Thursday, 28 February 2013

Montgomery's Journey...

Join me on my Montgomery journey.

Basically, I have been going through my phone alot of late. You can't help but gasp at every photograph and exclaim 'Wow! Hasn't he grown?" or "Did he really look like that?" or "Gosh! I was big". You know the drill. Well, I found great enjoyment and pleasure in reminiscing through my photographs. So, I thought I would share that feeling with you all and give you the chance to be part of my Montgomery story. May I just add these photographs are off my phone so aren't of the highest quality. But, they are lovely and fun. They make you feel all fluffy and warm.

11 Weeks

 Just a teeny tiny 'Bumpling' starting to grow strong.

This is the actual book that we chose 'Montgomery' from. Karl bought it for 10p from the library at work as it was closing.

12 Weeks

 I liked wearing a stripe as it made my bump look a little bigger. :-)

 Our 12 week scan. We saw Montgomery for the first time.

 But, were you going to be a Christmas boy or a Christmas girl? We didn't know. So, Beatties saw us purchase these 2 beauties.

 We had a BBQ together with the dogs at home to celebrate the fact that we were going to be Mommy and Daddy to someone very special.

We started to get addicted to 'Frankie and Benny's' Breakfasts. Ooohps. We must have eaten one pretty much every single weekend through out out pregnancy. Got to be done!

16 Weeks
Still only a little 'Bumpling' in there.

17 Weeks

 Busy growing in there.

 Karl treated me to a wonderful lunch at 'Jamie's' in Birmingham.

 It really was delicious.

19 Weeks

 I loved watching my 'Bumpling' grow and taking photographs of it.

Our Wimbledon lunch.

27 Weeks

We celebrated my baby shower. This is my little sister - Rosie and my little brother - Louis. Neither of them look so little here.

30 Weeks

When did it get that big?!? I remember at this point we were convinced Montgomery was going to arrive early. (How wrong we were!)

31 Weeks

 We started to decorate the nursery. I made this unicorn.

 We finally finished the nursery.

34 Weeks

 The dogs started to get curious wondering what this little, kicking thing in Mommies tummy was.

35 Weeks

 And the belly button started to disappear.

38 Weeks


40+2 Weeks
Montgomery Veltman 
11/12/2012 -  9.05pm

 And, there he was. Finally in our arms nice and safe. Mind you, he gave us quite a scare but we got there. To say that were are the proudest parents on earth would be a huge under-statement. With all my heart I love this little being and will continue to be proud of him in all that he does.

11 Weeks Old

 So, this is him today. I can't believe how much he is growing. It's unreal. Sometimes, I have to look back over these photographs to remind myself just how tiny and fragile he once was. 

Note to my son, Montgomery Veltman: One day you won't be this tiny. In fact, you will never be this tiny every again. Today will be the only day that you look like this. Tomorrow you will be different. Tomorrow you will have changed, you will have grown. Your hair will be that little bit longer, your eyes that little brighter, your smile that little bit more real and your body will be that bit stronger. So, for every stage you go through, for every spurt you grow, for every new emotion you feel and every new object that you touch, always know that you are loved very much and are never alone in any journey you take. I will be right beside you ever step of the way. One day, you won't need me anymore and I will no doubt just become an embarrassment to you. But, Ill still be here, waiting for you to realise that perhaps, as hard as it is - You need your mom.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Montgomery's Song ...

I don't know about you other Mommy and Daddy's out there. But, Montgomery enjoy listening to alot of music together. It's something we take great pleasure in. Most days we enjoy a good 'living room boogie' with each other. We even have 'Our song'. I wish to share this song with you as it is very special to us. I found this track the week Montgomery was born and since then I just can't play it to him enough. I very much love it and I am starting to believe that he does too.


Growing, growing ... Up

Look how big Montgomery Veltman has got lately. Oh, and we appear to have mastered the smile.

There are only 2 things in this world capable of melting things:
1) - Heat
2) - Montgomery my son

Once again may I thank 'J.B.Photography' for these superb photographs.

Water Babies ...

I always knew that I wanted my child to be a confident swimmer from a young age. I also always knew that I wanted swimming to be a bonding experience between my child and I and my child and hubby. So, as soon as we knew we knew we were pregnant I got hunting. Not hunting for rabbit or deer. No, hunting for the perfect swimming method for my 'Bumpling'. It didn't take much hunting if I am honest as everyone I spoke to seemed to advise me in the same direction. Let me tell you, that direction was most definitley the RIGHT direction. They pointed me towards 'Water Babies'. For this I thank you all.

Montgomery has now started his ten week course with 'Water Babies' and he thinks it is wonderful. We have now attended 2 sessions at a local school to us. In those 2 weeks Montgomery has learned far more than I (and I am a strong swimmer) and his Father could ever have taught him. He has even completed 2 under-water swims, which as scary as it is, is also one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen

For those of you that have done your 'Water Babies' research may be very aware that these sessions do come with quite a price tag and I will be honest in saying I too was unsure as to whether to part with that much money to dunk my child in some water or not. But, honestly you really should believe me when I say "The lessons are worth every singly penny and more". What they manage to fit into a half an hour session is truly wonderful. At first I thought half an hour sounded like no time at all and "How can they possibly teaching Montgomery to swim in so little time?' But, I was very much mistaken in my view. Half an hour is just the right amount of time for both guardian/parent and child. They seem to fit a wealth of water skills into that time. 

