Monday, 30 June 2014

Over Night Stay Success

It would appear that he did it. Or perhaps I should say "We did it!" For the first time every in Moose's life he spent a night away from us. And, came back home okay. Well, more than okay infact. He came back smiling from ear to ear with a beautiful cuddle for him Mom.
I'm unsure as to what I was so worried about. Not that I was overly worried. I mean I knew that he would love it. But, I guess the thought of not being the one to put him to bed or grab him in the morning made me a little uneasy. But, not any more. I now know that he can do it and we can do it. It's okay to have done it. I don't feel guilty about enjoying a day and night out with friends. I shouldn't and I don't. I thought I would. But, as soon as we called up the Grandparents last night and they told us that he was out for the count sleeping with his Hugo Bear, I was fine. Of course he was out for the count. Why would he not be? He has had a great day with family, eaten well and been spoilt. Why would he be sad and miserable? So silly of me to worry the way I was.
So, at the age of 18 months old I can now officially say that my soon is a happy sleeper-overer. I like this. I didn't think I would. I thought that guilt would get the better of me. But, you know what? It hasn't. I can see the benefits that allowing my son to sleep away from ours every now and then has for both him and us as husband and wife. It's good for him to get comfort from others and spend time away from us. I am not saying that every weekend I am going to drop him off at the in laws and expect a night out. Of course not. But, I am saying that every now and then is okay. Nothing wrong with that. I am not a bad Mother for allowing him this.
While I'm here, please allow me to congratulate my very good friends, the newly wed Chantelle and Daniel Griffin. Their wedding day was perfect in every way and the bride looked as pretty as a picture. May your future hold many more smiles and good times for you both. You deserve all the happiness that life throws at you. In each other you have found what some folks search a whole life time for.

Silent Sunday

Friday, 27 June 2014

Nature, Please Accept My Sincerest of Apolgies.

This post is dedicated and goes out to every worm, bumble bee, frog, dog, snail, slug, fly, horse, chicken and cat that has ever come into contact with my son. You have my permission as landlord to some of you to up and leave. I understand that you have a lot on your plate where my little man is concerned. Word on the street is that he is a bit of a bother. A pain, a nuisance. I get that, I totally understand. But, before you pack your bags oh animaly ones, please let me say something on his behalf.
Yes, he may bother you and yes, he may disturb you. And, for this I do apologise. But, you had to admit that he has never and will never hurt you. He totally sees you as his friend. I'm not lying when I say that he is your biggest fan. He loves watching you scurry and feeling your skin against his finger tips. He is just learning. Learning who you are and learning to care for you the very best he can. He thinks you are wonderful. And, for this I must thank you. Thank you for being the reason that my son thrives outdoors. Thank you for letting him get in your way and place you in his palms. Thank you for understanding that he sometimes has to get things wrong in order to get things right. It's you that he longs to see when the front or back door opens. To him you are amazing. Your a little life, in his hands so different from himself. The way you let my son explore you is so kind and generous. I know that he gets under your feet and demands a kiss. Even off you Mr Frog. But, he only does those things because he truly thinks your cracking. I hope that my son grows up with you by his side. I hope that the way he cares for you and his delicate hands remain the same through out his years. He is just a little chappy that loves to be surrounded by nature and all that it has to offer. He just likes to see you every now and then. And, hold you every now and then. And, stroke you every now and then. 

Now, it is totally cool if your still wanting to up and leave. You have my permission, no rent owed. If you're going. Please leave quietly. But, we would love it if you stayed and let your friendship with a little chap grow. I promise that the day will come when he is big enough to build you all a little house in the garden and you can stay there. Mortgage free! But, for now accept my apologies and never change creepy crawlies.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Life Is For The Living!

