Friday, 28 September 2012

Animal Head So Far ...

Well they have very nearly but very officially pretty much moved in has this little 'Bumpling'. It isn't here yet but it IS here, if you know what I mean? If they wanted to they could pop over for a quick cuppa and be perfectly at home here or they could stop for a couple of days and we would have all they need right here in their wardrobe OR they could just come forever and we are pretty much good to go (minus a mattress :-/ - Easily sorted!).

Oh goodness listen to me, I waver. Right, what I wanted to show you was the following:

I know what you are thinking! - What the is that bad boy? Well, that bad bwoy is my child's unicorn head that will be placed on the wall of their bedroom. Some of you may remember a previous post I put up preparing you all for this piece of art - Well here it is. Obviously, very much un-finished, and very much newspapery. But, i feel it is on it's way to being something for the wall and something to be proud of. I am at a stage of adding the features on now, which is the messy part. So, basically the fun part.
I sort of tried to photograph my unicorn head in stages for you all but my hands were incredibly sticky and gooey so it wasn't the easiest of things to do. But, I gave it my best shot:-

So I created the head shape out of newspaper and masking tape. I managed to get the head shape by creating three different sized newspaper balls and taping them together, then adding the neck.

I added a piece of card to the back of the neck so that it can be hung of the wall.

I created my own papier-mache. 1 part flour to 4 parts water ready to cover my head.

I got myself a cup of tea (It's a must)

Using the papier mache I created I covered the head in strips of kitchen towel. Kitchen towel is great to use in this circumstance because it molds and holds really well. Currently my unicorn head is still at this stage as it has had some serious drying to do.

I'm chuffed with where I am at with the head if I am honest and am very much looking forward to giving it pride of place on the 'Bumpling's' wall. As soon as this stage is dry I will have to add the features - Eye sockets, nostrils etc: They will also require drying time. The head then requires horns and ears and to finish I am going to be covering it in the 'Story of Alice In Wonderland'. I guess it is hard to imagine it at this stage but bare with, bare with.

Hopefully, I will be completing the head over the weekend. So, one will keep you updated.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

'A Child Called It' ...

Another read of mine and another in the auto-biographical sense. Only, not in the parenting sense so to speak. Although, the book does feature parenting through out it, highly. It is not in the same context as 'Rebecca Woolf'. In fact, quite the opposite.
'A Child Called It' is not a happy story, not a tale to be passed on with a smile on your face. Not at all. Far from it. It is a shocking book of words that turn your stomach with every page. The things you are reading about will shock you to the core. The most shocking of all things is that it's all true. Every single word of it. As much as you hope and pray that the little lost boy will wake up in the end and realise it was all a dream it just does not happen and it doesn't happen because it is all real. Every beating, every bad word, every insult and every emotion is as real as the sun in the sky.

Dave Pelzer, the author of this book should be so proud of himself for the awareness he has managed to raise with this stunning piece of literature. He nearly died several times by the hands of his mentally disturbed alcoholic mother. Years later it was determined that Dave’s case was identified as one of the most gruesome and extreme cases of child abuse in California ’s then history.

I have read this book twice now and both times have been different experiences for me. As I am now a 'parent' a 'mother-to-be' I saw this story in quite a different light. I'm not sure why but it managed to drum up different emotions in me than before. I found it even more difficult to get my head around this time. It just felt so un-real what I was reading. I tried to understand what the mother may have been feeling and I tried to put myself in her shoes but it proved impossible. There is just no way on this earth that anyone can empathise with a women so cruel and so sick.

'For over two decades, Dave has dedicated his life helping others . . . to help themselves. While many make excuses and seem pessimistic, Dave carries the banner in a nation where opportunities are endless in what he calls “The Greatness of America”. And through his work, you will too.'
I do have so much I could say about this book and how it made me feel. But, I'm pretty sure that would create a blog-post so long one would get bored with it. Unless, it was superbly written and kept you engaged for all eternity. Unfortunately, I am no great writer and I am unsure as to how well I engage my audience. I won't bore you nor go on about the truly magical words written about the dark side but I would like to urge you to purchase this insightful read. You do need a strong stomach and a powerful heart and possibly a box of tissues. You will thank yourself for reading it and not putting it down though. Please trust me on that.
If you do read this book or have done already please let me know your thoughts on it as it would be great to share our opinions.

