Monday, 31 March 2014

The Desire To Breastfeed My 15 Month Old ...

I breastfed my mini-moose right up until the rip old age of 10 and a half months. I always said that I would feed him up to the age of 1 and I was very much planning to. But, when do things ever go to plan when you have children eh? You see, he was an avid feeder and milk drinker (still is) and I fed him totally on demand. When he wanted boob, he get boob. He was quite literally permanently attached. This caused a problem when trying to wean him on to a bottle. He had been on and off expressed milk from bottles for ages, we were lax with it, he was lax with taking it and expressing just wasn't my thing. Looking back, next time, I will make it more of a thing. But, it wasn't with Montgomery and that was that. But, it made weaning him off the breast difficult. You see, I couldn't give him a bottle so Many times a day and then breast now and then because he just didn't want to be fed like that. If the boon was involved then that was his favour all the way. I had to either atop completely or continue like Daisy the Cow and feed the greedy guzzler. Honestly, I would have continued. But, for selfish reasons. For reasons that only really benefited myself. The bond, the comfort and not to mention the endless supply of chocolate that you could eat without seeing it appear on your hips. I wasn't really thinking of the bond that my husband wanted with my son and I didn't really take into consideration the fact that he had never really fed him and I needed to. Also, it meant that night times could be managed a little better with a joint effort in wake up calls as allowed to just me and my boob.
The journey from breast to bottle was hard. Really hard. But, alone at home during the day we managed to do it. I managed to break his feeding to sleep routine and get a rigid nap schedule in place. It was the only way to get structure in our day. We formed a routine, we stuck to it and it worked.
Do i regret choosing to stop breastfeeding? No. Do I miss it? Dreadfully. I do, I really do. I loved feeding my son and holding his little body on my arms while I watched his big brown eyes peer up at me appreciating the nectar I was giving him. I miss the skin to skin contact and the satisfaction I for from his full belly.
I was lucky to be able to breastfeed and it was my choice to do so. I completely understand that it isn't everyone's and it is not a necessity in a child's life. But, to us it was our way of living for a little while. Our way of getting to know one and other. We would spend time with each other providing each other with all that we needed. I needed him as much as he needed me when feeding. When breasts were full, I needed him to feed. When he needed to feed, my breasts we full.
And, you know what? Although he has been bottle fed now for over 7 months, I still yearn for it. That feeding experience, that rush of lovely hormones that get released when feeding. It's strange that I should long for it the way I do from time to time because it is such a commitment and it's a job you can't do half heartedly.  However, that aside it is the most wonderful and fulfilling experience should you choose to do it.
I will miss feeding Montgomery forever. As weird as that sounds. It's true. Very true and to true.
Our breastfeeding journey together was a delightful one. One that I won't forget and that I am very proud of.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Mommy Recipe #7 - Chicken and Spinach Curry

Since Montgomery has been poorley, he really hasn't eaten. He managed to not eat anything but a few small cubes of carrot for 3 days. Scary stuff. So, as you can imagine since we have been home I have been pretty keen on getting some form of nutrition other than milk (However, milk is better than nothing) down him. 
Now, I know my little boy and I know that this chap is one for flavor. So, last night I prepared him one of his all time favourites. And, I wish to share it with you all because it is extremely scrummy, simple and littlie friendly.
Please remember that the majority of my recipes are very easy to follow and can be adapted greatly. I don't tend to stick to measurements or guidelines.You don't need to with my recipes either. I just tend to chuck rough guidelines at you here my recipes are concerned. Right. So, what do I have for you? 

Chicken and Spinach Curry

What do you need? What do you need?
  • 2 large chicken breasts (If you wish to make a larger batch. Go ahead and add more)
  • Half a bag of standard supermarket spinach or much as you desire. (Bare in mind that spinach wilts alot when it is cooking. So, add plenty.)
  • 1 large onion.
  • 2 large garlic cloves.
  • 1 inch long piece of fresh garlic. 
  • 2 large tomatoes.
  • A squeeze of tomato puree.
  • 1/2 tea spoon turmeric
  • 1/2 teas spoon cumin.
  • 1/2 tea spoon ground coriander.
  • A pinch of chili flakes.
  • Half a pot of standard sized fat free yogurt. I say standard, I'm not talking little tub of multipack yogurt. I'm talking the larger pot.
  • Splash of water.
  • Fresh Coriander.
Now, there are 2 parts to this recipe. A marinade and the curry. 