In what seems like an instant a year has gone by. And, then 2. And, then 3. And, then you stop for a split second and realise it. And, in that second of realisation comes a wave of guilt. "Have I wasted the years?" "What have I done to make a change?" "Have I allowed my family to experience as much as they can?". That sort of feeling lingers and it sticks with you for a fair amount of time. Don't let it. Take those feelings, take the guilt and change it. I know, that you know 'Life is for living!' So, live it. But, it's okay to stop and reflect because that makes you kick yourself up the backside. Everyone slows down now and then. everyone forgets how short life is. I know that I am guilty of it. I pass up adventures and journeys that shouldn't be passed up. I then stop, realise and make a change.
As you get older, the years go quicker. I'm not saying I'm ancient and my words are words of wise. But, I am noticing the speed in which the world flies by. It's so strange to think that there is a chance in which you can let life pass you by. And, it is so easy to do. It's so easy to not notice and to not indulge in the days that you have.
With this in mind, here is my pledge to myself and my family.
"I pledge to live for today and not for tomorrow. To live in the now and not in the yesterday. The life I live is a life to be lived. I pledge to offer my children every experience possible. To indulge with them in the things that cost us nothing. To love them every day and live our days out with smiles. From this day forward I will understand daily that the life we live is short and can be shortened at any point it time. A lot of our life is out of our hands. But, the parts that are in my own, I will grasp with both so tightly that I drain every inch of breath from it. My life is for living, for loving, for giving, for caring, for sharing, for being, for knowing, for holding, for kissing, for smiling, for desiring, for charm-ing, for understanding, for fighting, for doing, for experiencing, for enjoying, for exploring. My life is for living!"

Do you have a pledge? If not, get one. Sit back now and take 2 minutes out of your night to write one. It will be something to help inspire you daily and help you fill your life to the brim.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A "That's Mine!" Baby is Now A "Here You Are Baby!"

There it is. Right there, right in front of me and my son is the playgroup door. Once that door is opened a whole new World of everything is released. I know that behind that door lies toys. Lots and lots of toys. Toys that every child in that room wants. Toys that some will share and some will not. Behind that door lies squabbles and funny looks. I know, that once that door has been opened and we have entered, I have to be on my guard. Like a hawk I must watch my son. I have to follow him, hands out, ready to pounce when he raises a car above his head or when his hand touches another or his foot leaves the floor and promptly lands on another littlies fingers. I know, that if I am not hawk-like trouble happens. And, trouble is no good no one. Trouble at playgroup? Well, they just don't have it. Surely, my son can't be the one to cause it. He mustn't. I won't let him. Doors open, I'm ready, breathe deeply now, And, enter. And, GO!

But, wait. Is this kind of anticipation a thing of the past? Surely not. Surely, my son is not a changed human being is he?

There it is. Right there, right in front of me and my son is the playgroup door, it's open and we have entered. And, bizarrely, my son, my mini-Moose has shared.
Only upon a very rare occasion during this session have I had to ask him to be kind. He seems to have finally allowed my words "Share." "Share sweetheart" "We must share." to sink in. Is this possible? Can it actually be that my little boy can now play without me towering above him like a dinner lady? It's almost like being back at the 6 month stage. He was very calm and laid back then and would let me enjoy a half hour sit down while he pottered at clubs. But, of late that's changed. Suddenly, my little boy had turned into quite the whirl wind finding the idea of sharing and giving other toys really quite difficult. I wasn't overly bothered by this as I knew that this was just one of many phases that he was due to go through. But, I did wonder how long it would go on for and if my words of 'all together play' would ever sink in. I'm shocked to see that they sort of have. I saw a real change in the way Montgomery played with others and himself today. Upon many occasion, I saw him hand toys to other children and smile when they took them from him. They way he smiled back was lovely. Almost, as if to say "Oh, this is what Mommy was saying. Sharing makes you feel good. It really does." It's a little thing. But, I'm really quite proud of him.  I think we may have cracked. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure we will encounter many a slip up from this day forward. But, at least things have improved and he is listening.
Here's to hoping that this week wasn't just a one off. I mustn't get lax though and expect the same next week. I need to be prepared to be Momma-hawk again just incase. But, hey, Guess what? Your children can play safely around my son again.
Here's to phases and waiting for them to grow out of them!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Growing Up With Dogs

To some, and understandably so, the thought of raising their children with dogs just wouldn't happen. I get that. I get that dogs aren't for everyone and I get that they can be dangerous. Infact, not can, ARE. Dogs are dangerous. At the end of the day dogs are dogs, I guess. None the less, danger aside, my husband and I decided to indulge in 2 dogs. A weimarana named Blue and a wire haired pointer cross springer called Dotty. Now, granted we had these pooches before our little boy was born. But, we always knew that we wanted our little family to grow up with dogs in it. We always said that when we had children, we would have a dog or dogs alongside them. So, all went to plan.

