to my little boy and I think that I have finally come to a conclusion. By 'A' conclusion, I mean 'My' conclusion. I hear and have heard so many people, predominantly parents say "These/he/she is my child not my friend. I am their Mother/Father not their friend." Now, yes I accept and respect what those people were saying and will continue to do so for as long as I live. I do not agree. I don't think it is bad parenting to think like that nor do I think that as a Mother you are failing. I don't at all. I just don't feel that for me, that sentence rings true. It does not. My son is my child. But, yes he is also my friend. And, Yes I am his Mother. But, I am also his friend too. Together we are the best of friends.  
I could have got this completely wrong and only time will tell. As he grows up, we will see. But, I feel quite strongly about this. And, am struggling to put it in to words really. I see no problem in being your child's friend. It does not mean that they won't respect or listen to you as a parent. If anything it makes you that little bit more trustworthy from a child's point of view. Don't get me wrong. I understand that my main job is to be a parent and a mother to my son and that I do with 100% commitment and energy. I will always be his Mother and he will always see me as that. I just don't see the harm in calling yourself a friend to them also. Sometimes, when a child has had a bad day at School, yes all they need is their Mother/Father. But, they may also need you to hop down a few pegs to their level and just be their friend for a couple of minutes. There is nothing wrong with admitting this.
I hope that as we grow together, I will not only be a Mother to my son and children. But, I will forever be their friend. I hope that they will be proud of me for making this choice. I hope that as they get older they can understand that although their friend I am the leader of the pack and yes, I will listen to them, respect them and protect them. But, ultimately I am their Mother and I do hold a certain type of authority and am to be respected by them for that. 
When Montgomery and I go to the park not only do we go to the park as Mother and Son. But, we go to the park as friends. 

Honestly, this post is a bit slap dash as I don't really know how to say what I want to say. it's quite hard to write down. All I know is that Montgomery and I will be the best of friends forever. There may be times when we fall out and the Mother in me steps up and is seen a lot more. But, the friend in me will always be there, waiting for him when he is ready. I hope as he grows up he learns to understand that.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

"You Talking To Me?" 21 Month Communication Barrier

Oh the trials and tribulations of being an almost 2 year old. And, an almost 2 year old with little vocab.

We all have them and we have all had them. 21 month olds! Now, granted your 21 month old may be or have been very different from mine. As lovely as he is and believe me he really is. Things have just taken a turn for the harder. You see, he is at a stage where he wants to talk, he needs to talk. But, he can't talk. And, as cruel as this is, it is infuriating for both myself and him. He is desperate and I'm pretty needy to understand him. When I say understand, please don't get me wrong. I can read my little boy like a book and work out most things that he desires. But, now a conversation would be nice. I know he feels the same too.
As hard as we are trying talking progress is slow. I guess that's okay. I mean, I know he is taking everything in. He can point to every part of the body that you ask him to, make the noises of a zoo full of animals amongst counting and many other things. But, he can't quite say them. So, currently there is a bit of barrier.
The barrier, I feel is more a problem for him than it is me. I can see when he runs into the kitchen that he is desperate to tell me something. I try my best to prize it from him. But, to no avail.
Now, folk have told me that he will do it in his own time and it will be as though a tap has been turned on. I look forward to that day. A lot.
Come on Mr Speech. Show yourself now.
So, do you have a little 21 month old with a little communication barrier? If so, talk to me. And, if you have one that is spouting sentences left, right and centre. Talk to me too! I want to hear all of your experiences.

By the way, I have my phone back! BOOM!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Mommas Breast is Best...

