Thursday, 29 August 2013

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As promised today is the big GIVEAWAY day. And, today's wonderful giveaway comes courtesy of 'Zinio' - The Worlds Largest News stand.

All In One Place
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Right. So, "how do you get your hands on this wonderful prize?" I hear you ask. Well, it's pretty simple. See the photograph of my son below? Well, you need to come up with a superb caption for it. See simple. However, I do need the following off you. 
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Shape magazine.

Moms the Word has received a complimentary subscription from 'Zinio' for the purpose of this blog post.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Feeding for thr Future Give Us: CHEESE SCONES...

Recently I have been speaking to a fellow 'Mummy Blogger' named: Holly Hughes. My reason for chatting to this little Momma was (not only because she is lovely) But, because I was after a particular recipe. And, unlike me Holly's blog focuses on food and feeding your littlies. So, who better to ask where cooking is concerned. I broached her with the following question:
Cheese scones?
Simple eh? I know, I know I could have very easily found a recipe somewhere myself online. But, it is so much more fun getting to know other Mommies and Bloggers. I couldn't resist a little polite conversation and a gaze at her little one.
Goodness, look at me babbling on. Please let me introduce you to my new Mommy-friend:

Holly Hughes Mommy to the delightful Tyler and writer of the new foodie-blog 'Feeding for the Future'.
If Holly were to tell you about herself and her blog, she would probably write the following (or so her 'Let me introduce myself' section states):
"There is far too much information thrown at you when you have a baby and when you are heading back to work and you are on a budget it is tough knowing what to make your child to keep them interested in healthy food. As I have a qualification in special dietary needs and a health and social BTEC diploma level 1 I though why can't I pass what I know on to everyone else and lend a hand?

 Well here we are. I will write simple recipes for those short of time and short of money. I will tell you exactly what you need and where is best to get it. As well as reviews on feeding equipment. I wouldn't say its essential for you mummy and daddies but if you just extract the information you need, it'll be worth while.

  Most of the recipes I will put together can be eaten  by mum and dad too and most are suitable for Slimming World and Rosemary Conelley diet plans believe it or not. Good food is not hard to afford and not hard to cook. Hope you enjoy the recipes, if you have any photos of your little ones trying the foods send them to me if you don't mind them being shared on here and any criticism is welcomed as I am a bit new to all of this :)"

Holly and her little man.

I'm sure you will all agree that it is lovely to meet Holly.

Now onto this Cheese Scone recipe promised. May I add, I haven't tried this yet. But, am soon to do so. So, I will be sharing with you how I got on. They sound delicious. I'm guessing I will get on fine with the eating part as will my little man I'm sure.

1. preheat the oven to 220 degrees and grease a baking tray and put to one side.

2.sift 8oz of plain flour into a mixing bowl and stir in 1 tsp of cream of tartar (this can be left out if preferred).

3. Add half a tsp of bicarbonate of soda and 1 tbsp. of Parmesan powder. 4. rub in 2oz of diced butter until a breadcrumb texture is achieved.

5. Add enough milk (by eye and hand) to make a soft dough, this is usually around 4floz, maybe more.

6. place the dough on a floured surface and kneed lightly as if doing bread. Then roll the dough until its is approximately thumb thick. Use a medium size cutter to make the dough circles and put onto the baking tray.

7. Add small squares of mild cheddar cheese to the tops of the rounds and glaze with milk.

8. Put into the oven for roughly 10 mins or until a golden colour, but not too golden because they get tough. leave to cool for about 15 mins and slice in halves and add spread cheese.

This recipe should cost no more than £2.80 to produce and was very popular with my son and it made a nice change to his packed lunch, I served with a side salad of baby spinach leaves chopped cherry tomatoes and spring onion.

So, there you have it, Cheese Scones by Holly. Thank you.

Make sure you hop over to the 'Feeding for the Future' blog:


Monday, 26 August 2013

Mompreneur Mondays #4

So, you have returned to see what is going down this week. Well, surprise surprise we have another Mommy with a business. After all it is - Mompreneur Mondays.