Now, Montgomery just loves his dogs. Like, really loves them. At home, the dogs are allowed in 2 rooms and are gated off from the rest of the house. We did this through choice once having Montgomery. A) Because like I said before, dogs are dangerous and you just never know how they may react. No matter how much I believe that neither of these dogs would hurt our son. You just never know. And, B) Because, they are really quite big. They are capable of knocking me flying. So, goodness knows how the little one would stay on his feet. When we are present, the dogs are let out into the rest of downstairs to socialise with us as a family. The dogs and Montgomery love this time. They love spending time together. As wary as we were originally when we brought our baby boy home, we can now see that a true friendship has been formed. It's not difficult to tell that these 3 truly are best of friends.
Montgomery kisses them and they let him, he snuggles them and they let him, he walks alongside them and they let him, he touches them and they let him, he gets right in their faces and they let him, sometimes without knowing he is a bit too heavy handed with them. But, they let them. He shows them things and they let him, he shares with them and they share with him. When they play outside in the garden together I'm not sure I have ever heard my little man laugh so much. He loves being chased by them. He runs wildly giggling to himself as they follow a little confused. It is so strange to say that my son has a wonderful friendship with a dog, with 2 dogs. But, it is totally true. Their friendship is so special and something that I hope Montgomery will treasure forever. Personally, knowing that my son has grown up with pet dogs by his side makes me happy. I feel it will help with his confidence and it is just another little bit of love in his life. Slowly, he will learn how to care for another living thing and how to comfort them. That's a nice thing. A really lovely thing to grow up in the knowledge of.
I hope when my son grows and comes of age, he can thank us for allowing him to grow up beside dogs. I hope that he will recognise the pros of being a dog owner. I think he will.
My little man loves his dogs and my dogs love my little man. The 3 of them were made for one another and that makes both my husband and I very very happy. I'm glad that we made the decision to raise our son alongside owning dogs. It was our choice and I choice I feel well made. I grew up with dogs in the house and my memories of them are wonderful. I was fond of my dogs, very much so. And, I know. I just know that Montgomery will feel the same.

Monday, 23 June 2014

MPW - Miles Per Week

The other day I got talking to a local Mommy regarding cars and transport. Our conversation mainly dwindled down to the fact that neither of us drive. I can drive. But, don't drive. Being a day time Mommy doesn't provide the financial security needed to run and keep a car. Not for us anyway. So, yes that's what we were chin wagging about. Now, neither of us were really bothered about this fact. The fact that we choose not to drive. But, we both agreed that others seem to be. You mention you walked and it's like you have just walked in on their mother naked singing 'I Believe In Miracles'. You insantly feel guilty when you see their reaction to the fact that you put your legs to goo use.
You see, I do quite literally walk everywhere. Like, everywhere! Myself nor Montgomery miss out on anything just because we don't have a car to get us there. Nope, I rely on my pins. My legs! They quite frankly take the mini-Moose and I all over the shop.
Since saying goodbye to my car and hello to my walkers, I reckon on average I walk 15+ miles a week. When, I say plus, that can really mean plus. I could be adding on another 6 you know. And, what's odd about that is that I wouldn't know. I don't even think twice about going out and walking somewhere. I don't think about the distance or the time. I don't because I thoroughly enjoy a good stroll. It helps me clear my head and we bump into all sorts of wildlife. Which is always fun for the boy.
I guess, this post is a little pointless really. But, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that
"I am fine and it is fine that we are walking.And, it really is no big deal. I don't walk because I am forced to. I walk because I enjoy it and it gets me from A to B cheaply. Montgomery does not suffer from me walking. Don't worry, it won't stunt his growth. Stop panicking when I say that I have walked. It's just what I do. It's what we all do. It is what were designed to do. Chill out about it!"
Perhaps, this post may spur you on a little to walk a bit more. I don't know. Or perhaps, it will push those that already do. It is good to walk. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Something For A Saturday

Just one of the loveliest and most surprising song that I have heard in a long while. It's just lovely. Enjoy!