Monday, 17 September 2012

And Quick Shower and a giveaway...

This Saturday was a special day for me as I'm sure it was for many people for all sorts of reasons. But, for me it was the day of my 'Baby Shower.' Now, although I did organize this event and wanted it very much to happen - The whole baby-shower thing did confuse me. I'll be honest I didn't really know what one was, I just knew that I wanted one. No, I didn't want it merely for the gifts, we'll if truth be told at my shower gifts weren't necessary or asked for. Although, there were some incredibly nice ladies that did pass on beautiful presents for either us or our 'Bumpling' No, I just wanted to celebrate the fact that we were about to become parents and my journey as a mother was soon to begin. I wanted to share my excitement with all of my friends and talk in gurggles all afternoon. Which we did. One friend whom I cannot thank enough turned up to the affair with a wealth of games for us all to play and anagrams for us to decipher. Even my Dad and husband got involved. You couldn't help it, the games were just too much fun. But, I still think 'High chair' is two words as does the father. But, we were proved wrong by games master.

It really was a lovely afternoon. One that I will not forget as it marks a lovely point in my pregnancy. I want to thank all the ladies that came along to share in the day. It was splendid and all the cakes that you cooked (especially the glittery cup-cakes) and teas that you made were divine. I would also like to say that a few ladies were missed. But, not to worry, we will shower the 'Bumpling' again if we must. ;-) Wink wink!

My mother's garden all baby showered up..

Friends enjoying the spread.

My sister - Rosemary, my brother - Louis and I.

Louis looking tall and me looking... Scared

Now, in the title of this post I mentioned a 'Give-a-way' and I know some of you are thinking "Come on we have listened to you blab on about your baby shower, we have looked at your photographs. Now give us a freebie" Fair enough! And, a freebie it is.

Do you remember a few posts back when I mentioned the book that I was reading by Rebecca Woolf? Well if you do you will also remember me saying that I'm prepared to pass it onto any mother, expecting mother, friend, father, single parent, single person etc that wanted it. I am still up for doing that as this book is a MUST Read. In my eyes it is one of the best auto-biographical books about the new-generation of parents that I have so far read. My TV has broken, so I have read a few! 

If you would like to give this book a go then please let me know. Obviously, there is only one book to give away. So, if there are a few of you wanting it that's cool but only one of you will receive it. I  will pick who that person is on Friday 21st September.  Please bare in mind that this book was used when I bought it so it is in a 'used' condition. However, the way that this lady writes and the images she portrays are not marked and battered. They are beautiful and true.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

And Rest ...

Does anyone actually know how to use the maternity pillow to the right? I just think it's the comfiest thing out. But, I'm pretty sure that I am not using it correctly. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I can hear and sense you ...

29 weeks and still a few little bits I want to get. Tell a lie, need to get. I simply can't bring a child into my home without these little bits. So, I guess they are not little at all. In the grand scheme of things they are large things. Well, large in meaning and significance but, if we were to go by size alone - Little things.

we have finally made the decision and gone 'Tommee Tippee Close to Nature Sensor Mat and Monitor'. Thank you, thank you. It was after much deliberation may I add and it really was quite a difficult decision. There are some crazy monitors out there that also come with a crazy price tag. Would you agree?

Now, I found the whole Monitor choosing a bit of a mission really. Let me Tell you why. It is not as simple as 2 walkie talkies, one in their room and one in yours. No! You can now have unbelievable things that are so much more than 2 tin cans and a little bit of string. If you want to you can now watch your baby sleep from anywhere in the house. It's like CCTV but for your child. As great as this is and I seriously would not want people thinking that I don't agree with it because I do., I think the invention is wonderful and I'm sure it suits most families. But, for me it would drive me insane. I would become a monster of paranoia who's eyes never leave there baby CCTV screen. I wouldn't be able to sleep as I would just want to see their chest 'rise and fall'. I wouldn't be able to cook or clean or do any form of anything knowing that my baby is viewable. So, as great as they are and I do believe they are. They so aren't for me. Too much pressure.