  1. Chop ginger very finely. (Grate if possible).
  2. Chop garlic very finely. (Grate if possible).
  3. Add both the garlic and ginger together into a mixing bowl.
  4. To the bowl add all the spices and yogurt.
  5. Chop the chicken into bitesize pieces and add to the bowl also. 
  6. Make sure the chicken is coated and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. (It doesn't matter if you aren't able to leave it too long.)
  1. Finely chop the onion and brown in a large pan with a little sunflower oil. (Don't worry if you only have olive oil, that is fine).
  2. Chop the tomatoes in to 4 and pop in the pan. You need to leave these simmering for quite a while. This way they really cook down. If you wish to remove the skins, do so. However, I don't.
  3. Add the squeeze of tomato puree along with the splash of water.
  4. Add the chicken and the marinade to the pan and cook until chicken is cooked through.
  5. Once chicken is cooked through, slowly add the the spinach, allowing it to wilt and be stirred in. 
  6. Once happy with how the spinach is cooked, dish up.
  7. Serve with wholemeal rice, fresh coriander and a roti. (This is just a serving suggestion) 
This is one of Montgomery's favourite meals. It is the meal really that was the turning point in our little boy eating chicken. He didn't seem to fussed by the meat before, in any meal really. But, since rustling this bad boy up, he will eat chicken happily now. Which is great! :-) Obviously, add what you want to this recipe and adapt it to however suits your family. It won't go wrong or anything. At the end of the day, you like what you like.
If you do adapt it and come up with a genius dish then please let me know and I will give it ago. 

Don't forget folks that Mom's the Word 2012 on Facebook also has a sister page - Cooking's the Word where you can share recipes with other readers and talking things food. Join the foodie revolution. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hospital Bound With A Poorley Moose

I thought I had ought to pop this post up. As, so many of you have been getting in contact to see how our Mini- Moose, Montgomery is doing and what went on.
Well, now that we are home and the chaos of illness has stopped a little, I felt now was the right time to jot it all down for you to peruse. As you have probably gathered from the title of this post. We have had a poorley Montgomery over the last couple of days. It all started on Monday morning. I noticed our little boy was quiet. But, thought nothing of it really. You know, you blame the usual don't you? Tiredness or teeth. But, when washing up, I poked my head round the door to and saw my little man rolling his eyes into the back of his head again. I say again because the whole convulsion thing has happened before due to his temperature. So, I ran upstairs with him, took his temp which was 39.2, stripped him off and gave him calpol. Luckily, for us his Daddy was at the doctors. So, he got us an appointment nice and quick. Off we went with a very lifeless Montgomery to be told that he needed to go to hospital. We made the journey to the assessment unit and remained there until 12 midnight. His temperature remained very high, he hadn't eaten and the doctors had noticed some suspicious pin prick marks on his hands and neck. This raised alarm bells and resulted in his bloods being taken. This was quite an endeavour as I ended up being treated whilst Montgomery was having a cannula fitted. You see, I'm terrible where anything injection wise is concerned. I thought I'd be okay though where little man was concerned. But, obviously not. Ah well, main thing is after a long time and a lot of blood, they got what they needed from Montgomery's veins and had fitted a cannula.
We waited for his blood results to come back whilst Montgomery remained unwell. The results came back. He was showing high results for his white blood cells and a high infection count. So, they warned us that there was a chance this could be a strain of meningitis. But, they couldn't be sure until they got all blood results back. Which, may I add we are still waiting for as they have to be sent away to a lab. They treated Montgomery as though he had meningitis as they aren't sure whether it is or isn't and are remaining to do so for the next 10 days.
All in all, we spent a total of 3 days and 2 nights upon the Children's Ward at Newcross Hospital and I can honestly say it was the scariest time of my life. Our little Moose was so poorley and there wasn't anything that we could really do to help him. All we could do was let the doctors and nurses do their thing and treat our little boy. For the 2 nights I stayed there, I didn't sleep. I just watched his little body as he lay so still, praying for him to get better. And, thankfully he has shown signs of getting better now. Yesterday, all on the ward were happy with him to come home to continue to recover. We too were happy with this. So, yesterday evening we got home with a bag of medication and antibiotics for Montgomery. We are still awaiting some results. But, we are happy that he is mending. Hopefully, it won't take too long for us to get our little boy back to full form.

I know, this post is a little brief and I apologise for that. But, I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for your lovely messages and well wishes that you have sent to myself, my family and Montgomery. They have all been so kind and have offered both myself and my husband alot of support which we are very grateful of. Thank you.
I'm sure if Montgomery could talk, he would thank you all too. Seriously, thank you!

A note to you Montgomery: This week has been a bit of a tough week little boy. You have been ultra poorley. But, have been ultra brave. Both Mommy and Daddy are really proud of you. You have been really strong and we love you very much. Now, young man let's get you better and fighting fit as quickly as possible. You make me smile every day :-)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Scary Couple Of Days

So, as you know we are currently hospital bound and last time I wrote we weren't overly sure why. I mean, we knew our Little boy was poorley. But, we didn't know what the problem was. Well, he is currently bring treated as though he has meningitis. There is a high chance that it isn't meningitis and just a very nasty infection. But, a couple of signs that Montgomery is displaying point arrows in a few scary directions. I'm sorry to be so brief. But, I really have very little to tell you. Wish I could tell you a little more. But, at this precise minute I'm afraid that I can't.
We are awaiting his next set of antibiotics and he will be having those intravenously over the space of an hour. Hopefully, these help with peeking this little boy up. Maybe, just maybe I'd all foes well after those we can go home perhaps tomorrow and get him settled. That would be nice.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Sorry For Not Posting In A While