Friday, 20 June 2014


That's right folks. You sure did hear correctly. I have a COMPETITION in my mitts for you. And, please believe me when I say that it is a killer comp. I am more than excited about it and completely gutted that one cannot win the prize myself.

So, What Can You Win?
  • A meal for 2 at 'Boston Tea Party' in Birmingham with 2 hot drinks.
    (Now, please take note of my review for this place - Here and see how wonderful your meal will be. Trust me, it will be fabulous. 'Boston Tea Party' is top notch and the menu is pure lush!
So, How Do You Enter? 
Simple as that. Sounds a little complicated. But, it really isn't. You're all Social Media butterflies and get my drift don't you?
Anyway, best of luck to each and everyone of you. Competition closes next Friday 27th June with the winner announced at 12 midday.
Oh and before you go. Here is my shelfie:


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Guest Post: Life As A Multiple Mommy.

So, I decided to get my hands on a guest blogger for this post. I love hearing Mommy stories and when there's double the trouble is it not even better?
Well, I've stumbled across a fabulous yummy Mummy that is parent to two beautiful twin boys. And, when I say beautiful, I really do mean beautiful. They are quite the sweetest little twins one has ever laid eyes on. I'm not going to waste much more of your time delving into the life of my guest blogger. I will just tell you her name and then I will let her get on with her story.
So, let me introduce you to Jayne Harper, mommy of 2 lovely twinnies.