However, the sensory pad I can live with.
There it is in all it's glory - 'Bumpling' first ever mobile phone , right there! Hardly and iphone or a Blackberry but it's technological enough and will do it's job. plus it's a night light, Plus it displays the rooms temperature, plus it's got two-way talking system so technically it is a walkie talkie and half way there in being an iphone. Boom, my baby is with the times.
I am looking forward to being able to hear the gurgles from the room next door and being worried when I can't. I am looking forward to being able to shout "Tell those dogs to shut up!" down the two-way talking system to Karl downstairs. Somehow having these monitors now purchased makes everything feel a little realer (that is not a word I know).
May I ask, does anyone else have this monitor set? If so, how are you finding it? and, was it worth the money? I truly hope it is. But, please be honest with me if you disagree. I'm a big girl and can take monitor criticism.
Just so you know ASDA Direct are doing a superb offer on this monitor if your interested. It's super cheap really.

RRP: £99.99
ASDA Direct: £60.00

Oh and I would like to welcome myself to the Third Trimester! :-)

Friday, 7 September 2012

ROCKABYE From Wild To Child ...

"Funny, compassionate and emotionally raw. Rebecca Woof is the leading edge of the next generation of parenting" - Neal Pollack

"Both in her extraordinary popular blogs and in this forth-right hew memoir, woolf is a feisty young guru for new parents struggling to reconcile their pre- and post-baby lives." - Ada Calhoun

The above are just some of the wonderful reviews that 'ROCKABYE, From Wild To Child' written by Rebecca Woolf, the book that I am currently glued to has received and they are completely justified. This is one of the most heart-felt and wonderful auto-biographical books that I have ever read. It is absolutely wonderful. Through and through, pages of real life as Rebecca lived it.

I first stumbled across Rebecca Woolf when I weed on the 'stick' and exclaimed that bold and brash statement - "I am pregnant!" I knew that being a young mother and wanting to put my spin on the word parent-hood would be something that not everyone agreed with. So, I went on the hunt for a tribe of women just like me. I hunted on the local blog-scene and found it difficult to shake off the 'This is how it must be done!', 'You are a bad mother if you don't!' kind of blogger. I found it difficult finding an online parenting community that i felt I truly belonged to. And then, just as I was about to give up I fell flat on my face into the blogging world of Rebecca Wool and her online blog 'Girls Gone Child.' Instantly, I knew I belonged. I hit subscribe and I started commenting straight away. There is just something within this blog that interests me, that makes me feel like I can relate. Although, my circumstances were, when getting pregnant very different to Rebeccas I still felt like I could understand her point of view and empathise.

As soon as I read a few of her blog posts I was instantly hooked. I visit everyday and admire her stunning photographs along with her display of beautiful sentences and words that make parenting seem like such a wonderful part of life. And, i couldn't help myself I just had to purchase her book. I really did and I love it. I literally cannot put it down. Please let me tell you a bit about it:

'ROCKABYE is Rebecca Woolf's heartfelt and often hilarious account of what happens when an irresponsible young city girl gets pregnant by accident and decides to keep the baby and marry the boyfriend. Forced to come of age almost overnight, Woolf charts her transformation from odd-job doing, commitment-phobic, chain-smoking party girl to wife and mother, trying to adapt to and at the same time rebel against the stereotypes and responsibilities of modern motherhood. Woolf never relinquishes the qualities of her free-spirited, pre-baby self as she challenges herself to grow up without outgrowing her dreams while embracing motherhood in a style wholly her own.'
Like Rebecca, I hope that I can embrace motherhood in a style wholly of my own. I hope I can be the best mother I can be without being too mother, if that makes sense?

Does that make sense? I fear it doesn't and to be honest I am a little unsure how to make it 'make sense'. Basically, I know how I wish to bring up my child/children, I know the kind of mother I want to be and I want to be just the way I want to be. Not, the way you want me to be or think I ought to be. I will read the books but I will also reject the books if I feel differently. I will watch the programmes but also turn them off if they tell me differently to what I want to hear. I will listen to advice but close my ears if something your advising isn't what I feel is advisable. I'm not saying I am better in any-way shape-or-form I am simply saying - Let m give it a go and let me make my own mistakes. At the end of the day they will be mistakes that I learn from. I will pick myself up, dust myself off and carry on. I am not making out that your advice is a waste, no, your advise is in-valuable to me. I need it. I'm merely saying don't offer advice that you know isn' really advice at all. But, tales designed to frighten and scare. That isn't what I want to hear. Motherhood is not the end of me, my life or my relationship. It is the start of all those things only in a different way to how I know them now. Please don't tell me I am too young, I prepared for this day like every other mother out there. I wanted this day to happen and I treasure it as much as any 30+ woman does. Please don't ask me if I am ready because although I am not I am also more than ready. I am going to be a mom now and my husband is going to be a Dad and that's just the way it is, the way we wanted it to be. So, either offer to help or don't offer at all.