Let me introduce to you our Mommy this week - Sarah Condry. Mother of 2 boys Peter and Phineas. Sarah's business is one that excites me alot. No, no she is not a chocolatier. She is a photographer and a wonderful one at that. Sarah runs 'Sarah Condry Photography '.

 A Sarah Condry Image.

As you can see from the image above Sarah is a very talented woman with a wonderful eye. The photograph above is stunning. Breathtaking even. Sarah calls herself a lifestyle photographer. She focuses on the celebration of women, the beauty of being a woman, pregnancy, motherhood and family. How lovely is that? What a wonderful job!

 A Sarah Condry Image.

 A Sarah Condry Image.

If like me, the photographs above have took your breath a little and you wish to find out more where this wonderful photography is concerned, you can like 'Sarah Condry's Photography' 's Facebook page (Simply click the link below) :

Likewise, please take time out of your busy day to have a little browse through her website:

A Sarah Condry Image.

 A Sarah Condry Image.

Big thank you to Sarah Condry for allowing MTW to share this post with it's readers.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mompreneur Mondays #3

Yes folks it's that time of the week again. The time when we get chatting to a mommy with a business. Quite possibly my favorite day of the week along with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yes, I am a fan of a Sunday too. ;-)

So, who have I been waggling my chin with this week? Let's take a look:

Please meet Katie Pinson (above) and her gorgeous cheeky chappy harry who is at the grand age of 10 months old. How handsome is he is his tweed. ;-)

Katie, like many of the Mommies that I speak to is one talented lady with a baby. That's true, she really is. I have spent quite a long time flicking through her Facebook page, getting all excited by what she sells. Oh goodness, look at me differing. I say she sells (which she does) But, I really am not helping you with your Katie Pinson vision am I? "What does she sell!?!" I hear you cry. Well, she calls her business - 'The Perfect Piece' . Tell us about it Katie:
'I have a little shop which i run out of the spare bedroom at home! It started as we knew we wanted to start trying for a baby so i thought id set up a project for when i was on maternity leave from my job as a veterinary nurse, as we all know a little pocket money helps on maternity wages! And a hobby is good for the mind and soul!! I love all things craft and i love shopping for pretty things for myself! I decided to begin making ladies jewellery but also buying some bits in to supplement my stock, as i also enjoy sewing i began making cushions, soft furnishings and bags as more of a hobby, but due to demand began selling them through my facebook page.'
How true Katie - A hobby most definitely is good for the mind and soul. It does always help also if that hobby provides you and your family with an income.

'The Perfect Piece' has a very vintage and shabby chic feel about it as I'm sure you can see from the photograph above. How wonderful is the peace sign cushion? I'm in love! :-)

I believe what Katie had to say next about 'The Perfect Piece' really makes her business special.
"As well as my facebook page, i began to home parties, where i set up a little pop up shop in a clients house, for friends and family to have a browse often with a glass of wine and a natter which is great, and i really enjoy it! I also attend a few local fairs, and school fetes. By having ladies jewellery and accessories and homewares i have found there is always something for everyone on every budget, as i like to keep my prices super reasonable and offer a bargain to the customer!"
 Now everyone loves a bargain don't they? You can't go wrong with a good bargain!

 Katie's office is her spare room and her business runs around her part-time job and her Mommy job. She is one busy lady with a wonderful talent. It is always lovely speaking to Mommies with business's that thoroughly enjoy what they do (in all aspects.) They enjoy their job, their business and their family. It makes you as a customer feel all warm and tingly when you purchase one of their items.

So, do you like what you see? Do I even have to ask that question? Of course I don't, of course you do! well, if you do and I know that you do - Please take some time to visit 'The Perfect Piece' Facebook page:

If you visit their page above, like what you see, purchase what you see and spend more than 10 pounds you will receive a free bracelet. Amazing. Just quote 'Moms the Word' when ordering.

The Perfect Piece - 07545043573

A huge thank you goes out to Katie Pinson for sharing her business with 'Moms the Word'

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wearing Your Baby With Pride ...