There isn't much to say really. Other than, we aren't sure what is the matter with out little Moose. He is a poorley little boy and is currently in hospital. We are awaiting blood results and are on our 2nd day here. Fingers crossed our little boy starts to heal soon.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Launch Of The New Mom's The Word Badge

Oooosh! Rather exciting times here at Moms the Word HQ. Today is none other than the launch of a very special thing. Something that I have been working and waiting on for quite a while now. Umming and arrring over design and appearance. But, it is finally here - Moms the Word has it's very own badge/logo/button thingy. And, I am extremely excited by it. As excited as I am, I am also willing to accept any constructive criticism over it. So, please do appreciate the badge. But, also offer advice if you feel anything needs altering or changing anyway. Please be kind and remember personal preference isn't a reason to change something. Just because you may not like my dress in the picture doesn't mean there is reason to change it. Please think constructively.
And, on that note - Here it is:

So, what does one think? I'm hoping you like it. :-)
I must give a huge shout out to my buddy who designed this. A huge thank you to Mr Jacob Russon, a local illustrator from the Midlands with wonderful talent and skills. He is something else when it comes to illustration. Seriously, Jacob - THANK YOU!
If you want to get in touch with Jacob regarding illustration, please drop me a comment/message or email and details can be passed on to you. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

You Are Glowing and So Is Your Bath

This is something that I have been doing with Montgomery since the day the little man was big enough to sit up straight in the tub. So, from about 5 - 6 months we started doing this. 
It's super simple and super super effective. Please believe me when I say 'Super simple' because it really is - Super simple!
Are you ready for it? Are you? ... Glow sticks ... In the bath! Ta dahhh!

There you go. There you have it. As simple as that. But, as much fun as a firework display indoors. That reminds me. My husband and I surprised Montgomery with this on Bonfire night last year actually and dressed it up as exactly that - 'A firework display indoors.' Haha. Little man loves this sensory bath. He always has. But, recently his delight in this kind of bath has grown. Now, when glow sticks are present in the tub all you can hear is "Wooooow" "Oooooh". It's really lovely to watch as his mind is stimulated in a a perfectly positive way.
Anything sensory based is really rewarding for a littlie. They gain alot from it. Be it just their eye tracking or be it touch. Being able to hold something that lights up luminous in their hands is alerting the brain and stimulating their learning.
I love sensory based activities and I'm aware how positively Montgomery responds to them. He does really love feeling things and holding textures within his hands. He loves nothing more than getting messy or exploring the world around him. The glow stick bath is just another way of letting him enjoy his environment and embrace being a toddler. It really is super simple. Yet, super effective! 
Get 'Glow Stick Bathing' folks. It's great fun and really rewarding as you watch your little ones face light up with delight.

A little information for you. Poundland sell these glow sticks in packs of 20 for ... Yes, you guess it - £1,00 and they come in a variety of colours. They come in a tube and just need cracking in order to glow. I always have a tube in handy.
(Please excuse the photographs below. It is quite hard trying to get a good photograph of the 'Glow stick bath' when it is so dark.)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Child Has Bumped His Head. Call An Ambulance! ... Breathe! ... Calm

We have all been there haven't we? That crazy moment where your child tumbles, you forget to breathe in panic and worry. When the time finally comes to release all your held breath, you release it with such a scream that your noise scares the child more than the fall in the first place.
They cry even more because your crying. You then cry more because they are crying. Neither you nor toddler can console nor calm yourself for a good 5 minute. All sorts of irrational ideas cross your mind. Call an ambulance? Call my husband? Call my Mom? Run out into the street and scream "Someone help me!"
None of the above are great ideas when in a state of panics. Probably best to compose yourself, analyse the situation and stay calm. Once that is done and calm has been resumed. You will more than likely find that a cold compress and some milk will do the trick. I say, do the trick. I don't mean will cure all falls or injuries. I just mean will help calm the situation. Obviously, if there's blood or broken bones do all of the above! 

Little Montgomery took one of those tumbles at the weekend and yes I did go a bit crazy. But, in the end we sorted ourselves out and the boy was fine. So was his Mommy. All the things that should have happened happened. 

- He cries straight away.
- It came out in a big egg.
- He wasn't drowsy and didn't sleep.
- He was still responsive.

As scary as it was. The tale has been  lived to be told. So, if you see us about expect a bruise on the little guys head. But, know that he is okay! :-)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Mumpreneur Mondays #9

Yes, it is that time of the week again. Perhaps, one of my favourite times of the week here at Moms the Word. I love it because I get to meet and introduce you all to an array of gorgeous Mommies with fantastic businesses to share. It's really great getting to know you all.

Right, so this week let me introduce to you the lovely Jennie Glaze and her business - Jewellery Made By Me.