I have not finished her book yet but I am sure that I am very close to doing so as it is glued to the end of my fingers. As soon as it has been completed I will let you know my further thoughts on it. Plus, I am happy to give it away to anyone that would like it. If like me you will enjoy this book please let me know. I will confirm who is to receive the book next Friday (14th September) and get it sent out to you straightaway.

Found these Golden Oldies whilst baby-preparing the house this week. (My brother Louis and I)

One day I will have a child as tall as him! Strange thoughts.

Girl's Gone Child Blog:
Rockabye Book:

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Momma With Soul ...

Those of you that read my 'Who's The Mommy?' page will know that I am a slight Soul devotee and those of you that followed my previous blog 'An Actors Blog' will be able to back the previous sentence up with a lot of 'Jessica Veltman - Soul Sister' evidence with my previous posts.

Soul music is a bit of passion of mine along with the pretty unique dancing and I am lucky enough to live in a City that boasts potentially one of the best Soul nights around to date, with people travelling from afar and booking hotels, just to say they have been to the 'Newhampton Soul Club'. That's the name of this wonderful Club that I am the BIGGEST fan of - 'Newhampton Soul Club'. And, it really is a club filled to the brim with soul. Not just any Soul though - Good, solid Soul. Do excuse the bad grammar but Soulful Soul!
I have attended most of these 'Soul Nights' with only a few not under my belt (that I am gutted about may I add). I can safely say, that every single one that I have attended has been an absolute treat from start to finish. It is the one night that I look forward to a month. I usually attend with my Daddio and fellow soulful friends. We are known to turn up, take over a table or two and finish off all the crisps. Not to mention dancing like we have never danced before. I am known for hitting the dance floor and never getting off it. However, now that I am carrying a little extra parcel I find the whole 'dancing' thing a little more difficult. Well not difficult - less manageable maybe. Perhaps it's the 'on the floor all night' thing that I now struggle with. But, I give it my best shot. I guess I am now well and truly a 'Momma with Soul' The Soul Momma. I like it, I won't lie.

So I got papped at a previous 'Soul Night'

I am fully aware that this post perhaps does not relate to my pregnancy as much as some of you may like it to. But, this is something that I am very passionate about and very much enjoy. I just want you all to know that I will continue to enjoy it  babe-in-arms or bump-under-cover.
There really is no excuse for giving up the things you love just because you are lucky enough or about to become a mother. Becoming a parent should not stop you from doing and attending the things you enjoy. I understand that you have to change and your routine becomes adapted. But, I won't be pushing away the outside world, I will be embracing it with my child. Showing them as much of this planet as I possibly can and if I can do that with a little Soul on the way, then I am happy with that.

My Dad and I at the last doo

Getting my funk on

Loving the tunes

My Dad and I showing my brother the 'Soul ropes'

Boogying as I do

My Dad and I at the first ever 'Newhampton Soul Club' in November 2011

For those of you that wish to know more about the 'Newhampton Soul Club' please don't hesitate to ask or enquire. I will be happy to help you all and point you in the 'Soul' direction. The next night is Saturday 8th September from 7.30pm - 1.00am at the Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton. Please trust me when I say - You are in for a really wonderful night!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Childs Play (and the winner is) ...

Curly the sheep was made to look a little silly.

And the winner of the 'Made With Love' sock monkey competition is ... Fran! Congratulations Fran I hope the sock monkey brings you and the little one lots of joy. To those that didn't win, don't be too dis-heartened as there are loads more competitions to come! To be fair, there wasn't many entries but it's a fairly new blog so I don't mind. :-)

Fran - Could you email your address to: please and we will get your sock monkey out to you as soon as possible! Weldone buddy!