'Many people ask me "How do you cope with two?" my reply, just the same as any other first time mother. I'm learning as I go along, I make mistakes and do things that others could perceive as wrong but I do the best for my children and they are happy and healthy. 
When my boys arrived 11 weeks early on August 16th 2013 I can honestly say I had no idea how my life was about to change. We are nearing the end of our first year as a family and there have been many ups and many downs. But, the ups out weigh the downs by far. Now I won't say that the "easy" days have been easy because they haven't, having children that are premature brings with it a lot of possible complications and worries. There have been the lengthy hospital stays when they were first born their hearts were slowing momentarily and they were forgetting to breathe at random times. We were sat watching the monitors hoping beyond hope that they won't have one today so that they get to that all important point of having their monitors removed meaning they are that step closer to coming home. The horrible wait for your first cuddle because your child was whipped away at birth, the first time they take an entire bottle or do a full breast feed. These moments may seem small to an average parent of a healthy full term baby but for us they were massive milestones, ones that which gave us that little hope that our babies would be home soon. This unfortunately is a huge risk with a multiple pregnancy with more than half of twins born before 37 weeks. 
So what is our typical day like? To be honest it will probably be the same as any other parent structure. Get up, get dressed, have breakfast, that sort of thing but there's the obvious difference there's two babies. It takes double the time to get us all ready and out of the house for this reason we don't attend any baby groups and have a very relaxed attitude with routine. Our days tend to start between 5 and 6 am where the boys have a nappy change and bottle, they then usually go back off for an hour or so. We then get up and have breakfast in our pj's as it is an extremely messy time of day with banana, toast and anything else you can imagine being eaten, thrown and dropped. We are mainly baby led now a days as traditional weaning became a long and lengthy task resulting in one or both babies getting frustrated at having to wait for their brother to eat his spoonful. After breakfast I allow the boys to play in front of the TV, usually Fireman Sam, while I put some washing on and tidy up the breakfast mess once tidied up we get washed and dressed and ready for the day. As we don't do baby groups we tend to make our own activities which sees us out and about most days, be it shopping, long walks or just a trip to the park. Unfortunately with two babies we are very limited to what we can do when it is just me at home, as I can't take them swimming by myself or somewhere like soft play. We have become somewhat celebrities in the local area and buses with pretty much everyone knows us and coming to see how we are doing. We like many multiple parents have adapted the "please don't talk to me today" look for when we need to get somewhere or are trying to get the boys to sleep. We are also asked questions daily all ranging from the "ah! are they twins?" to the "Are they good", "Do they sleep". It's got to a point that we are so used to the questions are replies are very rehearsed. Multiples continue to amaze people even though they are increasing in numbers. At first the attention is lovely but after a while you do become a little annoyed at not even being able to leave your own front door without someone stopping you. 
Afternoon nap time can happen in the pram on the way home or even wait till we get home it purely depends on the boys and how they are that particular day. One thing that does stay the same is that they will not go down for a nap without a bottle, I think it is more of a comfort thing these days than actually being hungry or thirsty but it is not something I'm in any rush to end, it makes them happy and gives them a good hour or so nap, I believe they will wean themselves off it like they have a lot of their other daytime bottle when they are ready. After nap time the afternoon is usually spent in the house or garden listening to music and playing with Mommy and Daddy. We like to do things like play in the paddling pool if it's warm enough or practise crawling position, learn words and sounds, which is mainly us sitting there for ages repeating them same word again and again and them giggling at us. If I'm lucky they will go down for a late time afternoon nap at around 3.30/4 pm for around half hour before we start making dinner. While dinner is being made the boys play once again in front of the TV, they have become quite fond of certain programs like Fireman Sam and Sounds Like Fun. Dinner time is usually between 5.30 and 6 pm for the boys as they are still learning to feed themselves I'm always a little nervous of trying to eat at the same time as them. I usually have to strip them down to just their nappies as it is even more messy than breakfast time and ends up with bath time straight afterwards. Now bath times are interesting as if the boys are in good moods and have napped nicely during the day I can do one at a time, leaving one to play in the cot while I bath one and then swapping over. However if they haven't napped so well I have to have them both in the bath at the same time which results in the bathroom and anyone brave enough to come close to the bath being completely soaked and the kick like crazy people with excitement. We have to have a bath seat for them even though they can sit very well as while I'm washing one baby I can't keep my hand on the other one and it's the same as getting them back out and brushing teeth. Bedtime can be fairly easy if they are both really tired out as they will take their last bottle and drop off pretty quickly, the problems occur when like last night, they hadn't napped very well during the day. They were over tired and couldn't settle. It took an hour and half to settle them to sleep, Toby would roll all the way over to his brother and keep waking him up resulting in 5/10 minutes of giggling and then the crying would start again. These nights are exhausting because you know that when they are like that, that they will be up half the night crying in frustration. But saying all that waking up in a morning to two giggling little men is something you can't explain, it's a feeling like no other. 
Now as we approach their first birthday all those sleepless nights and two hourly feeds seem a million years ago, life has become easier as they've grown but we still face our daily challenges of things like getting them to nap together and teaching them to share but I wouldn't change a thing. .Being a multiple mummy has it's difficult times and the times you don't have enough arms as they've both fallen and hurt themselves but you find ways to make it work. I can now eat a sandwich and have them both on my lap having cuddles. My heart is now doubly big and my life doubly busy but that's how we like it.'

What a lovely post. What a lovely Mommy. What a lovely pair of boys. See, Beautiful!
Perhaps, you too are Mommy to Multiples and would like to discuss your experience here on Moms The Word 2012. If so, please go ahead and get the discussion going.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Boston Tea Party (Birmingham) Breakfast Review

What a wonderful weekend we have had. What a wonderful Sunday morning. You see, our Sunday got a bit special. Not only was it Father Day. But, it was also 'Boston Tea Party' Birmingham review day. Fabulous! Now, I have to be honest when saying that this cafe is well up there in my list of top places to review. We bloomin' loved it. 
'Boston Tea Party is a small group of family owned independent cafes.
We serve ethically sourced, feel-good food & drink made from scratch on site everyday using great ingredients, skill & love.
Everything we do is available from the moment we open to the minute we close.'

