Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day ...

This post goes out to all the Mommies. The new ones enjoying their first special day, The ones that are a dab hand at this enjoying another and of course to all the 'Nannies' out there. Have a wonderful day and let the little ones spoil you.


(I will be posting my Mothers Day experience shortly.)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Climate Week ... 'Protect The Future'.

 You may be aware, you may not be aware that this week is 'Climate Week'. 4th - 10th March 2013. This particular week has been supported by model and fitness guru, Nell McAndrew.

What's 'Climate Week' all about then? I hear you cry. Well, please let me tell you. As parents we have been called upon to take part in this superb week as we can make a difference. We can play our part in protecting our planet against the negative impact of climate change to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation.
Parenthood is a powerful trigger for concern about green issues. Two-thirds (66%) of mothers and fathers said that becoming a parent made them feel more strongly about protecting the environment. I am now in that percentage. Since having Montgomery my views on the future have changed. I don't look at the future for me (much) any more. I look at it as Montgomery's place and I want that place to be the best it can possibly be and if I have to play a part in that, then so be it. I am completely with 'Nell McAndrew' when she says:

"Becoming a parent makes you realise how important it is to protect the planet for future generations, and that's why I'm supporting 'Climate Week'."
Speaking of Nell McAndrew, heavily pregnant as she is with her second child, she is asking mums to take to social networking sites and post a picture of their pledge to 'Protect the Future' for their unborn children using #climateweek

Not only is this campaign backed by Nell but it also has full support by the UK's largest charity for parents - NCT, with their chief executive, Berlinda Phillips saying:
"Having a baby makes you re-evaluate your priorities and realise that for the sake of their future we need to look after the planet we rely on now. 'Climate Week' is a great opportunity to make some small changes which could make a huge difference."
This is pregnant campaign supporter Vanessa Doman with her pledge:- 'We must use less fossil fuel.'

So, do you want to get involved? Here's how:

Did you know that 500,000 tonnes worth of clothes gets sent to landfill each year. We all have clothes we no longer like, DVD's we no longer watch and toys that our children have outgrown. So, why not swap them for something that you do want? Why not organise a 'Swap event' at your house, church, school, community centre etc? Oh, and guess what? If you register your event on the 'Climate Week' website, you could be in with a chance of winning a swap from Tom Jones, Frank Lampard or Hugh Laurie. AMAZING!

From bike rides to conferences. Plan something that works best for you and your organisation.

It is estimated that each household wastes 50 pounds a month on food that is thrown away. This year thousands of people across the country will be celebrating 'Climate Week'.
They will be celebrating by cooking bubble and squeak. Why not join them and cook it for your friends and family or get your local cafe involved.

Renowned fashion designer 'Julien McDonald' has created the official 'Climate Week' T-shirt bringing together celebrity models, singer - Katie Melua, actress - Emiliana Fox and Britains Got Talent judge - Alesha Dixon. These T-shirts were manufactured using wind and solar power, with a carbon foot print stamping lower than 90% of your regular T-shirt. Available for both men and women at 10 pounds each here:    

Let's get pledging folks: #climateweek
Take to Twitter: #climateweek
and show your support! I will, will you?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sick With Baby ...

One big apology coming your way folks. I totally did not post a Monday post and for that I am sorry. However, it was not due to laziness nor unwilling. No, it was all down to a wretched virusy, 24 houry, buggy thing that I seemed to had contracted. No worries though, it has all cleared up now. I am mended therefor back on the blogging scene. Huzzah!

You know what? I had not really given much consideration to being sick with my baby. I'm a parent and they don't get sick. They are mere machines that just keep on going and going, fighting through any lurgy that stands in there way. Right? WRONG! Very very wrong. Parents get sick. We do get sick. I got sick. Great!

I thought I would share my top tips for 'Being sick with your baby.' I hope that you are never sick with your baby. But, hoping doesn't always pay off. So, if ever you are, one hopes this will help.

1) Be prepared.
As soon as you feel under attack arm yourself. By that I do not mean dose yourself up to the eyeballs with lemsip, paracetamol or ibruforen. No. You can't do that if you are breastfeeding or nursing. But, you can make yourself a nice big jug of squash to put by the side of your bed,grab yourself some small snacks to nibble on throughout the day. Remember it is important not to get dehydrated when nursing or breastfeeding as you may suffer with a decrease in milk.
Grab a handful of your babies favourite toys and make the one side of the bed a den for them. This way they will be occupied while you rest in a place where you know they are safe.

2) Continue to nurse/breastfeed your baby.
You don't need to stop nursing or breastfeeding your child for fear of infection. Any infection that you may have, you will have already passed it on to your little one a while ago. when I say passed on, I simply mean exposed and by continuing to feed your child you will also be passing on the anti-bodies that your body is producing to fight it. So, your baby will either not contract your illness or get a much lower strain of it. You often find that in house holds where the baby is breastfed, you can all get sick and the baby will be fine.

3) Cancel all appointments.
Make your friends and family aware that you aren't well and you need to get better for your baby. Any sympathetic person will understand and you can always catch up some other time. If they are really gutted about not seeing you have them pop over and take the little one off your hands for a bit.
There really is no point wearing yourself out that much that your body just can't get better.

4) Accept help.
Don't be too proud to say "Yes" if someone offers their services. You may need a little something from the shops, a sibling picking up from school, your dog walked, a bath etc: If someone is offering, take them up on it. Remember your baby needs you to get better. So, the more rest you can get the quicker that will happen.

So, there you have it. My guide to 'Being sick with baby.' I hope you find some use in it. But, at the same time - I hope that you do not get sick.

I spent most of my sick day taking photographs of Montgomery. As you do.