Now, I knew that would grab your attention. But. please don't worry. I am not going to spout on at you with the advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding for hours and hours in an attempt to convert you all. No. However, I am going to be talking about my breast. Don't panic. I'm not going to make you feel uncomfortable or on the edge. At least, I don't think I am. If breasts leave you in a nervous disposition hit the cross in the top right hand corner now. If not, read on...
Still reading?
Okay. Now, please forgive me as I am going to mention breastfeeding a little bit. But, I am not going to preach at you or put you on edge. I'm just going to share a little of my journey with you. You see, it was while breast feeding that my son and my breasts first met. He was exclusively breast fed up until the age of 6 months old when solids were introduced to his diet and continued to feed until he weaned at 10+1/2 months. Back then, he loved the breast. I mean like really loved it. Not only did it provide him with full nourishment and was the ultimate thirst quencher. But, it was his comfort. It was what he seeked to find himself a comfy place.
Nowadays, they still sort of act as that same thing for him. So, no. He no longer feeds from me and them. But, he does seek comfort in them. More than often his hand is placed firmly on one of them protecting it from anyone else. This often happens when I am paying for something in a shop or wearing a slightly low cut top when talking to our vicar. Always the way. It's odd. But, it is almost like he finds comfort in them. He isn't afraid of them and doesn't in any way find them amusing. He is just caring of them. Almost like he knows that they helped him a little when he was so small. That they gave him the energy he needed to grow big and strong. In a way, he does need to thank them a little bit. And, perhaps this is his way of doing so. Who knows? Or maybe he just likes how they feel and that puts him in a happy place. It could be as  something as simple as their smell or their texture and have nothing to do with his memory of them. Perhaps, he doesn't remember them in a feeding sense at all. This could just be an instinct thing for him. All I know, is that at any given opportunity he has one in his grasp. Especially, when he is tired and in need of something cushy.
Honestly, I'm not really sure what I am trying to say in the post. I guess, it is just something that I want to share with you all. Why? I don't know. Perhaps, like our littlies we should be celebrating our boobies and loving them for exactly what they are and accept the way they look and feel because to someone they are pretty darn special. And, that someone is your littlie!
Please understand that this is not a post promoting breastfeeding or distracting those from those that bottle feed at all. I bottle fed my little boy from 10 months on and I have utter respect for those that choose to do this for their Children. This is just a post to show that our boobies are loved by our littles in so many ways with or without feeding. They are really good just for a cuddle!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Something For A Saturday

Goodness me, this is something really special. Taking my sons all time favorite song and making it even better.

Friday, 5 September 2014

A 'Sensory' Soul at Heart.

(Please allow me to apologise for the lack of photographs. Although promised, I am still without a phone. :-( I know, I know. No one is feeling this more than me, believe me. I need to take photographs of my boy!)

'Sensory'. Gosh, I love that word. I mean, when your a parent you really have no choice but to like it do you? According to all the glossy parenting magazines and Pinterest sensory is the only way. Now, with that being the case and with sarcasm out of the question, my little man does actually really enjoy the sensory side of play.
So, yes. That does mean that I am the annoying woman snapping photographs of my son fondling fur cones and feathers sharing them online for you all to hate over. But, I can't help it. They boy just loves it. And, if I am honest, with my tongue a little bitten, I love it too. I love the fact that it makes him happy and I very much love the fact that my boy is a 'Sensory' soul at heart. You see, it does make play quite easy really. It isn't all about the dying of rice and keeping it natural or about filling a bath tub with balloons. It can be just as simple as a walk through the park looking and holding what we find on the ground (within reason) or simply putting together a sensory box with bits that are around the house. Or better still, don't do it yourself and get someone else to do it for you. I often do. Often!
Today, the moose and I headed on up to the 'Art Gallery, Wolverhampton and Art Gallery Walsall' loving all the sensory they had to offer. Honestly, we love the stuff. Sensory all the way. It kills time and massively encourages learning within a tiny mind. Not only does that make him smile. But, it makes his Momma smile too.

I have a plea within this post. And, my plea be this: Could you share all of your sensory ideas with me please? I would love to hear them and give them all a whirl.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Moms The Word 2012 Tearing Up Fusion Festival 2014 Child Free

So, first of all a big thank you to 'Capital FM' for putting together a pretty fabulous festival for all of us to enjoy. It was a 2 day, camp free bash with a pretty nifty fun fair at hand. It was quite a small affair. But, personally I believe that was part of it's charm. It was nice to see the faces of those loving the festival with you. Plus, there wasn't much chance of me getting myself lost and losing my festival friends. Which was great. Thinking about it, that's a great thing if taking your littlies along with you. The thought of fields and fields full to the brim with festival folk whilst trying to keep tabs on your children is a scary one. So, a 1 field festival is an ideal festival if you think that also. Were they to wander off, hopefully they would be found pretty quickly.
A small festival does not mean a shoddy festival. Not in the slightest. 'Fusion Festival 2014' was by no means shoddy.