Now, there has been a little loss in communication along the way with this post. So, I am trying to string it together as best I can. As I promised I'd do this post. But, I just don't have much to go on. However, Jewellery Made By Me has a great Facebook page and website that's well worth a look at. So, that has given me quite a lot of info to share with you.
So, what is the business Jewellery Made By Me all about? Well,
"Jewellery Made By Me provides handmade bridal tiaras, head pieces and bridal jewellery. All items are created using quality materials including freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. All items are handcrafted in Jennies studio in Shropshire, UK."
Now, I don't know about you. But, when I got married, I did struggle a bit where jewellery was concerned. It's such a personal thing and finding the right items for myself and my bridesmaids was really hard. I settled on pearl ear rings for my bridesmaids and a borrowed pearl necklace from my Mom for me. Had I have known about this glorious business when I had got married, there would have been no stopping me from ordering a lot of items. They are all so beautiful and delicate. Plus, the fact that they are handmade and personal is very appealing. Especially, when a wedding is just that - handmade and personal.
The pieces that Jennie makes and crafts are so delicate. They really are something special. Have a look at these lovely items below:

Fancy paying Jewellery Made By Me a visit? Please do:

I have really fallen for this business. The skills involved to make these intricate pieces must be enormous. Congratulations to Jennie on a. Extremely successful business. :-)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Baby on My Back and A Dog in Each Hand. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It was an early one for us this morning. You see, of a morning life normally moves at a very slow pace for us. We don't normally hit the ground running until midday. That isn't due to laziness or anything of the sort. It's more down to the fact that Montgomery is a morning napper. That's his routine, that's my routine and that is how we like it. However, I have noticed over the last few days that his naps have been scheduling themselves back a little. This is fine by me. I don't mind. Just as long as he does get a nap. 
So, today I took advantage of the later nap. After breakfast, I could see that our puppies were getting restless. They could see the sun rays through the window and sure enough wanted to bask in them. Not a problem I thought. I will take them to the park for a run. Nice thought. Taking both our dogs and Montgomery for a walk with 2 of you is difficult at the best of times. But, on your own is 100 times worse. Knowing that I still went for it. So, on with the TULA, in went Montgomery and battle with the dogs and leads. Right, get one dog on the lead and restrain her. Get the other and attempt to restrain him. Check Montgomery is okay. Slowly walk to the front door, snapping at their leads every time they try to remove my hand with their tugs. Open the front door slowly checking no other dogs are wandering by and UNLEASH! Down the step I fly, tug tug tug, onto the gravel we land. Shut the front door, tug tug tug. Now, try and walk slowly on the gravel drive as we don't want it spilling over onto the pavement. Impossible. I'm about to lose my left arm, there's no chance. Gravel everywhere! Darn it!
I can hear little man chuckling away whilst shouting 'Dotty, Dotty, Dotty.' I however, am not chuckling. Not in the slightest. Right, now the mission is on. I have got to get to the park in one piece, with a child still smiling and still on my back, with dogs walking calmly and without poo. You see, no poo bags. I have forgotten the poo bags! But, I can't go back. I can't go through the gravel battle again. I just can't!
GO! To the park we trott hoping we don't bump into anyone that we know. We can't stop and chat. These dogs do not want to stop and chat. Sorry. We are on our way and all is well. We walk past school children and all is well, prams and all is well, parents and all is well, cars and all is well. And, then BAM! There it is the dreaded other dog. "Walk on" "Walk on dogs" "Leave it" "leave it". The utter mad woman comes out of my and I start to walk quicker than an Olympic power walker. All is well and the park is in sight. The dogs are up on their hind legs. Completely uncontrollable. I free them of their collars and whoosh, they are gone! I breathe a slight sigh of relief. But, I know that I have it all to do again on the way home.
I am okay. Montgomery is okay.
The dogs play and run. They enjoy the sun and the wet grass on their paws. It's nice to watch and I take a few minutes to breathe.

Time to go. Blue is on his lead. No problems. Dotty has gone. I can't see her and I can't see her. Great! I wasn't overly worried as she often does this. But, I could really do without it today. So, the hunt for the pointer cross begins. 
I find her. Luckily for me, my friend is on her way to a music class with her little girl, walking through the park and I see her with Dotty on a lead. Oh my gosh! I run over fearing the worst. You know, like she had jumped in her pram or stolen her sandwiches. Oh my gosh! So, Blue in tow I head on over. Another lady stops me to reprimand me for allowing my dog to run on the road. I did not allow her to. She just did! Sorry. I get to my friend and am very grateful for the care she showed Dotty. Dotty had been popped on a make shift lead and was safe. The embarrassment, the embarrassment. I look like a woman on the edge with dogs that I can;t control. And, you know what, at that particular moment in time I was exactly that. A woman on the edge with dogs I can't control.
A big thank you to my friend for getting Dotty out of the road. A big telling off to the dog that spoilt a lovely stroll. 
All in all a successful walk I guess? Kind of. I mean, we did get home in 1 piece. No poo was rolled in or eaten or even done. Remember no poo bags! No other dogs got in our way. No water was swam in and no birds were killed by either of them. As much as this morning had my stress levels higher than high. It was enjoyable to be out and about so early in the day. The air was fresh and the sky was clear. The dogs, yes were a nightmare. But, it's over now and things can only get better. Right?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Hubby's Birthday

