Thursday, 8 November 2012

And tick ...

I got that pedicure. That's another something ticked off the 'Jessica Veltman's Maternity Leave Jobs' list. Although, strictly it isn't a job as such. It was more of a 'You need to do before the dates up' sort of thing that somehow found it's way onto my very important list.

Anyway, I'm not sure about the whole pedicure thing if you ask me. It felt wrong and looked wrong. I'm not sure if the elf boots were put on me for my benefit or for that of the staffs. I'm pretty sure they were put on me because they knew that I couldn't bend to take them off. Hmmm ... All for you 'Bumpling'!

Not convinced.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Big Brother and a Little-Big Sister ...

Growing up I had the pleasure of sharing the majority of my childhood with 2 of my best friends, My sister - Rosemary and my brother - Louis. We were literally inseparable for most of our younger days. Summer, Christmas and Easter holidays were just spent swimming together, riding bicycles along dirt tracks, building dens, making movies, cooking and doing other brotherly and sisterly things. I very much enjoyed spending my youth with them. Half the time I dragged them along whether they wanted to join me or not. Granted, Louis sometimes had to come along because he was little and cute so it got people talking. I differ, not only did I grow up with two tremendous 'human' siblings but, I was lucky enough to share alot of time with my poochy brother and sister. Brother being 'Elvis' and Sister being 'Kola'.



Kola unfortunately is no longer with us. She died back in 2008 and it was really quite sad as I found out over webcam whilst busy travelling South East Asia just as the release of 'Marley and Me' took off out there. Kola was with me an awful lot when I was child. I believed back then that she was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I remember the sheer excitement I felt right in the pitt of my stomach when I knew that she was coming to live with us. It was all I had ever wanted - A dog, She made parts of my coming of age more memorable and she shared alot of what I went through. We grew up together did Kola and I. She was my top dog and I loved her very much. Elvis came quite a bit later really. I was already 'grown-up' by the time that little ankle biter arrived. But, I loved him none the less and still to this day do. He is still around you see, pottering about, attacking whatever is in sight be that your calf or your hand. 

So, the whole 'sheer excitement in the pitt of my stomach' thing is something that both Karl and I want our 'Bumpling' to feel when they are throwing a ball for Dotty or shaking a paw with Blue. We both knew that we wanted our child to grow up with a dog by it's side. We knew our family was to be made up of K9 company and it is and we couldn't be happier. 

Do I think Blue will ea our child? Probably not!
Do I think Dotty's tale will remove one of my child's eyes? There is a possibility!
Do I think Blue will paw our child's face? Yes, definatly.
Do I think that both Dotty and Blue will knock our child flying? Of course!
Do I think Blue will worry when our child cries? Certainly. He is very caring!
Do I think Dotty will jump with excitement when she sees their little face? Oh yes!
Do I think Blue will my child's big dog hero? Without a doubt!
Do I think Blue and Dotty will be the best brother and sister to our child? They will be the best ever!

Both Blue and Dotty have a big job ahead of them. It isn't easy being the older sibling, trust me I know. But, do I think they can do it? I sure do!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Baby Waiting Boredom ...

It was all going so well. I was busy finding meaningless that sort of, in someway had a meaning to them - things to do, ticking jobs off my 'Jessica Veltman's Maternity Leave Jobs' list, occupying myself and then "Dun dun duuuunnnn' as sure as sure would have it I've got bored and have realised how much I need my little friend to arrive sometime soon. I know, I know I have got some waiting to do yet but I think I may be going a little stir crazy. You know, I actually found pleasure in the following:

I could have made a hearty pumpkin soup and everything!