I only attended the Saturday as I am bit of a light weight and totally missed my Mini-Moose too much for another day away. So, I can only talk Saturday with you all. I saw some neat artists - Dizzee Rascal (Who just smashed it), The Loveable Rogues (Who were just lovely), Rizzle Kicks (Who were wonderful as ever) The Vamps (Who were way too cool for me), Pitbull (Who was a little out of my league) along with many others. And, I enjoyed them all. They all pleased the crowds and got us going. Nothing worse than an artist that feels they are better than the Festival they are playing eh?
Now old Dizzee was a little loose with his tongue. so, it's always worth checking the line up before deciding whether to take your littlies along or not. To be fair, if your child understands how and why certain words are wrong then his set wouldn't have been that bad for them.

My thoughts on littlies and kiddlets at this festival go somewhat thus:
5-6 years plus
(Obviously, that is my own opinion and guideline. You take whomever you want at what age. That's your call and totally respected.)
I just feel, that the festival was all about the music which is great. But, meant that there was a probably a lack of things to excite tiny minds. You know what I mean, art tents, play dens etc: Plus, there is no cover so when it rained you did get a little wet.
I reckon a 5-6 + year old would have a wonderful time at 'Fusion Festival'. Like, a really wonderful time. What kid wouldn't love watching the acts on stage and dancing the day away?

My main reason for attending this Festival was to support my most lovely and wonderful friend that is an up and coming presenter in the world of showbizz - Miss Elise Evans.
Now Elise, had the absolute pleasure of presenting at 'Fusion festival' and welcoming acts onto the stage. She was professional in every way and it was such a dream to watch her do what she loves.
Here is a photograph of Elise interviewing Elyar Fox.

And, here is a link to the very interview:

A huge weldone to Elise Evans. Why not hop on over to Twitter and give this budding presenter a follow!

Whilst at the Festival 'Moms The Word 2012' got super lucky and managed to win herself a pair of gorgeous Bose headphones. :-) Something to do with being the best dressed Festival wise at 'Fusion Festival 2014' ;-)
I will be blogging about these headphone next week. So, stay tuned if earbuds and music are your thing.

Overall, a wonderful Festival enjoyed by me and my friends. I am very much sure that littlies from everywhere would have a great time here too. This Festival is all about the music and that is completely it's focus. Which, I think is great. After all, that is what you go for. There is an array of food stalls to indulge in and 2 large bar tents with a variety of beverages for all to enjoy. The field is vast and there is plenty of room to get comfy with your young family if you needed too. Thumbs up 'Fusion Festival 2012'

Please remember when taking littlies and your family to Festivals to keep yourselves safe.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fabulous Place To Take Your Littlies: The Codsall Hive Cafe

So, I told you all that I had wonderful things to share with you. And, I wasn't lying. I really really do. Summer opened my eyes to lots of new experiences and I want to share as many with you as possible.

Now, we all know that little Mini-Moose is a complete and utter crafter who loves getting mucky with sticky fingers. It's not out of the ordinary to see my little chap covered in paint from head to toe. So, I always try to embrace this and give him as much opportunity to express himself through his craft and art as possible. So, you cannot believe the excitement I felt when I stumbled across, 'The Codsall Hive'. It was just too much. this place was wonderful.

What's it all about?
The Hive is a creative cafe where all ages will find something to capture their imagination and occupy their hands as well as a place to get a great cup of Illy coffee, or tea if that's your thing.
So, basically while you enjoy cake and tea, your littlie enjoys an abundance of healthy food whilst getting mucky and at the end of your visit your child will have completed a really lovely craft without messing up the home that you live in. Yes! That in its self is just genius. No mess for you to clean up and a great craft at the end of it.
The Hive is a creative hub for all ages, a place to nurture imaginations and keep little hands busy.... and big hands too!
Would you like a place to go where the whole family is happy, without a Wii or Playstation in sight?
Somewhere where the kids are allowed to explore, create and make something to treasure, or simply draw on the tables and get messy hands. A place where yesterday’s recycling becomes tomorrow’s artwork and where the only limitations are your imagination?
 This place is just wonderful and offers something for every child. If your littlie isn't a painter let her be a sticker. Perhaps he isn't a drawer, let him be a gluer. There literally is a craft for everyone. It is so nice to enjoy yourself as a diner as well as enjoy watching your Children be creative. Such a wonderful place.