The strangest of days really. It was my husband's Birthday. Yet, I didn't see him. We woke together, I surprised him with A Birthday breakfast, he opened his presents off me and then he left for work. We later met in bed at about 11.30pm. Busy day huh?
I'm sorry. But, I can't be much more inventive with this post. Other than 'Happy Birthday to the man that makes this world a better place to live in'. Love you very much and can't wait for Saturday when we can properly celebrate together. Love a love a you!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Frankie and Benny's Review


Last night saw myself, Montgomery and my husband take a little trip to the well known restaurant - 'Frankie and Benny's' in Dudley, Wolverhampton. And, it was scrummy as ever. We often visit 'Frankie and Benny's' which is why I was very keen to give it a great review on my blog. Every time we have been, we have received wonderful customer service and alot of Patience where Montgomery is concerned. You know, with the whole food on the floor, ice cream on the table, juice everywhere. Just the general mess that comes with a mini diner! I really wanted to share the 'Frankie and Benny's' experience with you all. So, here is my review. Enjoy! 
We were asked to go along and review their new Specials menu. This menu has only been running for 2 weeks now. But, according to our waitress has been very well received by it's customers. All the meals within this menu are also knew. Barr, the crab bruschetta. This dish proved to be so popular last season that they just had to keep it going.

Once we were shown to our seats in a very bust restaurant with a great atmosphere we were introduced to our waitress called Sarah-Louise. Who may I add was extremely friendly and offered a wonderful service to our table. She interacted with Montgomery so well and he really took to her. Anyway, we ordered a couple of drinks and got stuck into the specials menu. This menu was really great. It offered a huge choice on all starters, mains and desserts. The deal that you get here, I feel is brilliant value for money. As you can see in the photograph above you can get 2 courses for 11 pounds 95 pence or 3 courses for an extra  2 pounds 50 pence. Both myself and my husband opted for only 2 courses each. He chose a starter and a main. I chose a main and dessert. 

What we chose:
  • A starter of Crab Bruschetta
  • A main of Italiano Burger
  • A main of chicken and chorizo pizza
  • A dessert of peanut butter stack sundae
Yummy yummy to say the least.
Right, now Montgomery. What did this little fella have? Well, our little man ate like a king. The Children's menu and deal at 'Frankie and Benny's' is really really great! :-) The deal we chose for Montgomery was 4 pounds 25 pence in total. That included a meal, a refillable drink and a free dessert. How great is that? GREAT!

What we chose:
  • Margarita pizza
  • A glass orange squash
  • Bananas and custard

So, our food was ordered by the lovely Sarah Louise and a children's pack was dropped off for Montgomery. This pack included an activity book, a small jigsaw and a crayon.The activities within this book were a little advanced for out little man. But, he enjoyed the jigsaw and scribbling on the pages. However, for an older child this little book would be great. As, it contained way more than 5 activities for them to crack on with. A great way to keep your little ones entertained whilst waiting for your food to arrive.
Our food came very quickly. We did not have to wait very long at all. Although, we had ordered a starter, we asked for all the meals barr the dessert to arrive at the same time. They did and this stopped any moaning from Montgomery. I also asked if I could have a BBQ base on my pizza instead of tomato and they did that for me, no problem. :-)

Our meals were really really lovely. My pizza was no smaller nor bigger than Montgomery's. I could not believe it when I saw the size of little mans pizza. That just proves the great value for money at 'Frankie and Benny's'. Karl's burger was also a fab size and most definitely filled a hole. All of our meals came nice and hot on warm plates. Warm plates is a bit of big thing for me. Food goes cold far too quickly on cool plates. We received a check back from our waitress and we were more than happy with our food. So, no complaints there.
I totally urge you to try the pizzas when you visit 'Frankie and Benny's'. They are lush and the thin base is a complete winner.
Once our plates from the mains were cleared, we didn't wait very long for our desserts at all. After a chat with Sarah Louis we decided on Bananas and custard for Montgomery. You see, we couldn't choose and she offered advice. Which was really helpful and helped us make the right choice as he loved his dessert and ate the whole lot. Oh and I sure managed to eat the whole lot of my dessert too. Peanut butter stack sundae was utterly delicious. But, I'm a complete sticker for ice cream. So, I always enjoy a sundae. Yum Yum Yum!

This restaurant also provides families with a baby changing area. Which, I had to use yesterday with Montgomery as we decided to seriously leak at the table. The changing area was very clean and big enough for the two of us to change comfy in. The changing mate pulled down from the wall and provided us with a safety strap to keep Montgomery still. It was light in there and had some lovely tunes playing within it. That kept my little man entertained. He loves music you see. The changing area got my approval!