It is no secret that Montgomery is a backpack of mine. As I'm sure some of you are aware I regularly risk it for a biscuit and take my little man out without the pram in tow. Sounds foolish huh? WRONG! Not at all. There is nothing foolish with keeping your child in kissing distance:-) You see, that's the key to baby wearing - If you can kiss them, then you are working the baby wear. Yes, granted when I carry Montgomery on my back I cannot kiss him. But, he sure as hell can plant a nice slobbery smacker on the back of my neck. Therefor, I class it as kissable distance ;-)

My husband wearing our little boy.

Long before I had Montgomery I knew that I was going to be one of the baby-wearing brigade. Not only because it is quite possibly the coolest mode of transport for your baby. But, also because of convenience (owning 2 large dogs that require alot of pushchair free walking) and I see it as an excellent way of bonding. It is amazing having them so close to you. Imagine how comforting the feel and sound of your heart beat must be to them. For me baby wearing is natural and something that I am very comfortable doing. whether, it's a trip to the shops or a mad dash around the airport. I see nothing wrong with it. Plus, Montgomery loves it on my back. He can sit there for hours watching the world around him, over hearing conversations, spying on people and feeling the wind in his hair. Just lovely. And, I am not along in this type of thinking. No siree. There are many more of you out there. I do believe the trend is spreading. It is becoming more and more acceptable to carry your child. You no longer see as many frowns. Just curious folk with alot of "awww" in their vocal chords. Anyway, I differ. Like I said I am not alone in baby-wearing. Not at all. There are loads of you. Infact, there are huge communities of you all over the shop willing to share and talk about your 'wearing stories'. 
Recently, I spoke to the following wearing-parents: Alice Austin Grant, Lucy Johnson, Julie Simpson, Isobel Monoghan, Sarah Fitzsimmons, Liz Easter and Fleur. Whom were all more than willing to share their stories with me and my readers. So, please read on and enjoy.

Alice talks of how babywearing helped with a colicy baby.

"-What do you feel are the positives (if any) regarding babywearing? Massively help with colic, saving arm stealth with hours of holding baby up right. Only place my teething/grumpy/just had his jabs would fall straight to sleep with. Easy, quick. When my toddler walks somewhere we don't have to take a pram for the *am sleepy now mummy moment, so gives freedom, pop in my bag and when hes getting grumpy as walked along time, up he goes on Daddy for a fun ride home. Anyone who has tried to carry a grumpy sleepy toddler would know why this is amazing! I keep working, I work at home for my company Coconut and Chocolate, means I can pop in him in a wrap and keep sewing!"

Alice has a size 6 & 7 wrap. She started with a close parent. But, now her little one is a toddler she now uses a wrap.

 Alice wearing her beautiful little boy.

 Working and wearing.

I, myself am not a sewer. I would love to be. But, I stress - AM NOT! However, I can completely see the benefits in wearing your baby when doing so. I very much recognize that it must be a real help for a crafty Mommy that needs her hands.

Lucy talks of a bond given to her husband and child due to baby wearing.

"Both of my children have started as high needs babies who needed/wanted to be cuddled/held a lot. I needed to eat and do the normal tasks of daily living so this was an obvious way to let me eat and drink. (My second wasn't put down except for nappy changes for her first six weeks or we had lots of screams!!) Oh, my husband is also quite disabled having had a stroke (left side effected), spinal cord injury and a right hand injury so baby wearing has enabled him to bond with our children (safely) and to lend a hand so I could get some sleep, have a bath or cook supper. Both my children have been early developers for moving (despite my son being born technically premature at 36 weeks) and I'm sure that this is because they were worn and not left placidly in the bucket car seats/moses baskets/prams. My son was an early talker (for a boy) and has always had very good linguistic skills for his age. Quite a few people have also commented on our children's sociability and the lack of crying and I have always thought that this was because of the relationship and understanding that is developed between parent and child during wearing. Both my babies have been winter babies and so wearing them has also helped to keep them warm in the early weeks/months. Baby wearing is also useful when travelling on public transport as you can hop on and off busses, trains or ferries with ease."
My son, Montgomery is also a winter baby like Lucy's littlies and I too believe baby wearing is the best way to keep them warm on those chilly days. When Montgomery was newborn, I wandered through a snow blizzard with him strapped snuggly to my chest. :-)