I love creative places and being around creative people. So, as soon as I entered this cafe I just knew that it would be somewhere that i would visit again. Without a doubt. And, I knew that i just had to shout about for all Mommies, Daddies, Carers, Nannies and Grandads to hear. I love how the cafe is decorated and how welcoming it is to you and your family. The walls are a wash with art work and the tables are busy with little fingers sticking. I felt very at home at this cafe and felt at ease allowing Mini-Moose to do his own thing.

Montgomery painted a ceramic mug whilst he was there and loved it. He chose his own mug and was trusted with the box of ceramic paints like a real artist. It was so lovely watching him crack on and get arty. He had free reign to paint however he wanted to paint. Once he had finished his painting we handed it to the lady and were popped on the waiting list for the firing process.

I cannot sing this Cafe its praises enough. We had such a lovely afternoon there and felt very welcome. I would urge all my readers to take a trip there. So much goes on there. They even run clubs for littlies to enjoy on a weekly basis. So so so worth a visit.

If you do decide to visit 'The Codsall Hive' cafe quote 'Moms The Word 2012 Blog' and get a free round of toast for your littlie upon your visit!

Find 'The Codsall Hive':




Monday, 1 September 2014

No Social Media? How Did You Cope?

Learning to cope without it because you have had to cope with out it ...

It's been a strange couple of weeks my lovelies. You know, without the old Mobile to coax me through. But, it has been a nice couple of weeks if I am honest.
Firstly, please allow me to apologise to all those that have missed me and feel a little let down by my lack of writing and posting this Summer. But, my phone died whilst I was on holiday with my Family and is still yet to be fixed. You see, diagnosis didn't really happen until recently and recovery is underway. Underway mind, not completed. So, yes. I am still phoneless. And, honestly I'm not much enjoying that fact anymore. You see, I often have blogging breaks that run parallel to School holidays. This way I can spend time with my hubby and family giving them my full attention. So, it's not completely out of the ordinary for my to take leave for a little while. But, I guess this has been more than a little while eh? And, I am never normally without a phone. So, although I am not writing or posting, I can still be reading and keeping myself in the loop. But, this time, this Summer, this break that just hasn't been possible. I can't take a big boff off laptop around with me everywhere I go. So, ultimately I have felt very out of it and a bit out of touch with the world of Social Media. As nice as it was at the start, being away from all the ties and the urges, it is now waring a little thin and I am tired of being so out of touch. I am longing for the repair to happen quickly and to have the world back within my palm.

Secondly, I would like to welcome my self, Moms The Word 2012 back to the world of Social Media. It has been a strange one being away from you for so long. Feels odd saying this. But, I have actually missed you and am very much glad to be back in the room. I am looking forward to picking up where I left off and catching up with all of my readers again. I have an awful lot to share with you all and can't wait to get posting. So, keep your eyes peeled.

My world without Social Media and a phone has been a mixed one. Lovely in some respect. But, horrid in others. I immensely dislike the fact that not a photo of my boy has been taken for a very long time. It is one of my absolute joys sharing with you my son. I love snapping away his lovely face and popping it up for you all to enjoy. But, that has not been possible and I have hated that. My convenience camera hasn't existed and that has been grim. I feel like I have missed out on photographing so much. So, I have alot to catch up on. I must getting snapping away as soon as I have my mobile back. However, I have enjoyed noticing the world around me. You see, I have had to walk with my head held up high. i have had no choice as there has been no reason for me to wander with my chin tucked in and eyes down at a screen. I have seen things that I perhaps would not have seen with a phone in my hand. And, that is pretty cool. I've noticed the way people drive, the way leaves fall, the cracks in the pavement and so much more. In that respect being phoneless has been lovely. I've loved not having to check my Twitter account before bed. Not answering emails etc:

But, now, now I am back and am ready to hit it hard. So, don't lose hope with me readers. I am back and am back to stay. I hope you enjoy this season on the blog as much as the last.