All in all 'Frankie and Benny's' completely got our thumbs up! (excuse the hair). The restaurant was nice and lively boasting a great atmosphere to enjoy a meal in. The restaurant provides you with an experience not just a family meal. The music playing is very in keeping with the style of decor through out 'Frankie and Benny's'. We had no problems regarding our food at all. We enjoyed every single mouthful. The specials menu is sure great value for money as are the Children's meals. We would like to give a special mention to Sarah Louise our waitress. She is a credit to 'Frankie and Benny's'. She was extremely polite and really good at her job. She was paitient with us and offered her opinion on food. We enjoyed her company and her service was impeccible. Big up to Sarah Louis. You are doing a mighty fine job hunni. Mighty fine! :-D

Fancy paying 'Frankie and Benny's' a little visit? Yes? Well, the link below will take you to their website. From there, you can find the restaurant you wish to visit with a contact number to book. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Son Is Having A Public Meltdown

So, today I did something most foolish. MOST foolish! Do you know what I did? Well, knowing that Montgomery loves his sleep and is utterly regimented when it comes to his naps. I, thinking I knew best decided to cut his nap short in order to go shopping! I know, I know how inconsiderate of me. How inconsiderate indeed. It was something that I never should have done and deep down inside I knew that. But, I just thought cutting it short would be okay. Was silly of me as I have worked super hard to get him in a napping routine. But, don't you worry readers. Montgomery sure got his own back. Oh did he? Oh yes, he did. He really did!

His way of revenge is what I like to call 'The Montgomery Meltdown'. I named it this today and feel that it is absolutely fitting for today's events. So, today I experienced the first ever 'Montgomery Meltdown'. You see, my little man is normally one of calmness and restrain. But, today he managed to stamp all over that lovely usual exterior. The world was the worst place ever for him today and he made sure that everyone knew it. If someone spoke to him - SCREAM! If someone waved at him - SCREAM! If someone watched him eat - SCREAM! If someone offered him something - SCREAM!
I haven't had to deal with this kind of behaviour from Montgomery really before. But, I always knew how I would handle it. In my mind I would breakdown the 'Montgomery Meltdown' and try to work out what the reason behind it was. It wasn't too difficult to do. As, Montgomery really struggles without his nap and I was aware that his sleep had been disturbed. Also, I am able to tell the difference between his cries. I know the sleepy cries and it was the sleepy cries that i could hear today. So, there you go. Reason behind the meltdown diagnosed. Now, how to deal with it? Well, I have always said that this kind of behaviour is something that I wouldn't pay too much attention to. As long as he was in no danger and causing no one else too much grief I would try my best to ignore it. By ignoring it I don't mean I will allow him to sit there screaming or throwing things. I mean I will simply not raise my voice at him. As, I'm not sure he would understand why his Mommy has gotten angry at him. So, I calmly removed him from the situation without saying very much, removed whatever was causing the problem and refrained from saying anything other than a quick explanation as to why what he was doing was wrong. It was hard, really hard. Every time he screamed and threw his temper about of course the first thing I wanted to do was be louder and lose my rag. But, that would achieve nothing. So, with all the will in the world I tried my best to remain calm and laughed off the squealing boys tears and cries.
Will my method with handling the 'Montgomery Meltdown' work? I don't know. But, I hope so. Only time will tell eh? There is every chance I may be eating my words shortly. But, I really hope not.
Today I had folks staring, pointing and tutting as my little boy quite literally melted in tiredness. It could have very easily have got all a little too much. But, I took a fair few deep breaths and I braced it. Together, we fought through the tantrums and cam out the other side. I am not ashamed to say that this situation took me by surprise and yes it did ruffle me a bit. I probably looked like a woman on the edge wandering around a busy shopping centre with a baby hanging upside down in my arms. But, I did it and am better equipped if next time was to ever occur.
My lesson with my little mans sleeps has now been learnt. Well and truly. Do not wake him from a nap at any point. Ever! It is not worth it. I know that he needs it. So, to take it off him is just silly. Let the boy sleep and say goodbye to the 'Montgomery Meltdown'.
We have all been there and I am pretty sure I will be there once again in time to come. But, hey ho isn't that part and parcel of being a parent? As they say, what does not kill you makes you stronger!

Oh, oh and guess what? In between all the shrieks. He still managed to look utterly adorable and melt my heart in these photographs. What a rascal!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Mumpreneur Mondays #8

Now, I don't normally do what I am about to do where 'Mumpreneur Mondays' are concerned. But, the Mommy that I am about to talk about did something very unique when emailing me regarding her business. Let me make more sense of that for you. Well, normally I email a form out to all 'Mumpreneurs'. The form contains a series of questions for all the Mommies to answer. I normally receive that back with all questions answered and that allows me to put a post together for them. However, the Mommy I am talking about today did exactly that. But, in a completely different format. How she responded was really quite lovely. You see I didn't have bullet points to rearrange or paragraphs to put together. I had a wonderful little story of how her business began, evolved and continues to do so. It was lovely reading her business story. I have taken the executive decision to share it with you completely the way that it is with no alteration as I think you will really appreciate it. 
Please don't think that this is a lazy way of posting. It is not intended to be. It is merely a way of showcasing what 'Mumpreneur Mondays' is all about. it's about supporting those with business's and families in one way or another. And, I feel the best way to support this Mommy is by sharing her lovely story with all you readers. Please take the time to read and enjoy as much as I did. 