Montgomery, Karl and I now know how to swim together safely and effectively. we now know how to support Montgomery correctly when swimming through the pool. But, most of all we know how to erase any fear that he may have of the water. To me that is the most important thing and is key to being a good swimmer. How amazing that our little boy is well on his way to understanding how to stay afloat in the water and in dangerous situations. Montgomery is not scared of being underwater and this could be vital in certain circumstances that we may have to face in the future. 

The concept behind 'Water Babies' is simple: They are teaching you to teach your baby to swim. And, from that both you and your baby learn so much more. 

Hopefully, Montgomery will continue to grow as a little swimmer as the weeks go on. I will most definitley keep you all up to date on how our little boy is doing. But, in the meantime why don't you check out 'water Babies' at the following:

Twitter: @WaterBabies

Monday, 18 February 2013

Soon To Happen ... Dr Gowri Motha

'Mom's The Word' has been asked to do its first ever book review and to be honest I really am quite excited by the whole request.
So, the book that I have been asked to review is called - 'The Gentle Birth Method' written  by the famous 'Dr Gowri Motha'. You may have heard of this Dr, you may not. Basically she promotes and aims to provide both Mothers and fathers with a gentle and peaceful birth. I know what you are thinking - Don't we all! but, this lady really knows what she is talking about. She is probably best know for her introduction of water births into the NHS back in the 80's. She was the first doctor to conduct a water birth within the NHS. Impressive!
The Gentle Birth Method  book was written so that mothers all over the world can read and follow the simple week-by-week programme given in the book and experience the benefits of gentle birth.  The GBM book has an enthusiastic following here in the UK and in several countries worldwide.

When you are fit relaxed and happy that helps too.”
Elle Macpherson

“Gowri Motha is an obstetrician turned Gentle birth practitioner based in London who was invaluable to me during my pregnancy. After spending years delivering babies in UK hospitals, she came to understand that giving birth did not have to be as difficult and stressful as it can be for some, many times leading to caesareans that could have been avoided, etc. So, she developed a method of preparing mothers for giving birth called the Gentle Birth Method, which is described in her book and encompasses diet, gentle exercise tips, Reflexology, Creative Healing- lymphatic drainage massage, Reiki, visualization, emotional preparation and more.”
Gwynneth Paltrow 

 “My babies are blissed out because of the Gowri touch.”
Stella McCartney

The book has been sent and it has been kindly received by my good self. To be honest I can't wait to read it and give my opinions on the book. I'm pretty sure my opinions of this birthing method will be high as the idea of a natural birth really pleases me. That is how I intended my labor with Montgomery to go. But, plans don't always go to ... Plan, as I'm sure you all know.

Hopefully, I will have this book read and completed before next week is out and my review will be ready go. All exciting stuff.

If you find Dr Gowri's methods intriguing and wish to find out more then why not visit her 'Gentle Birth' website here -

Stay tuned folks for my review! :-)

Monday, 11 February 2013

And The Winner Is...

(Apologies for the late announcement, there has been a little problem with 'Blogger' 'Blogspot' and it has taken quite some time to sort out. It has also resulted in a handful of comments not being visible. But, please don't worry all your comments have been received by myself, they are just not showing up I'm afraid).

So, here it is, what you have all been waiting for...

After using a random number picking Site I can now confirm that the winner is:-

 Carly Burchall!

Congratulations Carly. Now, all I need to hold ahead with the prize giving ks a contact number to pass on to Joanna Blakemore at 'J.B Photography'. Please feel free to email me this or pass it on some time soon.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Just So You Know ...

I will not be posting on my blog until the announcement of the competition winner on Friday 8th February.

See the last post for your chance to win a 1 hour photoshoot for your child aged 0-16 years with 'JB Photography'.

A fantastic competition with a fantastic prize!


Monday, 4 February 2013


I am far too excited about this competition it's untrue and to be honest I wish to win it myself. Am I able to do that? Can I enter myself in? No? ... Fair play!

So, less of the wishing it was mine and more of the telling you how it can be yours. For starters mind, i should probably tell you what it is you can win and how you can go about winning it.Well, let me tell you:

You have heard me speak about 'JB Photography' (For those of you that haven't please follow the link to my previous post: and how wonderful the Company is where childrens photography is concerned.Well don't take my word for it. Find out for yourselves with this superb competition.


What you can win?:

A 1 hour photo-shoot with 'JB Photography' for children aged 0-16 years of age at a location of your choice. At the end of your shoot you will receive a CD with a minimum of 10 photographs on. 

What do you have to do to win?

Simple. All you have to do is:

- Live in the West Midlands.
- Become a member of this blog. (See the right column and click 'join this site'. Follow the instructions and become a member).
- And ... Share with me in the comment box below the funniest thing that you have heard a little one say. Whether that little one be your own or someone elses. For example: I took my little brother to see Father Christmas when he was younger and when Santa asked him he wanted for Christmas my brother exclaimed "Chicken nuggets and chips please". Haha,

When will the winner be announced?

I will announce the winner on Friday 8th February 2013

JB Photography is run by the West Midlands based photographer Joanne Blakemore. Her studio is portable. So, there really is no need to worry about location where this competition is concerned. All Joanne asks for is that you live in the West Midlands. 

Click the link below for JB Photography's Facebook page:

If you have any questions regarding this competition please do not hesitate to ask. Please email me at: and I will be sure to get back to you A.S.A.P. 


See below for previous 'JB Photography' shoots.

Please share this post with your friends and family.Let's open this competition up for everyone!