Lucy is the mommy to many slings: Baby bjorn (like most people) and then used a ring sling, mei tai, boba
tweet, woven wrap, a square of cloth folded in a triangle, and a length of cloth to do a hold like the African lady's use. 
 Snug as a bug.

Julie talks of breastfeeding in her sling whilst wearing her little one. I know this story all too well. i remember feeding Montgomery in his carrier on a very very cold winters day. Brrrr.

"My greatest babywearing moment is probably the time I learnt how to breastfeed in a meitei which my friend, Cheryl Roberts, had given me and I managed to walk 25 minutes all the way to the train station while feeding my 5 month old. :D I really am so grateful of her introducing me to babywearing! If it wasn't for my best friend I would never have known such a great thing existed! And I wouldn't have met the many other lovely babywearers I now know from sling meets and the online community of babywearers via facebook! Cheers Cheryl!"

 You cannot beat a good babywear.

A Daddy carry.

Is it possible to be addicted to babywearing? Well, Isobel seems to think so:

 "Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? Babywearing is addictive!! And it really isn't all that 'alternative'. I am the most conventional person in most aspects of my life, but babywearing keeps my kids close to me and safe and keeps my hands free so it started as a practical thing, but now I do it when I don't need to just because I love it."
I'm currently on the hunt for a new carrier. I think my addiction has started folks. Oh no :-)

I really must share the following from Fleur as I think it is lovely and it just proves that everyone babywears for a different reason. There is no right or wrong in the babywearing world.
 "I never intended to 'wear' my son, but then again very little about the birth or his early months at all went how I 'intended'. I couldn't put him down without him screaming; setting my frazzled nerves off. I felt frustrated and trapped by him (being honest! ). I thought a carrier might help to free me up to do some of the simplest household tasks that the constant nursing had put on the back burner. The carrier arrived and I eagerly unpacked it to be faced with a long piece of fabric.. not what I expected (again). After googling and youtubing my purchase I went to work with it and found it gave me much more than just my arms might sound ott but it actually gave me a bit of motherhood I had expected but had eluded me. My fractious son calmed:he slept. We bonded and I felt close to him but not restricted by him. People bw for lots of reasons; I felt I had to, but now I'm so glad of it. I think it helped my son transition to this world and now we use them to experience the world together."

It has been an absolute pleasure talking and getting to know the babywearers from above. Plus, it has been a great help for me as a new carrier is on the cards for us. Trying to work out what to get is proving difficult. But, I do now have a better understanding on what it is I require in my circumstance. Speaking to those above has been wonderful and I really hope you have enjoyed this post.
The idea of this post was not to preach and tell you that "You must baby wear!" Not at all, if you choose not to then good for you! This post was just to share positive stories with other wearers or for those that are thinking of wearing but have been unsure.

If you are thinking of wearing or already do so, you should join the following Facebook page:

Slings and Things FSOT and advice

If you are from Wolverhampton, you should join the following Facebook page also:

Black Country Babywearers

If you arent from Wolverhampton, don't worry. There are these pages all over Facebook for all different parts of the world and country. Just get searching.
Define Babywearing: Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world. In the industrialized world, babywearing has gained popularity in recent decades, partly under influence of advocates of attachment parenting. Babywearing is a form of baby transport.

Please feel free to get talking and discussing babywearing on this post. It would be great to hear all opinions and get a good chin wag on the matter going.
I thought I'd leave you with a selection of my own most recent babywearing photographs.

 A huge thank you to all those that agreed to talk to me on this matter. Apologies to those that sent information/photographs across to me. Please understand that I have to be select in material that I use and not all can be published.