Madison Brooke Domestics

This business is owned and ran by the lovely Mommy that is, Donna Lowery and here is her story.
"I am 37 years old an live in the Penn area of Wolverhampton with my husband Wayne an two gorgeous girls Eden Brooke who,is eleven an lily Madison who is six , my family are my world they mean more to me than life its self  hence why I started a cleaning business in the 1st place.
One night I got out of bed at midnight as I couldn't sleep went downstairs made a cup of tea and went on the Internet to start searching for jobs , now I have always loved cleaning but when I saw the wage 6 pound 09 per hour I knew we couldn't survive on that kind of a wage. At that moment I had this really mad idea  I was going to set my own domestic cleaning business up! Oh my goodness it frightened the life out of me. Donna lowery the lady who likes a nice straight forward easy life is taking a huge gamble. At this point there was one very important person I wanted to talk to, that was my Dad who probably didn't appreciate being woken at his holiday home at around 1 am in the morning. But I just had to put it past him. And, he said go "for it Donna! This sounds good and is going to be a huge success!" that made me feel more confident as I trust my Dad's judgement 100 %. I thought to myself I need a name for the business. I know in business your name is very important as that is your selling point so after a bit of thought, I called it 'Madison Brooke Domestics.' People ask me where the name is from. Lily's middle name is Madison an Eden is  Brooke. They are my girls and it is personal to me. I love the name and customers say they are drawn to the name. That same night I sorted out insurance for the business and photocopied some leaflets for my door to door drop the following day.  I went to bed late that morning. But, I woke up as fresh as a daisy and I couldn't wait to tell my family and friends of my plans. Most were very encouraging. That week I went out delivering leaflets, advertising in shop windows and standing outside my daughters school giving a leaflet to anyone who would have one from me. Shortly after the phone started ringing and before I knew it - I had customers! The business went from strength to strength. Before I knew it my hours between 9 an 3 were full and the phone kept ringing. Now I was about to say "no" to people and let them down. I didn't want to do that. So, I made the decision to employ a cleaner which is a different ball game altogether. I knew I wanted someone who would clean to the same standard as me, be honest and be a nice person to have in your house. The way I see it is it isn't only about being a good cleaner, it's about being bubbly an friendly. I did find that cleaner and that one cleaner has gone to ten cleaners now. Absolute  madness! I still pinch myself sometimes as I can't believe how successful I've been. Little old me. Normal girl, married with two kids. I'm really proud of myself.
One of the reasons I think I'm successful though is the fact that we will go into homes and do anything really, as long as we are covered by my insurance. These days customers don't tend to just want polishing hoovering etc. Instead want windows and cookers cleaning. Some of our customers need their beds changing or their washing out on the line. You name it we do it. There is nothing more satisfying than going into a house and cleaning it so its gleaming. These days ,whether its a young couple, a working couple with kids or an elderly person they all have different reasons for needing a cleaner. Infact I keep saying to my mom "I must get one of the cleaners to do mine." About 4 months ago I was asked  to take on a big contract at a local church. I was so proud and honoured to be asked. Wow what a responsibility! I have been asked "where I see myself in 5 years time?" Honestly, I'm not sure I know the answer. I never thought I'd be this successful two and a half years down the line. This can only get bigger. For me, my business is important. But, my husband and girls are far more important. I work between the hours of 9 an 3 at the moment an I've always said when I can't be the one to drop my girls off in a morning and collect them at 3.15 on a afternoon, then I wouldn't take on anymore work. But, hey that's why I employ staff!"
How lovely is this Mumpreneur's story? And, how wonderful does her cleaning business sound? Wonderful! I could do with a cleaner polishing my silver you know! :-)

Does your house need a spring clean? And, your a little too busy to get it done yourself? Well, get in touch with 'Maddison Brooke Domestics'.

- 01902 333847


Friday, 7 March 2014

How About You get To Know Me!