Firstly, not only is the menu ridiculously attractive. But, so is the building. It is one heck of a beautiful building. We had to take a little moment to just observe it before we entered. And, to my absolute joy when peeking through the front door I could see that it had been decorated through in an industrial style. Now, this really excited me. As, on a decor and interior design front it's just my favourite. I hope one day to own a house completely decorated like this. I love it. So, as you can imaging my excitement levels outside the front door were ridiculously high. Get me into 'Boston Tea Party!'. In we went ....
Yes, in we went and we felt right at home. This cafe made us feel right at home. There was nothing about the place that we disliked. Nothing. That doesn't happen very often does it? I mean, I often wander into establishments and think to myself "Shame about those chairs." Or "That wallpaper? Really." But, not today, not in 'Boston Tea Party.' Just wonderful in every way.
I hopped on over to the counter and explained who I was. The staff were really attentive yet laid back. Now, laid back is not a problem for me at all. That's just how I like it. Especially in a cafe. Perhaps, if in a Michelin star I'd expect my coat to be taken etc etc: But, nah, not here. It doesn't need it. The friendly chitter chatter the staff offer and their beaming smiles are more than enough. We were greeted by a lovely young man whom I must be honest with and say that one has forgotten his name. How terrible is that? How awful of me. Well, anyway I'm sure he knows who he is! He continued to care for us throughout our meal and his service was top notch. Couldn't knock him or his team. 
'Feeling rather pleased with ourselves & happy to announce that we have just been awarded the 3 star (out of 3) rating & membership of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.
The SRA ratings are the first international eco-rating designed to help diners eat with a clear conscience. We are proud of our ethics – the way we run our cafes & the sourcing of the products we serve – so it is particularly lovely to receive such industry recognition.'

The menu is lovely in every way and is presented on an old school wooden clipboard. Simple yet so effective. Right, now these guys have so much on offer. Click here to see the menu. But, we opted for the daddy of all breakfasts :- 'The Boss' and it really was Boss! I don't think I have ever had a breakfast before with new potatoes on the side. But, now I have. I can now say I have and I can say that it works. It really works. When ordering full English's I always worry about the grease as it just does not sit well with my stomach. But, this breakfast was not greasy in the slightest. It tasted so fresh and there wasn't a big pile of oil on my plate once I'd finished. To me, this is great. I hate greasy breakfasts!

For our little fella we opted for a breakfast of - 'Kedgeree' Now, this was not on the Children's breakfast it was on the adults. But, I just knew that he would love. So, i asked if it was possible to do a childs portion. And, guess what? It was absaloutley fine. No problems and no queeries at all. They just went ahead and did it, which I am really appreciative of. There is nothing worse than getting a refusal in the food you wish to eat. All of our meals were presented so well. They looked so appetising. All 3 of us loved our breakfasts.Montgomery polished his off.

Oh and I must mention the gorgeousness of 'Boston Tea Party's' tea and coffee. I am a tea drinker. Avid. And, my husband is a coffee drinker. He made a real point of telling me how good the coffee was and I made a real point of going on and on about the tea. I know your drinks aren't everything. But, you can't go having a wonderful meal with with a weak beverage can you? ;-)

Now for those of you with families and little ones. Don't worry. There was loads of us there. A fair few toddlers toddling about and a fair few squealers here and there. But, no one batted an eye lid. And, even if they did, who care? The staff certainly don't. They were really considerate where our little man was concerned. There are highchairs available, a children's menu, children's drinks and (get this) changing facilities in both the Men's and the Women's toilets. Now, it isn't every where that you get that. They really accommodating to kiddies. Our little fella loved it and it was nice for him to eat something a bit different.

Overall, 'Boston Tea Party' gets a huge thumbs up from me and my family. We cannot recommend this cafe enough. Now, understand that it is priced highly. But, not silly. You completely pay for what you get. The food is of a really high standard and worth every penny. Please trust me. Plus, it's City prices isn't it? That aside, you will not regret the money you will spend here. I will say it again 'Worth every penny." It's a thoroughly wonderful place to eat with a super atmosphere and bursting with friendly staff. You will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

20 Things That Happened To Us This Morning That Will Make Your Morning Seem Heavenly.

What A morning! What A morning! I don't often say this or even think it. But, If I could I would rewind this morning and start over. So, you think your morning isn't going to grandly? Think again. Here I am to make you feel 10x better about the morning you have had. Use my experiences to help you to feel a little more positive about your morning experience today. 