Every day I fill this blog with notes of being a parent and oodles of words devoted to my son and family. And, yes I have heard it all before - "Glad you have time to blog!", "Just because you blog about your children doesn't mean your the perfect mother." etc: I have quite literally heard it all before.You know what, you can say whatever you like about me and my blog because I know how it really is and to be honest what you say doesn't hugely affect me. Not much. Bother me? Yes. But, affect me? No. You see, like many stay at home Moms conversation with another adult happens very far and few between. So, sometimes I turn to my blog for a little respite. A little time to sit and talk as me. It breaks my day up for me and it allows me a little rest. A break from begging a little person to eat a yogurt, a break from crawling on my hands and knees, a break from being a tiger, a cook, a cleaner, a listener, a teacher, a carer, a shop keeper and all the other characters that fill my day. So, yes I do take a little time out of my day to write my blog. But, I don't take hours out of my day like some of you believe I do. And, I don't blog while Montgomery is about. I put him to bed and then I write. Is that okay? Whatever perception you have of me sitting with cocktails whilst I dictate to a typist what to write is wrong. Trust me, it's wrong.
And, as for thinking I am the perfect parent. Please. I write a blog not a parenting manual. As far as I am concerned if you take what I write as a personal attack on your parenting and raising of your child then, that my friend is your problem. It is very clear that nothing I write is aimed at anyone. I write about my experiences with my son and would never pretend to be something that I am not. Like many mothers out there, I get things wrong. Alot. Everyday. And, sometimes days get the better of me. But, do I write about that? No. Why would I? Who would want to read a post about a Mother having a melt down over a washing pile? No one. My blog isn't somewhere to air my dirty laundry. It is a place I come to to share my family and write about what I love most - Being a parent. Not being a perfect parent. Please don't assume that I see myself better than anyone else just because of the choices I have made with my son and the posts I have posted. If you took a little time out of your judgemental day to get to know me then you may see that.
Don't worry. I hold nothing against you for what you think. Let me give you a chance eh? How about you get to know me? The real me!

So, my name is Jessica Veltman. Yes, above is me. I enjoy trying to skateboard and I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. I don't take life to seriously and I am more than happy to have a good laugh at myself. If you don't laugh, you cry eh? I am a lover of fashion. Not so much so now as finances have piped me down a little with my wardrobe spending. But, I was. I still am I guess. But, it just isn't as important to me right now. I'm not hugely happy with how I look. I weighed 8st 10 before I had my son and I am now 9st9. Am I happy with that? Not really. But, I love food and I love my son. So, I can live with it. I'm not afraid to wear what I like and I don't tend to label myself or anyone.
I married my soul mate on the 22nd December 2011 when I was 21 years old. Yes! Married at 21!!?? Shock shock horror! No, not really. If my shot at happiness came along at that age then i would have been stupid to have let it pass me by just because of a number. if you get a shot at happiness, take it. Be it with an older man, younger man, thin man, fat man. Take it! No one can judge you on that. You have one life and you may only have one chance and shot at happiness. Take it! So, yes I married Karl and have been married for just over 2 years now. I wouldn't change him for all the glitters and gold that anyone could offer. He is my best friend and means more than diamonds to me.

My life is filled with wonderful people. I have the greatest friends that anyone could ask for. Sometimes I go weeks even months without seeing them. But, when I do eventually lay my eyes on them, it's like we have never been apart and the laughs just keep coming. I know that every friend I now have are the best friends that I will ever be given. Since having Montgomery I can count my friend on my fingers. As I have grown so have my friendships and realising who real friends are has been important. I love having a laugh and sometimes I get my self into such a laughing state that my belly hurts. And, that is fun! That's like being back at school!


Friends are the family I chose for myself. Speaking of family. I am lucky with the family I have been blessed with. Every single one of them hold a big place in my heart. I'm not ashamed to say that my brother, Louis and my sister, Rosie are 2 of the greatest people I know. whom I adore spending time with. I enjoy watching movies with them, listening to music with them, joking around and just generally hanging out.

I am blessed to have a great family. Each one of them are different in there own way. Yet, we knit together so lovely. I know that if I need them, they will be there. And, they know that I they need me, I would be there too. No one makes Friday afternoons quite like my Dad, makes ginger cake quite like my Mom, makes Roast Dinners quite like my Mother in Law, fixes things quite like my Father in law. Yep, I have a pretty cool family to say the least and yes, that includes you Dawn, Pete and the boys!

I am a complete Northern Soul junkie. Nothing beats a good soul club where I can go and tear up the dance floor. I love boogying on down and shaking my hips. I am yet to attend a full all nighter. But, now that Montgomery is a little bigger and independent, I so will soon. And, I will enjoy every minute dancing until I cannot dance no more. Below is me getting my groove on at the 'Newhampton Soul Club, Wolverhampton'.

I love with all my heart, my son. But, you already knew that didn't you? of course you did. I write about it every single day. Being Montgomery's Mom makes me the proudest girl out there. To call him my son is a dream come true. I have always known that I wanted to be a young parent and raise my own children. I just didn't think it would happen. But, it did and I am incredibly lucky to be in the position that I am in. I watch him grow and develop every day and I know that he makes my life worth living. My little family that i have created for myself is my reason for waking in the morning, my reason for breathing.

So, there you have it. Me in a nutshell. Oh and,

  • I have 2 dogs, Dotty and Blue
  • I used to own chickens. but, the fox had them :-(
  • I attempt every now and then to play guitar
  • I pride myself on having a clean and tidy home. However, this does not mean that I have an issue with mess. I don't. Mess happens here every day. It just gets tidied away. Sometimes, I wish I could leave some things. But, it bothers me too much.
  • I work in a pub currently pulling pints to allow me to be at home with Montgomery in the day. I used to be a Theatre assistant with a short stint at being Marketing Manager.
  • I was a child actor
  • I enjoy walking ... everywhere!
  • I eat food like it is going out fashion
  • I drink alcohol and like it
Thanks for taking the time to get to know me...