20 Things That Happened To Me This Morning That Will Make Your Morning Fell Heavenly.
  1. I have a room that has it's own clean washing mountain in it that decided to fall over this morning spewing socks and boxers that were neatly folded everywhere.
  2. My son dropped 3 pieces of very crumby toast onto the laminate jam side down. 
  3. My son got hold of my skateboard.
  4. My son put his foot in his poo as I was changing his nappy.
  5. My dogs wouldn't stop barking. 
  6. My dogs went outside and ate the back of my shoe.
  7. My dogs messed up the swept patio AGAIN covering it in chewed wood and plant pots. 
  8. My son stubbed his toe.
  9. I got a call from a PPI company that lasted too long.
  10. My son has 3 BACK teeth coming through. So, is fairly grizzly.
  11. My son threw my shoes down the stairs. 
  12. Whilst I was having a wee my son carried a cold cup of tea from my bedroom to the bathroom spilling it along the way, on the carpet and on the mattress.
  13. I then stripped the bed.
  14. Cleaned the mattress.
  15. Another PPI phone call.
  16. My son got every book out from under his bed whilst I was cleaning the floor.
  17. My dogs continued barking. 
  18. I could not get both dogs on a lead and the boy on my back.
  19. Once I had done they were totally uncontrollable. 
  20. I only have blue milk in the fridge. I only like RED milk!!
Feeling better? I'm thinking that you should do. Oh, I didn't mention all the crayons that have rolled underneath the piano did I? Well, yeah. That too!
Here's to our mornings as Mommies, Daddies, Parents, Grandparents, Carers, Guardian etc etc: You know what? As I read my list above and as I have vented in doing so. I sort of realise that actually as manic and as extreme as it was, I guess my morning really wasn't that bad was it? I mean we were under our own roof, able to open cupboards for food and drink, we are in good health, we have each other and we are lucky enough to own 2 wonderful puppies. That is how I am going to look at it. Yes, it was a stressful morning and yes it did take me by surprise. But, it is done now. It's over. I'm going to move on, forget what happened and see the afternoon in a far more positive light.
For those of you that had a similar morning to us. Take a deep breath, look at your lovely littlies, love them and smile because we only get these days once!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Fathers Day 2014. Let's Get Soppy.

It's that time of year again. The day where we get to take a few minutes out of our busy schedules to cuddle and thank the Fathers that love us.
Little Montgomery wishes to share this following post with you all regarding his Daddy this Fathers Day.

Daddy (Karl),

Yesterday was our 2nd Fathers Day together and it was fun. Lots and lots of fun.Mommy took us for breakfast and you kept sneaking kisses off me all day. Cheeky! Daddy, you are super special and I love you in every way. I know that sometimes when I see you I am grumpy. I'm not great in the mornings Daddy and I'm not wonderful before bed either. However, I do love our snuggles before I sleep. I hope in those snuggles you can see how much I love you.
Daddy, I love you and your big car!

Now, one from me to my husband.


Happy Fathers day darling. I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for all that you do for our little boy. He is extremely lucky to have you as his Daddy and I am extremely lucky to watch you two enjoying life together. You make him smile every day and that is priceless. You are a wonderful Father and husband to our son and I. You deserve the most special of day. Let us spoil you Mr V. Love you.

Oh and one mustn't forget my own Dad. Mr Maxwell Harper.

So, Dad,

And, pretty much best friend. You're quite the cool dude in your old age aren't you? I just wanted to say a quick 'Happy Fathers Day' to you. And, to let you know how much I loves you. I loves you lots old man!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Something For A Saturday

I watched this video in the week and it shocked me to the core. I'm not sure what I would do if I was the chappy in the video.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Montgomerys Chick Adventure 2 Weeks On ...

2 weeks back my little Mooses adventure with his new found girls began and I know some of you have been following his caring journey and awaiting some news.
Well, anytime now we could notice a bit of hatching going on. So, our eyes are peeled. Saying that, we have noticed a crack in an egg and are really hoping that it is the start of our first chick hatching and not just a damaged egg. Fingers crossed. However, they do say that you are lucky to have a successful hatching bunch within your first time of incubating. But, we shall see.
Right, so hoping that we have a hacthling on our way. We decided to spend yesterday afternoon preparing their big girl home. Which Montgomery just loved doing. He loves sweeping, cleaning, digging and getting down right riffy. All in preparation for his new friends.
To be honest, that is all that I can tell you as far as his Chick Adventure is concerned. It's all part of the journey I guess.
Here to the chicks and hoping they hatch healthy!